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10 Best Ways To Get High-Quality SEO Backlinks

There are many ways to rank high in the SERPs, but there is a greater chance to rank when you get high-quality SEO Backlinks.

10 Big Mistakes by the SEOers while doing SEO

Tired of investing money for the SEO of your site and your webpages are not still Ranking. Stop doing these 10 mistakes for the SEO of your website.

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10 Best Ways To Get High-Quality SEO Backlinks

There are many ways to rank high in the SERPs, but there is a greater chance to rank when you get high-quality SEO Backlinks.

Getting backlinks is easy.

By this method, You can use the Black Hat SEO technique and still rank.

But then, you will also be liable for the penalties that your site will be getting from Google or any search engine that you are optimizing for.

So you have to make sure to use the White Hat SEO technique and earn the backlinks in a legit way.


Getting tons of backlinks is not worth if they are spammy backlinks

In simpler words, you need to give away few links to receive few backlinks. So why not?

Before discussing the points about how can you get backlinks, let's understand what exactly does it mean?

A backlink is a link redirected to your site from another site. A link which comes back to your website is a backlink.

You may earn few high-quality backlinks by posting some useful and relevant content or by agreeing to link other site's link in your content to receive a link back from them.

Well, there are many other ways to score few good backlinks too!

Let's see how you can get some high-quality SEO backlinks in a unique way!

1. Publish relevant content:

Any audience would love to read some amazing blog rather than an article in which the title is different than its content body.

So if you genuinely work hard and research about your write-up and then publish it, a good section of people wants to read it and share it.

Some other bloggers would also like to give you a backlink for free because of the quality of your content.

Try to cover up the latest trends to reach more people. Also, try asking your audience that what do they want to know more about so that those target audience would want to read your blog.

2. Target correct websites:

If you want certain websites to give you free backlinks (like a shoutout), you need to target it accordingly.

Make sure you do not spam your content with so many outbound links because then your audience will not like it.

Keep your blog to the point with the links related to your topic. Try to reach out those website admins and pitch them your idea to give you a backlink.

Backlinks from reliable and trusted sources are considered the best in the eyes of Search Engines.

Your ranking would surely go up even because of one single backlink from a high domain authority website.

For, e.g.,.," If I want a backlink from Backlinko, I may have to customize my content accordingly so that both of us are getting benefitted from my blog.

3. Give a free shout out to fellow bloggers:

Sometimes, you just have to give away without expecting a return.

But you might be lucky to receive something from them in future.

The same goes for backlinks. If you are new to the Private Blog Networks, you would want to gain some attention, and without giving some people shoutouts and credits, no one would know about your existence.

But, that doesn't mean that you publish some shitty and irrelevant content and tag along with some fellow bloggers with an expectation of a backlink.

This idea won't work at all.

4. Give your product to influencers and bloggers for a month for a free review:

If you are launching a new product or service, during the beta launch, always make sure to let the top influencers and bloggers review your product for free.

Let them use it for a month, test it out completely and give feedback to you.

If they love it, they will make sure that their thousands and millions of followers should know about your product too.

They will post about it on their website, thus giving a sneak peek to their fans.

The first benefit would be that you will get an honest review by them during your beta launch.

And with the help of their feedbacks, you can work around the pros and cons and give your customers the best of your product or service.

And the second benefit would be that because so many bloggers are posting about your product or service during the beta launch period, there would be many people out there who will be excited to try it out too.

All of this will result in gaining some good quality backlinks from the known influencers which would push your website's ranking up in the SERPs.

Whenever you write any blog, you cannot just keep writing without linking out to other sites.

It doesn't mean that you link your owned websites every time because that would instead backfire your rankings.

As backlinks are important for any internet site, outbound links are important too.

So if you are writing any blog or a point in a blog which is either inspired from a website or is related to that website's content, do add their links.

Do not just copy their statement and tag them because that would be plagiarism and also duplication of content which is bad for your site and its rankings.

7. Do your SEO properly:

Writing a blog is necessary but optimizing it to get more backlinks is a compulsion. Search Engines will not even consider your site if you are not optimizing it.

Put in the related keywords, work out on the SEO copywriting process and try to make it SEO friendly.

Only then people would talk about you, and you would have high chances to receive high-quality SEO backlinks.

8. Publish what people want:

If your site is a pbn, post content related to the services that would provide.

If you provide a hosting service do not write blogs about How can you get slim in 30 days by drinking this!

Instead, publish blogs about SEO or How can you improve your website's traffic by following this method!

If people visit your site, they expect a certain kind of content from you because of your domain name - So give them that.

If they like it, they would share it, talk more about it on social media and would also tag you along on their website (if they have any).

9. Keep checking your back-end for broken links and codes:

Keep a check on the broken links and codes so that your users could read your blogs without any disruption.

Sometimes you may not know the errors that your users see when they open your blog link, so you have to always run through your links and codes and keep a check on them.

10. Put up various pictures and videos to attract more people:

To get in more high-quality SEO backlinks, you can insert various related videos and pictures in your blog.

Visuals make your blog more readable and shareable. Do not overuse them.

11. Connect with experts for the related content:

If you are writing on a niche topic, do try to connect with an expert because there might be some insights and experiences which only they could provide you and not the internet alone.

Your audience would love to know about some intimate details so that you can provide them with the help of the masters in that field.

Such exclusive details would help you to boost up your backlinks quantity.


Do you still have doubts about anything?

... Ask us in the comment section below!


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10 Big Mistakes by the SEOers while doing SEO


SEO Mistakes

If you are doing SEO, then you might have read a lot of articles that talk about what to do and what not to do.

Even if you have read that, you might be missing some of the most important points which are crucial and should be followed.

Here in this article, I am going to show you some of the practices which are ruining your SEO.

It includes the reason for

  • Low CTR Rate
  • High Bounce Rate
  • Unable to rank for the targeted term
  • Low-Quality Link Building

Here, in this article, I will also show you how to avoid such things in SEO.

Go Ahead and read the entire article. Each of the points is related to one another.

Optimizing for Google, not for Conversion

how to do search engine optimization

When people start SEO, the forget to check each of the web pages loading speed.

If you are targeting a keyword by creating a page, then your loading speed will be equal or less than the pages which are ranking on the first page.

The site speed optimization comes from the user experience measurement.

The important thing is optimizing the important pages.

If a specific page is ranking and you only focusing on reducing the loading speed for that page, then you are definitely making mistakes.

We all are running the website online to make money. The webmasters are following different conversion funnels to get leads and sales.

For instance, you have landing page called A and you have another page called B(conversion page) and you have optimized the page A well and ranking on Google.

If your page B takes a long time to load, then you will miss the people in the sales funnel and that will lead to the reduction in conversion.

One ignorance will make you miss the actual conversion that you can get from your traffic.

You will be missing the chances simply because you are skipping the page as it has no need to rank on google and only gets traffic from the Page A.

"Ali Express has reduced their website load speed by 36% and got 10.5% increase in orders and 27% increment in the conversion."

So, optimize the site's loading speed not only for Google but also for conversion.

Avoiding Internal Linking

Internal Links

if you are into content marketing or blogging, you might have realized the importance of internal linking.

Whether it can be internal linking or external linking, it should always be relevant.

You cannot link to an irrelevant content as because you have read that internal linking is good for SEO.

The main thing is that you have to only link to content if it is necessary.

If I am talking about on page SEO in my article, I may link to any of the pages which talk about on page SEO for further reference.

But, I cannot link to a page which only talks about link building.

You have to give reference to people only if they need to get more information about what you are talking because you can't cover the entire thing.

If you try to include everything in your content, then the article will become lengthy and you can't deliver the extract thing which the audience requires.

This is where internal or external links come in place. You can give the link to that specific page, so that reader can get more information by visiting that page.

When you link to a page on your website more frequently, it tells Google that the page is important.

Concentrating on one form of Link Building

People are always crazy about one form of link building. They forget to diversify the link profile.

The main focus for money blogger is to build links easily in a powerful manner.

They mainly go to comment link building. For many niches, new bloggers are using command link building as it is easy and can be created instantly.

This is where they make mistakes. If you are newbie blogger and working on a money making blog, then listen here.

You can't entirely rely on one form of link building. It will hurt your blog.

If you are just starting out a blog, you have to concentrate creating at least 5 types of link building.

Let me list out few of them.

Sky Scrapper Technique

Since your blog is new and you are writing an awesome content, then refer this article and do accordingly before your next blog post coming out.

This article is written by Brian Dean. He has applied this technique to his blog much time and succeeded in that.

Even we have done this same to some of our clients and the result amazing.

If you don't have time to read the entire guide, let me brief the context of the article.

  • Look for any of your competitor's top ranking article.

  • Find a way to improve the article(Adding additional points, making it more in-depth, adding more valuable contents)

  • Reach out to people who have linked to your competitor's top ranking article and show your enhanced work. Ask them to take a look at it. Also tell them that if they like the work, they can link to the work.

Broken Link Building


You have to do two types of approaches. One is finding broken links in resource page and reaching out to people to ask for the link.

Another method is finding blogs which contain many links and look for broken links in them.

If you can find links, then reach out to the webmaster and inform them about the broken link in their site.

When you send mail, you can also suggest them alternative links. The alternative link should be yours.

Refer this article for more details about broken link building.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging to create backlinks

Guest blogging will get you contextual backlinks same as broken link building.


I have to tell you two things about guest blogging.

You can do many guest blogs in the same time frame where you will be working on link building.

The work for creating quality contents also high when compared to the broken link building.

In guest blogging, you have to find the relevant resource for finding broken links.

Also, you have to create a valuable content to post on the site.

Your primary focus on guest blogging should be bringing visitors to your site.

If you are trying to guest blogging for the sake of getting links with some crappy content from crappy sites, then forget this link building method.

It will not work in that case and you will only be wasting your time.

If you want to do guest blog in a right way, go for some goods sites which are only accepting the quality guest post.

Before choosing any site for guest blogging, check the content on the site.

If the contents are good and in-depth, then go for guest blogging even if the site is brand new.


Don't ever do guest blogging on sites where they bought backlinks to increase their DA and PA.

You can find that by checking the domain through Ahrefs.

If the site has too many links and ranking for less than 1000 keywords in Google, then don't ever think of posting your content on the site.

Since they are spamming the site to increase the DA for selling guest blogs, your site reputation will also go down in Google eyes.

Refer this article to know more about guest blogging.

The above three methods work for all kind of sites.


If you have a business-oriented site, you have to do the press release and branding. It works to increase the visibility of your presence.

They are the best way to build powerful backlinks to the business website.

Most of the service selling website has the good design for conversion but you cannot write a 5000-word article on that page to rank on Google for your business keyword.

This is where the challenge comes in. You have to build all kind of backlinks to the site.

Building link means, you should not spam the site. You have built-in link slow and steady manner.

This is where you will be confused. If you want to know what kind of links you can build for your site to rank on, just check your competitors who rank for your targeted keyword.

Check their site architecture, On-Page SEO and internal links and outbound links.

Also, check their backlink profile on Ahrefs and BackLinks and anchor text diversification.

Then, you will get an idea of what kind of backlinks you can build for your site.

If you are competing for high demanded and high search volume keyword, then there is big chance that your competitor site might have a lot of spammy links also.

Since they have the very good brand presence across online, they will be ranking for the keyword even when they have spammy backlinks.

You have to check their backlink list and only choose sites which have quality.

Check for the possibility of gaining the link from the site. Based on the type of site, you approach and time for getting link will vary.

You cannot get backlinks from all those domains which are linking to your competitor.

Blindly Looking at the website metrics

I have already talked about few things about the metrics.

Previously Google has released its Page Ranking access to everyone.

So, people can look at the quality of those sites by looking at the measurement from zero to ten.


People started taking advantage and tried selling backlinks using the fame of Page Rank of the site.

Google stopped giving access to its Page Rank in early 2015. So, people started relying on the second most trusted metrics of Moz.

Those metrics are DA and PA. DA stands for Domain Authority and PA stands for Page Authority.

These are third-party metrics which can be manipulated easily. Most of the people who want to earn money through guest blogging manipulate these metrics to fool people to earn money.

They will buy a new domain and host. They will use most of the free theme with WordPress to host the site.

Initially, they post few contents and then buy backlinks from any of the service selling sites such as SEO clerk or Fiver.

There are a lot of link seller out there who sells spammy backlinks to manipulate the Metrics.

After Google stopped giving page rank metrics, people are started going behind Moz metrics.

Once they bought links, those links will be crawled by Moz bot within 3 to 6 months and then added to their link index.

Soon, the DA and PA of the site will increase.

And People will start selling guest blogs by showcasing their site has high DA and PA scores.

This is the trap people will fall in and pay money to bury their site in SERP.

How to Find Such Traps?

Link building trap

You can use Ahrefs to find the spammy sites. Many sites have millions of link but don't have at least 1000 visitors a month.


Few site has thousands of backlinks also have 10000+ visitor a month.

They will have Good DA and PA also. To identify and segregate those sites, you have to check the site in Ahrefs site explorer.

Ahrefs will show you, for how many keywords a site has been ranking.

If the site has too many backlinks and does not rank for many keywords, just skip it.

Refer this article to know how to find great guest blogging opportunities.

The article contains 10000 search queries and looks for guest blogging queries in that.

Going too natural.

The acceptable truth in SEO is if you try to be too natural in link building, you will be running out of time and also you will not be able to attain your expected result at all time.

If you want to be natural, then it will only work if you have time and budget.

If you building few tire one links and expecting the site to rank fast, it won't happen.

In order to Build link faster, you have to go for paid guest blogging.

The free approach with great content will work.


It takes time to get the response and post an article.

The solution is going for paid guest blogging.

A lot of quality sites out there that allow anyone to do the guest post for money.

This will be much faster.

However, you should not overdo that.

Here is the list of 1400+ websites that accepts guest blogs.

You can initially build many quality links to your site if you approach these sites with quality contents.

Doing PBNs in a wrong way

Many SEO people and SEOers have been building PBNs to rank their site.

The main thing is leaving footprints while building PBNs.

They buy the powerful expired domain to post some basic contents and link to the money site.

People do two main mistakes. Not building new links to the PBN site and not updating the content frequently.

They update money site with content but not the PBNs. This triggers google and ends up in deindexing the site.

There are a lot of footprints skipped while creating PBNs.

Either people unaware of those footprints or people don't bother about them.

Here is our article about PBN footprints.

Check and follow everything to get the good result.

Using same resources for link building

There is one thing in SEO which people don't bother.
Inbound Link vs Outbound Link Ratio.

The power of backlink is not the same for all the time.

It changes time by time. If the site is not getting any new inbound links and the outbound link is increasing, then the power of the link will reduce.


Many big sites are gaining new links every day. So, if you are getting links from Quality sites, then don't worry about it.

However, You should worry about getting backlinks from sites which are not updated frequently.

You can check that ratio using Ahrefs. First, check the website backlink profile. Then check the outbound link using Ahrefs.

If the site has 50% and below outbound links when compared to its inbound links, then you can just use the site for link building.

If the site has more outbound link than inbound links, then you can skip the site and look for another site.

As an SEO agency, people will be collecting a lot of sites for link building.

Since they are working on many similar projects, it will be harder for them to keep finding new resources.

So, they will be using the existing resources. They have to avoid these things to take their link building strategies to the new level.

Forgetting the importance of relevancy

While building the backlinks, many SEO people forget about relevancy.

They try to build valueless backlinks from many spam domain. If you can get backlinks from a site easily, then the link will carry less value to your site.

You have to build the link to your site from relevant sites. If you are health site, you should not build the link from sites talking about servers.

If someone is linking your site, the site should be talking about the same topic that you talk.

Google is aggressively working on bringing the best result to their user.

The best result will be accomplished by giving more relevant search result.

If you have a site which is getting backlinks from irrelevant sites, then you should be ready for Google to bury your site in the search results.

Ignoring Copy Writing

Most people are fond of links. All they concentrate is backlinks, backlinks, .... and backlinks.

They might have optimized their site content for SEO.


Optimizing the site content for readers is more important than anything.

With that content, you should give the information wanted by the readers.

The given information should have an order and it should be clear and authentic to people.

The flow of the content should be well prepared and it should motivate people to read until the end.

The link is one of the unavoidable ranking factors but you cannot use that bring up your site.

If people don't like the content, they will skip and go away.

It will lead to high bounce rate and less dwell time. This will lead to drop in the site position for the keywords searched by people on google and landed on your site.

Copywriting can't be explained in 200 words. So, here is the long and awesome article about copy writing.


You might have considered all these things a less important one.


When ten of these mistakes combine together, it will have a huge impact on your site.

So, try to fix these things first for your existing site.

If you have some suggestions or you want to ask any question, please leave it in the comment section.

The Ultimate Guide to Start Your SEO Agency Today

SEO Marketing Business

Do you like to start an SEO agency single-handedly?

Or Already running an SEO agency?

Then this article is for you.

Being an SEO Agency is not an easy thing.

If you are also looking for an SEO business opportunity.

You have to work hard to maintain your reputation and that same time you also have to concentrate more on acquiring the new customers.

But is SEO business profitable?

There is a big scope for SEO agency and it has more than a billion dollar worth of market.

It is very easy to hear that and seems you can become a millionaire so easily.

But it is actually not as it seems.

You have to cross through a lot of hurdles to stand out. This is not a one time process.

It is like running a marathon which does not have any destination point.

So, how can you maintain your reputation apart from all the hurdles and always be the number one in the ongoing competition?

If you are a single person running an SEO agency in a freelance mode, you have to work more.

Here are some of your major challenges:

  • Getting result to the customer at the correct time.
  • Finding new resources.
  • Managing Multiple Projects at the same time.
  • Finding new customers for your business.


I am going to show you how to come over all the challenges.

I will also share the best SEO business ideas.

How to start an SEO agency?

how to start an SEO marketing business

Or how to start an SEO consultant business?

Many people know SEO and have the experience to rank the websites for a client.


The Main struggle is how to find their new customers.

If you are doing SEO as a freelancer, you can get a reference from your current client.

That is a good part and you can get new customers through that. But still, you can’t get potential customers who are looking for you on freelancing websites.

They will ask you reduce the price and suck all your hard effort.

Since freelancing websites are a good way to find new customers looking for SEO person.

But, People who are coming to freelancing site have an aim of getting the quality service at low price.

You have to compete with a lot of people.

If you starting as a new person in the freelance website, it will be very hard for you to get the new projects.

Because people who already gained the reputation and ratings will give you tough competition and most of the time they win the battle.

If you even succeeded to get a new project, it will be a large project and expected to do at a low price.

You have to work day and night and you will be only paid less. That may be the good thing at the initial stage as you will get reputation and ratings.


It is a long time process and you have to wait for a long time to succeed to get new clients when you bid for specific projects.

Still, there is big chance that you will be doing that project at low cost.

So, How to find a perfect customer who pays you according to your work?

You can get customers easily if you find where your target audience is.

The best part is the people are searching for the SEO services in Google.

You don't need to talk with a person who has the website to acquire the project.

But, you may ask, there is a lot of competition for the SEO service keywords, then how can single-handedly focus on ranking the site.

You can still rank your website for SEO service keywords.

Here is how.

There is a difference between people who are coming to a Freelance site to do SEO and searching for the SEO service on Google.

People who are coming to the freelance site already have a prior knowledge, have a good communication and prior experience in outsourcing.

start SEO business

They will do negotiations and try to get a good price from you.

Most of the time they win because of the competition due to the bidding system, but this is not always the case.

Some people may end up in a deal with an unqualified person and lose their money.

It happens to a person who doesn't know the deepness of the work and the client doesn't know how to identify the person without expecting the cheap price.


People who search for SEO service on Google is different. That should be the very first time they are looking to outsource their required work.

They might not know how to negotiate the price since they don't know the depth of the work.

Here, you will showcase your quotation and most of the time you win.

If you have not researched about the leaders of this field yet, click here.

I will tell you the secret behind this later in the article

People who are looking for SEO service and come to search on Google are always following a pattern.


Searching SEO agencies in their area.

You heard it right. They won't look for a company who is far away from them.

They look for SEO agencies very near to them.

It is because they want to visit the place directly to complete the deal.

It is like purchasing a TV from a showroom by directly visiting the showroom and checking the price.

They also have a lot of doubts regarding SEO, so they will clarify it by discussing with you directly.

This is your biggest chance.

Here the most of the time client will have a visit directly to your place or you will be asked to visit their place.

So, you can directly explain and the win the project very easily.

But in the freelance site, this is not the case, You only have the chat to communicate with the client.

A lot of people also contact the person who posted the project.

Based on the experience, ratings, price and based on the conversation, you will be chosen.

It is like 30 Man Royal Rumble match.

Now, let us see how to get those people who are searching for the service to contact you.

It is simple but needs your effort.

I told you people are searching for SEO agencies in their surrounding areas.

Here comes the Local SEO.

Local SEO

Thanks to the Google. They made it possible for people who do business in the particular area to rank locally.

The Google Algorithms, Pigeon, Hummingbird and Possum work together to give the best experience to the local user.

So, you can easily rank your site by doing local SEO focusing on your area.

Don't forget to read this article on Local SEO.

So, if you are looking to start SEO agency in Bangalore, You should register your site in local listing and make local citations.

So, that you can rank well in Google if you give a moderate effort.

A customer always searches with a pattern like “SEO agencies in Bangalore”, SEO companies in Bangalore and so on.

Once you rank well, you will get the targeted customer for your business.

Here conversion optimisation plays the big role.

If you have a site which is optimised well, then you are far more ahead of your competitor.

How to Find New Resources?

So you will start to acquire new customers.

Your process will not end here. The big challenge starts only after that.

Being an SEO expert, you know that link is essential to rank the site.

Without links, you can’t rank any site top on the google.

You might have some resources with you. But using the resources often build links to your client is not good.

I see many people who are doing SEO are using the same resources.

Because using the same resource is wearing the same dress again and again.

You know, there is a factor behind the power of links, the site has many outbound links more than its inbound links will pass low link juice to your client site.

So, you have to search for new resources every day. There is one way to find new resources.

But before looking into that, I would like to tell you one thing.

You have to invest in various SEO tools.

Don't miss the following source to take with you right now.

Here, I am going to talk about two tools which are essential for link building.

One is Ahrefs and other is Majestic.

Here is the Ahrefs is the number one tool and they have powerful crawler to crawl the links faster.

If you input a domain in that tool, it will show you the backlinks to that site.

Once, you find the competitor of your client site, you can find their backlinks and try to gain links from that resource.

It will increase the possibility ranking faster for that keyword.


I recommend you to avoid irrelevant links, even if they are good DA and PA site.

Majestic also helps you to find backlinks of your competitor but finds links lesser than Ahrefs.

There are a lot of tools available in the market, but the powerful one is Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is not to going to entirely help you in link building process because it can only show you the links.

But making the reach out and acquiring the links is your job.

Pro tip: This guide from Backlinko will help you understand the importance of backlinks.

Now I am going to tell you the biggest solution which will help you to build powerful links without much struggle later in the article.

How to Manage Multiple Projects and show results faster?

When you started to receive multiple projects, you have to do work for a long time.

The link building process will become tougher and time taking process.

So that you will require a long time to rank your client website. But clients are always in urgency they will require you to rank faster.

The one biggest challenge is building quality links. Even if you can get your competitor's backlinks from Ahrefs, you will have to make outreaches to acquire backlinks from those sites.

You can’t always mimic 100% of your competitor's backlinks if they are from powerful full personal blogs.

You will have very fewer chances to acquire those links.

You will end up in getting only 5% of your competitor's powerful backlinks.

Think that:

You have to build more powerful link than your competitors link so that you can outrank them.

But, when you are only able to gain 5% of their links, how can you outrank them?

This will make your job more challenging.

Here is one solution, that will solve all of your problems.

That is PBN:

Why SEO Agencies require PBNs

First, let me say what is PBNs?

PBN expansion is private blog networks which is same as normal blogs. Instead of expecting and trying hard to gain backlinks from third party site, you have to build your own powerful site.

So, you can give a link to your site very easily since you are the owner of the site.

To create a PBN site, you have to find a quality expired domain with good backlink profile and host it without leaving any footprints.

It is the very big topic and Udit has explained it very well here.

You should have PBNs in different categories so that you can build relevant and powerful links to your site.

So, Let me show you how to get started with a PBN.

Once you start receiving clients via Google, most of them would be small business entrepreneurs and be looking to rank their site locally.

There will be only less competition. So, your existing resource will be enough to rank the site.

After some time, your site SEO will be strong (You have to work on your site SEO too, otherwise a competitor can kick you out of the race even If you have a PBN).

Here is the help you need for the SEO of your site.

You can diversify your area of expertise and work on multiple projects from different niche.

You have to focus on some of your competitive business keywords. As you are already running the site with good local SEO, you can rank for some competitive keyword also.

But, It is all about how you build links to the site.

Check what niche you are mostly working on. Once you find the similar projects niche’s, it is the time for you to build the PBNs.

Let's say, you have e-commerce websites. It is very hard to rank for an e-commerce keyword because the competition is becoming high.

It is indeed very hard for you to build links to a service-oriented site. (I am talking about the natural links from high authority websites)

So, what can you do to boost the domain authority of the site?

Here, you have to build PBNs in your niche, like tech site, gadget sites, hardware information sites, etc.

Learn to deploy your first Private Blog Network here

Here is an infographic which explains to you how to find different domains, analyzing the domain and about hosting. If you like to read the content, go here.

You can get good DA, PA site for few dollars. If you buy the domains carefully, you can buy 100 good expired domains within 2000 dollars.

But it requires patience because you need to obtain the website which is in your expected niche at the same time for the low price.

That money you spent on PBNs are investments, not an expenditure.

Think, if you have a hundred projects and more than that, How will you build links to your site faster.

The basic Links like bookmarking, commenting and sometimes forum links can be built easier.

But the contextual backlinks from the quality site is a tougher one to build. It will take time and only those links have the ability to boost up your site ranking faster.


Google is not treating all links equally. The links which are easier to build have a lesser value and the links which are harder to build has the higher value.

If you put an article on an article submission site and gain links, it will not give you any high value even though you have the contextual links from that.

Because there are 100s of people who are acquiring links from that site.

The inbound and outbound link ratio of a site also decides the link juice. If the site has too much external links with few inbound links, then its link juice will be very low.

This is the case with most of the article submission sites. They all are very well known to everyone, so everyone is trying to acquire links from those sites.

Even if you get to know a site which is not familiar to all, the site won't have the much backlinks pointing to it.

It will be known to everyone soon, so they will keep acquiring links from the site and at last, the same case happens.

So, if you need a quality backlink with a shorter time, you need to have a PBNs.

Even, if you are trying to build organic, your client won't have that much patience to see the results.

Building PBNs not easy as mentioned. There is a big chance you will leave a footprint.

Here is the 40 awesome PBN checklist created by SEO Expert Udit Goenka.

If you follow all the checklist, you will have very less chance to be tracked by Google.

The Major footprints can be avoided if you are hosting your PBNs with GoPBN. Because GoPBN almost hides all the server side footprints.

The PBN creation part is yours. Do not try spam with an intention to save the time. Then your site will be deindexed by Google.

Here the Most important things to remember while creating PBNs.

Things to remember while creating PBNs

In GoPBN, you will have the following to avoid major footprints

  • Different locations
  • Different IPs
  • Different CMS
  • Hosted on Cloud
  • And more.

If you want to be a number one SEO agency, you have to rank the client site faster.

If you want to rank the site faster, you need PBNs.

If you like to do many projects with fewer resources, you will need PBN.

So, just start building your PBNs today.

If you still have any doubt about why PBN hosting is the new SEO hosting in 2018, Read this article here.


Here, you have learned

  1. How to start an SEO agency from being a Freelancer
  2. How to Get your customers
  3. How to scale up your business with PBNs and Multiple Projects at the same time.
  4. How to rank all of them faster.

If you are still thinking about buying PBNs, it means you are losing your growth.

Just don't be an SEO agency which gives a crappy result with high delay.

Just be a Smart SEO Agency which handles a lot of projects and provides results at the perfect time. So your brand will grow even more.

You will get your clients by word of mouth and you don't need to compete for projects in freelancing sites.

These 10 FREE Chrome Extensions are MUST if you love SEO

Free SEO extensions

Do you like to know those free extensions which almost makes your SEO Task simpler?

Since a lot of people consider SEO as the tedious task, It makes them unable to finish the work at the fixed time.

Doing SEO is as same as a fat man trying to reduce the weight.

It takes the time to naturally reduce the weight by doing physical workouts to burn the fat.

Even I had the same problem and took a lot of time to finish the job.

But I am sure, if you use the following SEO site tools, it will reduce your time by 50%. It sounds cool, isn't it?

In this article, I am going to show you the best SEO extensions which I am Personally using for my day to day task.

Also, I will show you how to use these best chrome extensions to fasten your work and reduce the time.

You might say, Hey, It is impossible to work with all those extensions at a single time.

Yes, it is.

I will share the most useful and productive chrome extensions you can use for your SEO in this article.

So continue reading.

Here are those awesome extensions.

1. open SEO stats Chrome Extension

This is the first tool I found and started to use in the earlier days.

It is an all in one tool which almost contains all the essential details you require for the SEO.

Here is the Menu List of Such tool.

SEO status

Alexa Ranking

In this menu, you can see Alexa Rank which shows the historical graph of ranking of your site.

You don't need to go to the Alexa page to check your site rankings.

If you want to see the country wise ranking, click on that arrow bar, it will redirect you to the Alexa page.

Google Cache Information

We all want Google to index our web page faster, and many people are also using a lot of techniques.

The Cache information will give you whether Google indexes the page or not. If not indexed yet, you will see N/A.

If it is indexed, you will see the time and link to the cached page.

There you can see, how Google has viewed your content.

Archive Org

This is one more essential tool which is primary with Wayback machine.

People who are not aware of Wayback machine, I am once again explaining it here.

Wayback machine is a web Archive Machine which stores the websites. Not all the website will be stored in Wayback Machine.

Sites who have good traffic and authority will be saved here.

Because, if the site is visible to the user and have backlinks, then only Wayback machine can find the site.

Once your site is archived there, They Wayback machine copy your site every time you make the change on the site.

It will help you to see the historical changes of websites.

You might ask what the use of Wayback machine other than seeing the past site changes is.

For you people, Brian Dean wrote a fantastic article on his Skyscraper technique which teaches you how to use the Wayback machine for writing authority content.

SEO stats image [Image Source]

Geological Information

It provides you the IP and hosting location, etc. You can get more information by clicking on the arrow link. It will show you the domain owner details.

Pages Indexed

This tool will show you how the search engines index many pages of your website. In this list, Google always has high number pages indexed ( Of course, they are big and leader in the Internet industry.)

It shows the list of 9 Search engines.

This tool connects you to the Moz Backlink checker tool where you can see the backlinks to your site.

The good thing about Moz is, it will show you the spam score for each links coming to your site. You can also spy your competitor with this tool.

Page Info

The page info extracts your Meta Data details and Header tags details. You can see how many Header tags you have on the page.

Link Stats

It shows you what all the external links you have on that page are. It also shows whether it is Nofollow or Dofollow.

Now you can add no-follow tags to any of the links to which you don't want to pass the link juice.

Note: Don't make all the links Nofollow. Link building is good when you do it by following the give and take policy.

If you don't give link juice, then think how others will pass link juice from their site to yours.

Webmasters are smart enough identify you by going through the site. So, keep your smartness away for some time while doing link building.

Also, only add Dofollow link for authority content which can be useful for your readers.

Click here to add this extension to your chrome browser.

2. Discussion button

You can belong to any niche. You can be a seller, writer, webmaster, and an analyst. The discussion button can help everyone.

Once, Google had the option to find out discussions on the web.

For that Google used to show the forums in search results. There you can find out what people are talking about any topic.

You can use that to identify user requirements, complaints, why they love it, why they hate it, etc. Here "it" can be the topic, product or any object.

After some time, the discussion button was removed by Google.

Now Google shows results like this screenshot.

discussion button extension

But still, you can get the same function with this extension. All it does is, just adding google dark codes after that topic.

It will make the query in getting the more filtered result. The result contains full of forums where you can discuss and find new people to build the relationship.


Let me tell you. No, let me show you.

I have added Discussion Button extension to my browser.

Get your Extension here

Now I am searching for social media marketing.

And this time Google gives me these results.

This is how it works.

You can join these forums and discuss your topic with different communities.

You can also build links from forum to your site.(I know this would be your first choice)

But, don't use the discussion button often with same IP address. Google will doubt that you are the machine and ask for verification.

You will also need these Google SEO tools for Search Engine Optimization of your site.

3. SEOquake

Add SEOquake to your chrome

    Click on the image to download it to your browser

Most of you people might be using and familiar with this extension. The extension is same as the Open SEO but has some advanced functions.

It shows important metrics such as Backlinks, Domain Score, Trust Score from Semrush.

To see the metrics mentioned above, you have to signup for a sem rush account. When you search for some keywords in Google, you can find the DS and TS of the website under each result.

One more advantage is that it shows the domain age of the URL in the search result. It works well for the Bing result also.

Need an example?

Here you go.

How to use SEOquake?

When you read a blog, you might want to check their keyword density. The seaquake extension does that job for you.

Simple click on that extension and then click on density. You will be redirected to another page which has the analyzed result of that page.

The result will contain the keyword density and where it appears on the page( Title, Description, Header tags)

Look at the categorized keyword table which contains 1- word keywords, 2-word keywords, 3-word keyword and 4-word keywords table.

Here is the SEOquake tutorial to make it easy for you.

It will give you an idea of gaining long tail keywords from the competitor's page. It has more metrics to use.

Now it's time to add this extension to your browser.

4. Moz Bar

Moz, when you hear this name, you will remind your initial days of learning SEO by reading Moz blogs.

Moz is a big company which has strong authority in SEO.

They have their search engine tracking tool Mozcast which always monitors search engine algorithm updates by identifying the drastic change in SERP.

Rand Fishkin is the main backbone of Moz, and you all might have seen his whiteboard Friday.

Now, I think, I don't need to say much about this Moz tool. Let us learn how Moz can help you.

When trying to improve the website ranking in Google, We will try gain quality backlinks, trying guest blogs, link buildings, etc.

But, we all have to do the evaluation of the site before trying to gain the link. Once, Google gave page rank as a metrics to evaluate the site.

Now, Google stopped providing the page rank detail. So, Moz comes in the place of providing the evaluation.

A lot of tools are out there. Still, most SEO guys are mainly considering Moz open site explorers for DA and PA.

The DA stands for Domain Authority, and PA stands for Page Authority. Instead of putting the URL into MOZ OSE, you can use their extension.

It is simple; you have to go for Moz login. That's all, now Moz will show you the DA and PA for every page you visit.

The tool also works on search engine results and provides the DA and PA for each result.

You can also guess the keyword difficulty by looking at the DA and PA of websites which ranks higher.

The Bar also shows the number of links pointing to that page. Just click on it, and it will jump to Moz OSE page.

Find this extension here to add it.

You can see all the backlinks there. Moz made it easy for you to download the backlinks.

Domain evaluation has a good place for Moz.

5. Keywords Everywhere

Key words everywhere extension for search volume

What will you do to get the exact keyword volume of the phrase you search?

Initially, you will be searching for exact keyword volume on Google keyword planner.

If you are running an ad campaign, Google Keyword Planner will show you the exact data. Otherwise, you will end up in getting Average Search Volume.

Do you like exact search volumes like 1600 Search per month or 1 K to 10 K searches?

You can't take next step without knowing the exact search volume of a keyword.

Here comes the keyword everywhere extension. It not only shows search volume of your input phrase in the search engine.

Search Volume by Keywords Planner

It shows Search volume for LSI keywords too. You will love it.

LSI search volume by keywords everywhere

Whenever I do keyword research, I always download the list of 1000 keywords from Moz Keyword Planner and put it on Keyword Everywhere.

I will choose the medium tail keywords with 200+ search volumes.

This can be done through bulk keyword upload option in the keyword everywhere extension.

It not only shows the search volume but also shows CPC and competition.

You can download the keyword volume, competition, and CPC as excel file. It is simple to use.

Does Keywords Everywhere Tool also work on YouTube?

Let's find out.

Do not wait for a single moment, download this extension here right now.

6. Open Multiple URLs

This extension reduces my time in opening multiple URLs from an excel sheet.

You might have a question in your mind, why should I open Multiple URLs?

This question will arise for SEO newbies mostly. Let me tell you why.

There are a lot of backlinks checker tool is available at online, and they all are giving backlinks reports in Excel format.

We all are used to spy our competitor's backlinks using tools like Ahrefs, Majestic and Moz.

Your job is easy as you can download the links in one click. Now you feel like " I got the secret of My competitors."

But when you look at the actual file, you will realize the heavy work required for you to analyze. Now if the site has only a few links, it's ok.

But what if it has 1000s of backlinks in the report? You have to look through all of the links to find where your competitor's links are located.

Will you copy one single link from excel sheet and paste it into the browser every time?

No, you will become tired soon. I hate doing it. Once I was doing like this.

This is where you have to Open URLS. It is easy and simple to use. All you have to do is copy 30 to 40 URLs at a time and paste it into the input box and click open URLs.

Especially the chrome has been consuming a lot of memory. You should have a minimum of 4 GB RAM to do this. Otherwise, your system will go down for some time.

Once all the URLs are opened, you can go through the pages and check URLs.

Now the tedious job becomes very easy.

Resource: Best SEO tools for your site.

7. Impactana

It is true.

SEO analysts have many responsibilities but one of their main responsibilities is to analyze their competitor's site and pages.

Because in order to rank at higher positions than your competitors you have to create a greater impact on readers.

This is the place where Impactana joins your list of SEO extensions.

Let's see what they have designed for you.

SEO extension or signal signals

As they say, Two metrics are considered here.

  1. BUZZ:

BUZZ stands for analyzing the social signals any page or site is getting from social media.

It tells you how many shares a particular content is earning on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others.

Now you can understand what content is becoming popular in digital space.

You can focus on these ideas and create such content for your website or blog.

  1. IMPACT:

This set of metrics helps you analyze the user-engagement your competitors are getting.

Let's have a look what it gives you.

  • The number of comments made by your audience.
  • The number of links on your website.
  • Also, the number of viewers.

Need an example?

Example for SEO extension

User-engagement on social media and actual user-engagement on your competitor's website might have a difference.

Keep this in your mind while using this extension.

Chrome extension for link building

Two popular questions are making so much noise in my mind.

  • Which is the best broken link checker online?

  • How does this extension help you for the free SEO analysis?

As an SEO analyst, you need to know your purpose first to use this extension.

How much do you know about broken links SEO?

You know that one of the best ways to improve your domain authority and increase your page ranking in is to earn backlinks.

Backlinks matter a lot in eyes of Google.

Because to rank higher in search engine page results your, blog or site must have backlinks from relevant and authoritative sites of your niche.

It signals Google That you are providing a useful and informative content for its visitors.

And guess what?

That is your mission to do SEO. Right?

But how to do SEO successfully?

The answer is broken links.

Chrome extension Check My Links helps you find out the broken link on the websites of influencers and leaders of your market.

but, How will you get backlinks?


When you inform them about their broken links, you give them a favor.

In return, you can be awarded a strong relationship and backlinks for your site.

While approaching for broken links, you can also offer a replacement for them from your pages.

If you do this the right way with authoritative sites of your niche, you can expect some real boost in your domain authority and page ranking in eyes of Google.

It is little hard to digest. Right?

Here are the three steps to make it easy for you.

  1. Install Check My Links Extension to your chrome browser.

  2. Find a website name to build a relationship or get a backlink for your website.

  3. Visit the website and click on the extension and

Here is your example:

I visited this Blog and clicked on the Check My Link extension.

And I found this.

You can see this page has 154 valid links (Green ones).

But that is not what you are looking for.

You have to search for invalid links which are highlighted with red color.

When you click on this broken link (Red one), you reach here.

That is what makes this extension the best broken link checker.

Now you can approach them if you want to join their friend's list or simply to earn a backlink from them.

This is how this extension works for you and plays an important role in the search engine optimization of your site.

9. Grammarly

How Grammarly works

Yes, The pace of change is Really remarkable.


Should I omit the word REALLY from above sentence?

Absolutely right.

When I started my writing career some years ago.

Being a non-native English speaker I used to make a lot of grammar mistakes.

Content writers have to write a lot of content and they never have enough time to proofread it and check their mistakes.

This used to irritate me so much because I have to spend a big amount of time to find out and correct all those mistakes.

Then I came to know about a friend.

It has some kind of magical powers.

Do you want to see it?

Then click on this wonderful video from Grammarly.

It detects all grammar mistakes automatically and always suggests me to improve my content to make it free of any mistakes.

That friend is Grammarly, a chrome extension to help you write better.

Grammarly comes in both paid and free version for you.

The free version works well but it has limitations.

Pro tip: Type Grammarly login in your search engine and log in your account. if you have not registered for it then go for Grammarly sign up.

I have something for you here.

How Grammarly helps you

But the paid version of Grammarly has more advanced tools which guide you through advanced grammar mistakes.

It also takes care of plagiarism and leads you to write an original content for your readers.

It saves the most precious thing you have, your time.

Go for it right now.

Because you just can not afford to ignore this extension for your SEO at all.

Do not forget to add this extension to your browser.

10. Awesome Screenshot: Screenshot Recorder

There is a reason why I am writing about this extension in the last of this article.

Because you have already seen a number of screenshots in this article.

And you know well how they helped you to understand what I talked about in different sections of this article.

Because if you can show your readers what you are talking about.

You remember the last screenshot above.

How do I take screenshot?

How Awesome Screenshot extension work

It improves their engagement with your content and gives them a practical approach about how to use it for their benefits.

This online screenshot capture extension will help you take a screenshot of anything you want to put in your article in form of an image.

You can also use these options in your screenshot.

  • Cropping your image
  • Highlight
  • Color

To take and use screenshots for your blog, visit here and add this extension.


I hope this list of extensions and its details will help you a lot. When you are on multiple tasking, this tools will be very useful for you.

All these extensions are free and will help you in a lot of ways.

Resource Utilization is the best thing which makes you productive within the limitations.

If you are using any other type of extensions, comment it here.

It can benefit other people.

Thank you!

Organic Traffic - Is it Hard to Get? -Find Here

If you are very new to the SEO industry, you may not be heard about the term organic traffic. Let me explain that to you.

What is Organic traffic?


The Organic traffic is the free traffic which you will get from search engines and social media.

Here in this, The organic traffic you get from the search engine is always higher than the traffic from social media.

The reason for this status is

  1. Search Engines focus on user queries and returns the results.

  2. Social media focus on users interest and shows content according to that.

Here, the major difference between both of them is duration.

The search engine will give you long-term traffic and the social media will give you short time traffic to your blog or site.

This is because in social media the post will be shown to the user for the particular time after that a new feed will press the current feed to the bottom.


In the search engine, there are no such things like feed which can push your post to the bottom.

However, there are more competitors who are always looking to create awesome content and outrank your site with the link building techniques.

Getting into Google's first page is not easy and instant process. It will take some time based on your content quality and backlinks.

I will talk about this part later.


We can classify what works in social media and search engines.

Social media - viral contents, eye-catching titles.

Search Engines - In-depth contents, brand value, trust, links to the site, social signals.

Let us first start with the search engines.

If you like to get search engine traffic, you should work smartly.

Basically, search engines work on analyzing the customer query.

The Queries can be divided into three types

  • Informational query
  • Navigational Query
  • Transactional Queries.

What are Informational Queries?

informational queries

The user enters a phrase in search engine with an intention to gain some information.

E.g: If you search for SEO beginner guides, Google will show you a list of URLs with awesome contents.

You can go through the sites from the results to read about the SEO.

Here, the user intention is to know about SEO. This means he is searching for the information about SEO.

Transactional Queries

What are transactional queries Transactional Queries are made by the user to gain service or buy a product online.

If you search for bus booking, you will be listed with online bus booking provider sites where you can book your tickets.

These keywords are targeted heavily as they convert well.

learn about navigational queries

The Navigational Queries will give the user about a specific website or web page.

The Amazon is known to everyone, here people search "Amazon" on Google and the search engine will show the Amazon site.

Users only intention here is to enter into the Amazon site.

People who search "facebook" on Google, only click on Facebook URL.

The Navigational Queries are basically the brand name of product or service.

The main thing about the keyword classification is what keyword you should target.

What keyword should you target to make money?

Most people's Mistake

The main mistake of people who doing SEO is targeting the wrong category keywords.

Here is what type of keywords you should target.

You can classify your website into two categories.

  1. Service selling or product selling
  2. Blogs

If your website falls into the category your site should
target transactional keywords.

If your site comes under the second category, you have to target informational keywords.

The transactional keywords are hard to target and you have to find a new one which has the less competition.

That also very hard part. but it is necessary to identify the converting keyword for you.

The major branded sites are always ranking for the transactional keywords, this because of the age of the site and links to the site.

Also, their brand keyword is being searched multiple times on Google and it gives authority and trust to the site.

If you want to target competitive transactional keyword, you have to ensure the following

  1. Make the web page large
  2. Mobile optimized
  3. Make it load faster
  4. Mimic the quality backlinks of your competitor
  5. Create Individual Pages for the service on site
  6. Give the Brand signal to your site
  7. Frequent social signal

1) Make the web page large

If you are selling a service and creating a web page about the service, you have to create a detailed web page.

A good quality service selling page will contain the following.

  1. It will reflect its brand color everywhere.
  2. It will explain about product feature.
  3. It will show the user how the product can benefit the user.
  4. The page UI will be good and created with an intention to convert.

Brand Colour:

Brand colour matters

A quality website will have its own brand color and reflect it on everywhere on the web page.

If you have multiple colors on your website, then it will distract the user and won't give good experience.

The brand color is an attraction to the user and it will make the customer remind the site.

Because it is very easy to remember a web page with single or double colors whereas the website has more colors are not easily rememberable.

Clear Product Features

Every service selling has product features.


I am talking about more authentic and in-depth product feature.

If you like to show the uniqueness, you have to talk about the product features which your competitors are not showing.

Here, you can implement your additional keywords naturally and rank for them in google.

If a user can't find the product with its specific feature, he will search for" Product+ Features"

Here, you will have the chance to rank and acquire him as a customer.

A good selling page will display long product descriptions.

Showcasing Product Benefits

If the user knows about how the product can help/benefit him, he will tend to buy it.

You have to showcase the user, how the product can benefit him. Add all the benefits of the product.

This will create an interest to the visitor about the product. The visitor will likely to convert as the customerwhen the product benefit matches his expectation.

Good UI

UI design example Image Source

You might be added product features and benefits.


If your UI is bad, your customer will leave the site immediately.

Here, The UI plays the important role and makes your customer stay at the site.

A good UI represents an easy to use website which is very clear to the visitor.

It will have good background design, selected fonts, perfect header located in the correct place and big opt-in buttons.

Dwell Time.

If you follow all the above things, the page dwell time will be high and it indicates that your site has the better user experience.

Dwell time is the time of visitors stays on the web page.

The user will take the time to read the product features and benefits. This helps you in both ways( Creating Trust and Google signal)

All of the above changes in a site gives a good user experience. This is what Google is expecting from a site.

2) Mobile Optimised

Google is crossing almost 100 billion searches a month. The search engines users are increasing day by day.

The reason behind this is increased mobile internet usage.

Once upon a time, we were able to access the internet through a wired connection to the system and it was very slow.

After that, the speed has increased and people started to use the search engines a little by little. But those computers were not affordable for most of the people.

Even if they could afford, most of them avoided the internet connection due to its cost.

After that, Internet connection to the mobile was established but those mobile were costly and people don't like the browsing experience on a small screen.

After some time, the smartphone was designed and the internet speed also has increased. This made the many people use the internet.

But the mobiles were not yet affordable for many people.

Then the search engine giant stepped into the mobile world and enhanced the Android operating system and made it available to all.

The android gave the good user experience and availed at low cost. This has increased the mobile internet usages and made a lot of people to access the internet through mobile.

Now more than half of the 100 billion searches are made through mobile devices every month.

So Google started to give more preference to the mobile-optimized site in their search result. Even Google released AMP to load mobile site so faster.

You can see Google providing more preference to the AMP pages in their search result.

You can implement AMP codes on your site. If your site is WordPress you can use the WordPress AMP plugin.

If you are not optimizing your site to the mobile users, then you will lose a lot of traffic.

Google even released algorithm for the mobile users.

The algorithm filters the web results for mobile users. Only those sites with mobile optimized pages are ranking in the mobile search results.

The first thing for a mobile site, the entire page breadth should fit the mobile screen. The mobile user should be able to scroll up and down.

The site should not be scrollable side wide. Also, the button should be well visible to the users.

Go to Google mobile friendly testing tool and check your website.

If it is mobile friendly, then Google will show your Page is mobile friendly.

If the page has any issues, it will also be shown on the page like below.

Look at the issues and resolve them.

3) Make it Load Faster

Loading speed of your website is one of the very important tasks. If you have good UI, content and quality backlinks and have long page loading time, then you are not going to rank on the Google's first page.

Check your loading speed

Google Considers page loading speed is one of the main factor to ranking.

If your page takes more than 3 seconds time, most of the user will possibly leave your site.

So, there is a big chance that the user will hit back the back button and return to SERP.

This is a very bad sign for Google, also the bounce rate increases. This will cause you loss in rankings.

So, Make sure your pages are loading faster within 2 seconds. It will take your site user experience to next level.

To check your page loading issues head over to google page speed test.

Enter your site URL.

Google will fetch the website and checks the page loading speed issues.

Mainly the issues arise because of the following.

  1. Uncompressed images
  2. More CSS
  3. Browser Cache Leveraging
  4. Render Blocking Java Scripts.

If you have more images on your site and want to compress all of them in one click then use this plugin.

You can compress 500 Images at once using this plugin using the free account.

It saves a lot of time for you. You can pay and upgrade to cross the limits.

It is especially very useful for blogs and sites which have large and more images.

If you have blogs, you won't face the CSS issues.

But if you build the site with more elements, then more inline CSS will be added. This cause the page to load slowly.

Make sure that you are not adding more elements to your page.

You can use Cache Plugins like WP-Rocket to solve the cache issues.

When a user loads your site the second time, the site will be loaded faster due to the cache stored in the browser.

The Server Response time is one the issues. You can solve that by doing the following things.

1) Make sure to use fast servers.

There are a lot of web hosting companies available. But not all of them providing fast servers. They use old servers which have the outdated configuration.

Make sure to host your website with quality web hosting service providers who use recent hardware.

2) Don't use shared hosting

Shared hosting

Image Source

In order to save money lot of people are using shared hosting at initial stages for their large websites.

This is a big mistake and I am suggesting you to not to host your large website in shared hosting even if it gets few visitors.

Instead, use dedicated resources to host your site.

3) Use SSD hosting

If your site has more media files, you have to use SSD hosting. The Solid State Drive is 300% faster than normal HDD.

The websites which are rich in media content should host their site on SSD host.

So your website content will be loaded faster at the user end.

4) Make sure to host your site very near to your visitor locations.

If you have targeted country audience, you should choose the nearest location to host.

For example: If you have the e-commerce website which serves Europe client, you have to host that website on servers located in Europe. If you are focusing the Indian customer, you have to host the website on Indian server.

So, the latency will be reduced to the minimum.

5)Use CDN for faster loading speed if you have the global audience.

The above case always not suits for all sites.

If you target the global audience, you have to use CDN to make your website load faster at the user end.

CDN stands for the content distribution network. The CDN service provider has their servers all over the globe.

Once you connect your website to the CDN, your website static content will be stored to all of its servers located around the globe.

Your site will load faster at the user end regardless of its hosting location.

If a user requests your website, then the data will be sent to user from the nearest CDN server to the location.

4) Mimic the Quality backlinks of Your Competitor

You see, Still, the Google has the Backlinks as one of the major ranking factors.

If you take all the above steps, then only you have to come to this step.

I told you, how important are page loading speed and mobile optimization regardless of backlinks.

So, complete those steps and come to this step. Otherwise, you will not see the result.

If you did all the above steps. then it's good. Let us see what to do next.

As I mentioned above, if you want to rank your website, you need backlinks.

Here, you might ask me, How to find resources to build links and to outrank competitors.

This is the tricky task at the same time it is easy to find the resource to build links.

Let me show you how to do that.

You competitors are ranking well for your keywords.

The Reason behind this is their on-page and off page optimization.

Here, you can create the web page fully optimized for users which are more user-friendly and perfectly optimized for SEO in on-page wise.


You might know the off-page strategy of your competitors. Off-Page SEO includes

  1. Backlink Quality
  2. Social Signals

You can find your competitors both backlinks and Social Signal using the tool Ahrefs.

You can also use Buzzsumo to find social signal level.

Let us see, How to use Ahrefs to find backlinks.

Ahrefs provides you with a free trial, you can use their paid version which gives more data.

Use Whatsmyserp tool to find the top 10 search result of Google for your keyword.

Scrap the URLs.

If the home page of a site is shown in the result. Just skip it. Only copy links which are separate pages from their home page.

There is a special tool in Ahrefs which finds the common referring domains of your input URLs.

Here you can find the common backlink source of your competitors.

Just put the URLs in Link intersect and make sure to select exact URL. After that click on Show Link opportunities.

All the common referring domains will appear now.

Export all of them.

Now, your task is to analyze those domains and build links.

Make sure to ensure the relevancy of the sites and start building links.

You can also individually input each URL and find the relevant link building opportunities.

Try to build links to your competitors quality backlink sources.

If you can acquire links from those quality resources, your site will start to move up the positions.

The Overall Domain Authority is also important to rank on the first page.

If you build links to your pages, the domain authority will increase little by little.

Make sure to build links slowly and steadily. If you build links faster, it will not be a thing to Google's eyes.

So, instead of following uniformed link building, follow Logarithmic Link Building. Randomizing link building also works well.

You have to follow all kind of link building types and follow certain types. Here the most basic types are

  1. Article submission
  2. Web 2.0 creation
  3. Guest Posting

These Basic types give you contextual backlinks. If you have great contents you can follow advance link building methods like

  1. Sky scrapper technique
  2. Broken Link Building
  3. Moving Man method
  4. Gaining backlinks from the higher authority site.

Here, you have to work hard to gain these links. If you can acquire these backlinks, your page will definitely reach Google's first page.

If you are still following old way of link building for the competitive keywords, then you should follow the above methods.

5) Create Individual pages for the site.

If you have more services to offer to your clients, you have to create individual pages for that service.

Do not combine two or more services on a single page. It will reduce the opportunity for rankings.

If you create an individual page for individual services, you can concentrate and rank for a lot of less competitive keywords in Google.

The Pages will rank in Google sometimes even without backlinks.

A lot of authoritative domains have a lot of active pages on their websites. So they generating traffic through the pages.

You can interlink all of your pages which will increase the chance for the pages to rank well in Google.

If you have more pages, you can diversify the incoming links.

Instead of looking for the opportunity to build links to your homepage with different resources, you can use the same resources to build links to individual pages on the website.

It will boost up your overall domain authority of the site.

6) Giving the brand signal to your site.

Here what is a brand signal?

Brand signal means the reflection of your business name on all over the internet. Here are the Major Brand Signals.

  • User Searching for your Brand Name and click on your site( Navigational Queries
  • The talk about your brand on social media( Hash Tags, website mentions, Name mentions)
  • Other websites mention your brand name on their site and brand name with backlinks.
  • Reviews about your service on other sites.

To make the user search for your brand name, you have to market your business through the various platform on the internet. Some of them are

  • Social media Promotion
  • Press Release about your product launch
  • Forum Promotion
  • Provide Offers
  • Paid Promotion
  • Most Importantly content marketing

Social Media Promotions

If you want to spread your brand and acquire new customers, you have to do social media promotions.

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and more platforms can be used for your marketing.

If you want to promote organically, you have to build an audience for your profile. After that, you can market them.

It is not easy to promote a product organically through social media and the reach will be low.


If you follow viral content marketing strategy on social media, you can gain get good brand identity from social media.

For example, RedBull targets young people to sell their product.

They create a video which is full of adventures and post it on facebook.

The Result:

Most of the people like the video, comment on it and sharing them in groups and on their own timelines.

The result, the organic reach increases, and more people are viewing the video.

Most people sharing the video since it is full of adventures. But here the brand name of the Redbull also shown at the end of the video.

Here, People come to know the Brand little by little.

The Another good example of viral video marketing is Tipex Hunter vs Bear Video.

This video is very fun and viewed by millions of people within few days.

Tipex sells the whiteout tap. They want to increase their brand visibility through video marketing to increase the sales.

That ends up in creating a funny viral video which has more than 40 Million views and 1+ million social media shares, exposure in more than 200 countries.

The final result. It increased the sales of the product by 30% instantly.

Press Release about product promotion

Releasing an Eye Cache Press Release about your Product is one of the ways to get customers attractions.

Still, people are looking at newspapers and the online magazines are very effective.

Here are the things you should consider while creating a Product Launching Press Release.

1) Make an eye-catching title

It is a must because people skip your content if you don't have an attractive title.

2) Talk about one Product feature which people cares.

Talk about one Product features which solve people problem. Don't bombard them with multiple features.

3) Publish through a perfect publication to reach the customers. Not all publications suit you.

Based on the publication category and reader base, you have to select and pitch them.

4) Talk about customer story

It is always better to ask the customer feedback and publish it. If you are just talking about how it helps, people won't trust it.

Only the user experience makes them give a try of the product.

These things have to be considered while creating a product.

Forum Promotion:

This is one of the underrated promotion strategies and not many companies are using it.

The forum is the one where people talk about problems and ask questions to get their answers.

The potential and targeted customers are always hanging in the forum.

This is where you can promote the product.

You can start a threat and promote the product or you can offer the product as a solution to one of the customer's problems.

Not all the forums works. Only Niche specific forums have the ability to give you potential customers.

Provide Offers

if you are serious about promoting your product, you have to provide offers. This will bring you the following benefit for you.

1) People will search for your "Brand Name+ Offers", "Your product name+ Offers".

So, here the brand signal is automatically generated by the user for you. It is a good sign.

2) Third party websites acquire your offers and publish it on their websites. Here you will get,

  • Traffic and sales to your site
  • Natural Backlink to your site
  • Brand Mention on the site
  • Free Promotion of the product

Paid Promotions

If you want to know your brand to people, you cannot avoid paid promotions. If your company is new, the SEO and content marketing will take time to work.

Only the Paid campaign and viral video marketing (We have learned about that in the above section) can give you a quick start.

These are Paid Promotions which can get you customers

  • Google Adwords ( It has SEM, Video, and Display) is a good place to start advertising.

Paid Promotions

Acquire potential customers through SEM and Spread branding through Display. A good video campaign will get your site to next level.

  • Facebook Ads With more than a 1.5 Billion users, Facebook is unavoidable to acquire new customers and gain brand value.

The Viral Video Marketing works best on Facebook.

  • Linked In

Linkedin is the best platform for companies who like to acquire B2B sales.

Most of the Professionals, CEO and High authority of the companies are hanging out on Linkedin.

So Make use of Linkedin Advertisement.

Content Marketing

This is one of the biggest parts of marketing. If you launch a good content marketing campaign, you will get the following

  • Trust
  • New customers through SEO
  • Brand Visibility
  • Long-Term Results.

Content Marketing is in various forms. The major ones are

  • Written content
  • Video content
  • Podcast

The companies who have blogs are acquiring more customer than those who don't have.

The content should be the solution to their end customers problems.

E,g Hubspot.

Hubspot is providing Sales and Marketing related Services and training. Their main resource of customer acquisition is their Blog.

They publish contents related to Marketing and sales.

The Result:

People who search online regarding marketing and sales queries and solutions end up on their blog.

Their biggest blog is enough to attract the customers with their problem-solving content and the visitor more likely to be converted after some time.

Here Hubspot gains reorganization and trust. These are two elements required to gain a new customer.

Hubspot is doing that brilliantly.

E.g of Video Marketing is Let's talk Institute.

Content marketing

The Training Institute has been creating serious English speaking tutorials.

You see most of the people are like to learn English via video. Let's Talk Institute has brilliantly done the video content marketing.

The videos they have uploaded were viewed by millions of people.

The viewers are getting attracted to the video course and watch more videos from them.

Here, the trust is being built with the viewer. People who like to learn English will likely to visit their nearby Institute.

They also search for the brand name in google and end up in landing the site. They get business and brand signal both at the same time.

7) Frequent social Signal

This is one of the essential things for a brand. A brand should be active on their all social media channels.

If you continue posting on all the social channels, it sends an indication to Google that you are active.

Look at all the major brands. They are always active on the social media channels.

It is one of thing to be considered as a brand signal by search engines.

If you do all the above steps properly, you will see the movement of your site in the search engine results.

Your site will reach the first page of the google for the targeted keyword.

We have seen how to get organic traffic to your site. Now let us see, how to get organic traffic from social media.

Organic Traffic from Social Media

The traffic from social media is called as referral traffic. We cannot always depend on search engines to get the traffic.

Search engines work well for evergreen contents.


The temporary contents won't rank well on the google.

The reason, your content will be short and written with the intention to cover the temporary stories.

Here, people won't search for those type of contents in google.

You might have a question that how can you get the traffic and make people read?

You have to do two things

  • Reach People via Social Media
  • Give them content with interesting stories.

The Major sites which getting high traffic from social media are Viral sites and News sites.

The example of a viral site is Buzzsumo and Example for the news site is Business Insider and The next web.

In the Mid of 2015, facebook concentrated more and news sites. The result, those news sites are started to get the visitors from social media.

Facebook overtook the google in giving traffic to the news sites and viral sites.

The news from the news sites are temporary and should be read before it expires. Because people don't tend to read old news.


This differs from viral sites. The viral news has the ability to gain traffic at all the time. They won't expire until you find a new way to tell the story.

Even if people already had read about, they will still show the interest to read the same interesting story presented in a different way.

Because A lot of viral sites are providing the same news with different titles and story written in another style.

I am sure you would have at least read same viral news site on different sites.

The attractiveness of title will make you click and read the story again and again.

Let us see some of the social media and works on them.

  1. Facebook

    • Viral News
    • Hot News
  2. Reddit

    • Viral News
    • Political News
  3. Pinterest

    • Tips and advice
    • Informative articles

These are all the major social media's which can bring you a lot of traffic to your site.

1) Facebook

Facebook is giving a lot of traffic to the viral sites and news sites.

The news site has reported that Facebook referral traffics overtook their search engine traffic.

48% of their traffic came from Facebook as of 2015 and they got 38% of traffic from their search result.

It shows the potential of social media especially the Facebook bigger one of all.

Facebook has more than 1 billion monthly active users and more than 1.5 billion users.

What works on facebook?

  1. Magnetic title which attracts people

    The title can be questions, Emotion inducer, Interesting, Pang to click and funny.

These will attract viewers to click it on the social media. The one thing, you have to remember is content quality.

If your title is attractive and your content is not satisfying and justify the title, you won't get anything.

If your content justifies the title and induces any emotions of the readers, then your content will be reacted, commented and shared. This will increase your traffic.

Even Facebook started to show the related news in the feed.

Here your content will be shown after the user shown interest in the content which is similar to your content.

For example: If your reader reads a viral news about a dog who saved his master life in another media and you are also covering the news.

And it started to gain user engagement, your news will be shown after the reader completes the story and came back to Facebook from the news site.

Your news will be shown in related stories feed.

The user doesn't even need to be your page follower to get the news in their feed.

So, your chance of getting traffic from the audience who are not within your reach is very high. Here you are not limited.

That is why I love Facebook.

More engagements more visibility. This is the Facebook formula for you to get more visitors to your site.

Hot News

If you are news publishers, you can publish recent news and attract people from Facebook.

To get started with that you need a decent follow-up on Facebook.

You can earn those follow-ups with Facebook page promotion option.

Hot news also exactly works like viral news. If you are posting news about the trending topic, you will likely to get more traffic from Facebook.

  1. Reddit

Social media

Reddit is one of the biggest traffic generation source for your website.

If you are publishing viral news on your site, you can generate traffic via Reddit.

But, Before posting your URL on the Reddit, you have to be a Redditor.

If you are simply putting your URL and pray for the traffic, you will be kicked out by the fellow Redditors.

Redittors Hate self-promoters and they don't hesitate to attack them directly on Reddit.

The result you will be kicked out from Reddit.

So, what to do to gain Traffic from Reddit?

First Rule: Be a Redditor and not a spammer.

You have to continuously participate in the Reddit conversation and help others by upvoting also you can do some downvotes( If you don't like the post).

So, you have to have a frequent engagement in Reddit.

if you are coming to post your links, then you should be ready to go away at the moment.

There are three things to be a good Redditor.

1) Engage more
2) Make less Post
3) Don't think about spamming.

There are two types of Karmas in Reddit.

  1. Comment Karma
  2. Post karma

Here Karma is the point which you will gain when a person upvotes your posts and comments.

Why is Comment Karma Important?

If you have more comment Karma, it will show your engagement with the community.

You can't get comment Karma easily. The sense of the comment and placement of the comment will decide the Karma.

I will tell you how to do that.

First, find a post in new or rising section. Don't go to the hot section.

The reason is hot section has the promoted post. A post promoted on the page when it gets a high comment and upvotes.

So, if you trying to comment that, no will be able to read your comment.

Because the promoted post always has 1000 of comments and only first few of them will be notified.

Once you find the post, your next task would be analyzing it. If it has humor or interesting, make a comment with humor.

make sure to comment before the post gets five comments.

Now your comment will gain visibility. Since you added humor, people will start to upvote it.

But, if the post did not get many upvotes, then you can't expect comment karma from your comment.

If it goes viral, you will gain visibility and comment Karma.

If you see any photo post or innovation content, just make some appreciation in a comment. You will get an upvote for your comment.

The command Karma showcase your engagement to the community and get you out of spammer consideration zone on Reddit.


Let us see, how to increase Post Karma

You can even win the comment Karma with some humor and appreciation comments.

But gaining post-Karma is not that easy.

If you created a new account and looking to make a post directly to gain the Redditors attention, it won't make any good impression.

If you try that again and again, I give you the assurance that your account will become a ghost.

That is what we call dead accounts, Only you will see the existence of the account and the account and its post won't be visible to others.

So, first try to gain some comment Karma and engage with others post.

If someone thinks that you are doing a suspicious thing, they will check your profile manually.

If your profile is full of posts without any engagement, it will ensure that you are a spammer.

But, if your profile has the list of upvotes and comments, it will show you as a real user.

After sometimes, you can start posting on Reddit. But initially, don't post any links which are pointing to other sites.

Post images and Gifs to gain the attention. Especially post any funny GIF, you will get the attention immediately.

You will start to get upvotes soon. Sometimes your post will have the chance to go viral.

There you will get a lot of posts karma's in a day.

The only thing you have to care is kept engaging with Reddit posts after that.

Even, if you can't get a high number of post-Karma's in a single you will get it day by day.

but you have to do the above things continuously.

Once you earned High Post Karma, Then it is the time to post your site links. But don't post it frequently.

choose the best post and post the link on the Reddit. Now you will get traffic.

You will get heavy traffic if the post goes viral.

Your Post Karma will give the visibility to your post.
Frequent your website post randomly.

Don't follow any uni formal tactics. You will get caught.

3) Pinterest

The tips and tricks types of posts are working well on Pinterest. Pinterest is actually an infographic social media.

If you have a very good infographic, then you can get good visibility from Pinterest Users.

You can get traffic for your evergreen content from Pinterest. The specialty of Pinterest is its algorithm.

If you have pinned a post, you will get viewers for it for a long time. It won't lose its visibility like facebook post after some time.

Instead, that post will be shown to the relevant users. If you keep concentrating on Pinterest, you will definitely be going to get traffic from it.

Here are the main topics which always trends on Pinterest

  1. Travel
  2. Food and Drink
  3. Crafts
  4. Home Decorations
  5. Fashion
  6. Photography
  7. Art
  8. Design
  9. Top 10 Lists
  10. Tips and Tricks.

If you can create content under this topics, you will surely win the Pinterest Traffic.

Other than that, you can join Pinterest group boards.

These group boards always have many users and will give traffic to your site.

If your post is performing well, Don't hesitate to share it with the group. You will get more engagement with your Pinterest pin.

Even, your pin will get the chance to be featured on the home page of many Pinterest users. It will show your pin to relevant people and you can convert them well.

Here is the website which showcases you the group boards

Here, the site will show all type of Pinterest group boards, just search for your category and join the group.

Once you join the group, start contributing the group. Interact with other pins and like them.

After sometime pin any of your good posts.

Don't forget to add the good image to the PIN. Even if your content is good, you should keep a good image.

Otherwise, you can't impress people. The attractive image will get you good impression and CTR. You will get likes which will increase your visibility.

Now, you will get the traffic.

These are targeted traffic and you should be ready to convert them.

When you get organic traffic, you should have a conversation tactic to gain the visitor email, phone or anything.

If you started converting, then you will be able to get them back to your next post by contacting them.

Here, you won't be depending on the search engine traffic and social traffic.

However, they are the major one which gives heavy traffic to you.


If you are very new to the online world and looking to gain traffic through the search engine and social media, follow the above steps.

Don't confuse yourself by reading too many kinds of stuff. There are a lot of tips available online. They are good an works well.

But if you don't know how to execute them one by one, you will fail. Because you will have confusion in executing the steps.

I have made your job easy by providing the steps. Just follow the steps as it is.

Kindly let us know your thoughts about this in comments.

Off Page SEO: 13 Useful Strategies To Boost Your Ranking


You survived with Your On Page SEO.

Surviving OnPageSEO

You experienced and won all those hard obstacles.

Like, how to optimize your site for a higher ranking and how to create high-quality content for your trusted readers.

Including Meta Title, Meta description, URL, and everything else...

You worked hard and did a great job.


But, Wait?

What about Off Page Search Engine Optimization?

Are you still struggling with Your Off-Page SEO?

Is Off-Site SEO only about getting backlinks from other websites?

A lot of SEO analysts will debate for hours justifying Off-site SEO only exists for earning backlinks.

This is not entirely true. Is it?

We will clear it soon further in this article.

Well, You already know how this can affect your overall performance in eyes of Google, who will not rank your site on the first page.

Unless you increase the authority of your site and show Google your ability to serve its visitors better than any other competitor of yours.

But, How will you do it?

What will it take your site to top Google Ranking?

How can you reach influencers, and Other master bloggers to help you to rise as a shining star of your SEO.

You want this all. Right?

Off Page SEO GIF

I have got your back now.

This article will help you to take your Off-Site SEO to the next big level.

All you have to do is reading it till the end, understanding and using all the resources to grab the top position in Goole Ranking.

Here we go(Not Fast and Furious, OK).

Save it for the growth of your site authority and higher ranking.

Pro Tip: If you are a complete newbie in SEO world then this article What is SEO and how it works will help you.

What is Off Page SEO

Tell me one thing, have you ever heard these names like Social Networking, Blog comments, email outreach, video submissions etc.?


I know that you are already familiar with all these factors which drive traffic to your site.

Off page SEO Infographics

I will cover all elements of this infographic later in this article.

Just keep reading to learn about them.

Before understanding Off-page aka Off-Site Search Engine Optimization, let's get a quick look on SEO.

What is SEO?

Here is what Wikipedia says about SEO.

SEO Definition

Didn't make much sense. Right?

Oh! It didn't make any sense at all. OK, OK.

I told you, I have got your back.

Now read this,

SEO is the process of earning quality traffic on your website by virtue of optimizing your site and its content to win top position in any search engine's page results.

By earning quality traffic I really mean that you have to earn it.

You have to utilize all genuine and possible ways to rank your site.

You have to work on the design, speed and every technical aspect of your site to make it comfortable for your visitors.

And you just can't ignore one thing.

The importance of writing high-quality content.

And using videos, infographics, image optimization and relevant resources to actually help your readers.

If visiting your site doesn't make them feel a better experience than your competitor's sites then forget the top ranks.

I will share an important resource on On Page SEO in next section of this article.

So, continue reading.

Off-page SEO is to use all of the techniques, activities, and measures outside of your website to rank your page higher than your competitors within search engine page results.


What are the important factors of Off-Page Optimization?

They are:

• Getting Links from the homepages of relevant websites.

• The number of domains linking to your website.

• What is the page ranks of the linking page?

Page authority of linking domain.

• Links are relevant or not.

On-Page vs Off-Page SEO, don't do this anymore

on page SEO and off page SEO difference :

Image source

Some authors sometimes compare Off-page SEO with On Page SEO.

And such comparisons always ends with proving one is more important than another one.

I will suggest you to not focus on it at all.

Both are equally important for your site to get high ranking and to be visible for a large audience of your market.

That's the only way you will be making a good profit out of your online efforts.

You still don't understand what's the difference between On-site SEO and Off-site SEO. Right?


It's simple.

On-Page SEO is about how much care and hard work you do on your site and its content.

It combines title tags, URL structure, internal links, quality content, and image optimization etc.

Read this useful article on On Page SEO to have some real growth in your page ranking.

While Off-Page SEO is all about how much respect and trust you have in eyes of other relevant authors, resources, and authoritative websites.


Off-Page SEO techniques increase your domain authority and allow Google to trust you and rank your site at top positions in search engine page results.

And your site not only starts ranking for your targeted keywords but also for the keywords Google thinks Your site has a better content than your competitors.

You will also need these resources on your journey of enriching your Search Engine Optimization skills:

How does Off-site SEO work?

Guess what?

I heard you whispering this.

Where are the Off-page SEO strategies which will actually boost your page ranking?

Believe me, you are close enough to this answer.

We will consider two factors here to understand how does Off Page SEO work.

Both factors are linked to one another and play a significant role to take your site in final of this big game.

But, but, but....

Before revealing them, I would like you to answer this question here.

Why do you want to play this final?

Come on, go ahead, ask yourself.

Any answer? No?

Let's find your answer.

The factors are:

  • Your Goal to do Off-Page SEO.

  • Backlinks you achieve to reach your goal.

Want to dig deeper?

OK. first, you have to build a purpose-driven Off Page SEO strategy.

Ranking for your targeted keywords is important.

But that is not your ultimate goal. is it?

You have to define what you want to accomplish.

Goal of your off-page SEO

Either you want to sell your products, promote your brand or just want to share some useful information to help a large audience.


The content you are writing for off page SEO must influence and convince the readers to take an action as the authority of your page relies on it.

To know more about purpose-driven content and keywords research visit here.

Once your goal is decided, it's time to talk about backlinks.

You want to increase your page ranking, you want a larger exposure and you also want to achieve the goal from your efforts.

Backlinks are what will help you most than anything here.

The reference links you get from other authoritative and relevant sites to your actual site matters a lot in eyes of Google.

These backlinks make Google believe that your content is more helpful than your competitors.

And Google page algorithm starts ranking your pages at top positions within search engine page results.

Look at your face!

Wondering how to learn everything about backlinks?

Meet the king of Backlinks here.

13 Off Page SEO Strategies and Best ways to follow them


You will learn the most useful and reliable Off page SEO techniques here.

I will also share practical resources to help you dig deeper into these helpful strategies.

Before that,

If you are struggling with new words then this SEO glossary
will help you to understand each and every word you read in this article.

Now you are ready. right?

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You have a site to rank in top results of Google.

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Social Networking Sites (Off Page Optimization Starts here)

Social Media Off-page SEO

Does social media require any introduction?

Of course, It doesn't.

It has already become the 8th wonder of the world.

In above screenshot, you can see how is successfully active on one of the leading social media platforms.

This twitter account is not only helping them to earn a many numbers of backlinks to their actual site but also increasing their domain authority.

Check out these social media usage statistics.

Social Networking sites SEO

Image Source

Social media engagement is a primary Off site Search engine optimization technique.

You can easily reach your targeted audience here and increase the visibility of your brand.

All you have to do is participating actively on these platforms and regularly providing fresh and interesting content to attract traffic to your site.

This article will help you boosting your social media profiles.

Social Bookmarking

If you are looking for another great off page SEO activity then social bookmarking can gain huge traffic to your site.

It's simple to use these sites.

Just select your best articles and leave their links on these bookmarking sites.

Have a look at this screenshot.

Slashdot is a popular bookmarking site.

The backlinks achieved from these sites matter a lot for Off-Page search engine optimization.

Other examples of social bookmarking sites are here.

  • Delicious

  • StumbleUpon

  • Digg

  • Reddit etc.

Read this article to learn how to do social bookmarking.

Question & Answer

Question and Answer is not a new name in the list of Off Page SEO strategies but it was not that popular some years ago.

A place where anyone can ask questions to you and answer your questions related to any topics.

Have a look at this screenshot.

Do you understand now?

What does it take to make a brand?

The same Tim Soulo is doing for in this screenshot.

You have to participate actively and answer relevant questions to your site niche.

With the time you earn a reputation as an expert in your chosen field and that helps your brand to get more visitors on your actual site.

Pro Tip: This guide will teach you how to use Q and A sites for Off-page SEO.

You can also utilize these questions and answers websites for your Off-Page SEO.

  • Yahoo Answers

  • Reddit

  • Blurtit

Blog Comments

Let me share with you one Off-site strategy that has been in this game for a long time.

That is blog comments.
Off page SEO by blog comments

Blog comments help you to connect with influencers and other bloggers of your niche.

To make a good relationship with them you have to regularly comment on their blogs.

But remember,

Never try to make such comments which are not relevant to the topics.

Be honest with your comments and only speak what you really feel about that blog post.

You have to ask genuine questions and share valuable information if you want to get noticed by author or administrator of that particular blog.

Your efforts can be rewarded with backlinks and traffic to your site.

Visit this article to learn more about blog comments.

Resource Pages

Is not there an off page SEO activity where you just drop your links and drive a potential traffic to your site?

Yes, There is.

Resource Pages are places where page owners want you to put your site links on their page and help them accumulate some good resources for their audience.

In return, your site earns more authority and relevancy for search engine optimization.


Any example?

Use Resource pages for your SEO

You can see in this screenshot how various top websites from the same niche are using a resource page for their Off-Site Optimization.

Want more about resource pages?

Visit here.

Guest Blogging

I don't know, what is your desired goal to do Off-Page SEO?

But, I will suggest you one and you are just going to love it.

Make your brand visible for everyone who can be your potential reader.

Reach different audience every time and connect with most successful influencers of your niche.

How will you do it?

Guest blogging is your answer.

Bloggers do it all the time to drive traffic from other bloggers websites.

Here you have to write unique and quality content to post on champion websites of your field.

Remember always,

Relevancy is the key to achieve more authority for your blog or website.

Peter Sandeen's blog will give you all the resources you require to be a master in guest blogging.

Get Your Competitor’s Backlinks

One of my neighbors uses an awesome car to reach his office every day. It's easy, comfortable and time-saving.

Sometimes I wish to loot his car.

But why am I telling you about it?

Because sometimes you also wish to loot your competitor's backlinks somehow.

Is it possible?

Yes, to get quality backlinks this is my favorite Off-site SEO strategy I do for my blogs.

I use Ahrefs tools for it because they are simply awesome.

Need an example?

Tools to help your Off-page SEO

Your top competitors have already earned such backlinks which help them to stay at top positions in eyes of Google.

Find out your top 5 competitors for your targeted keywords and the backlinks they have from various websites.

You can offer fresh and more quality content to these websites.

They will consider your recommendation because it is their first priority to have updated content on their websites.


Because they are also racing to hold top positions in their niche.

How will you steal your competitor's backlinks?

Ahrefs blog and tools will not only lead you there but also help in so many ways you can't imagine for your Off-site search engine optimization.

Web 2.0 Submissions

There was a time when bloggers were crazy for web 2.0 submission.

It still works for them in 2017 with some risks.

Web 2.0 is one of the most popular online techniques to promote your blog, site or your products.

They are free blogging platforms where you can sign up with one click and can create useful content for readers.

Here you can build an audience and divert it to your actual websites by using backlinks.

You can join 10, 100 or 1000 such blogging platforms and start driving traffic and earning page authority for your Off-page SEO.

Looks great. Right?

I have more for you.

Here is the Top 62 High PR Web 2.0 Sites List.

Video Submissions

Now I will get a chance to tell you what you already know.

Video submission has become the latest trend of off-site SEO now.

You watch countless videos every week.

So what works for others, let's use it for your site.

Make a high-quality video for your products and services, publish it along with your site link and get backlinks for your actual site.

My favorite Video platforms are listed here:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Vimeo
  • Vine
  • Dailymotion
  • Stupidvideos
  • Metacafe

By using this off page SEO activity our brand will reach a whole new level and your website will have a large number of new visitors soon.

To learn more about it, read this article.

Image Submission

You prepare a lot of images for your on-page SEO and social marketing. Right?

Can you also utilize them for your Off-Page search engine optimization?

Yes, you can.

Use these great platforms for image submissions and remember to optimize your images with your targeted keywords in tags and description.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • Imgur
  • Imageshack
  • Photobucket
  • Shutterfly

Learn how to do image submission successfully for your Off-Page SEO here.

Infographic Submission

Infographic submission is another creative off page SEO activity.

The reason behind infographics are getting famous is that your readers engage quickly with such graphics which are attractive and informative.

You can submit your infographics on infographics submission websites and refer backlinks to your actual site or blog.

Use these resources to create and submit infographics:

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is also a useful technique which is used by SEO analysts for Off-site search engine optimization.

Before understanding it, let me ask you something.
What happens when you owe a favor to someone.

Sooner or later this favor gives you a benefit.

Broken link building is the favor you do for the owner of a website and in return of this favor, you can earn backlinks to your site.

It is one of the most effective link building strategies for bloggers.

Find out such websites in your niche which have any broken links.

Aware them about these broken links and offer quality content from your website in replacement of these broken links.

Here is the step by step guide to modern broken link building you can use to learn everything about broken link building.

Forum submission

Forums are great platforms to make relationships with the experts in your niche.

Forum submission for Off-page SEO

Join such forums and start conversations there.

Other bloggers can read your comments and visit your websites via backlinks you mention there.

Do not forget to make valuable contributions for the members and use all opportunities you get to drive traffic to your site.

Need more help?

This article will help you with forum submission.

Let me share some other Off-Page SEO techniques with you.

  • Article Submissions
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Link Exchange


In the end, let's recall what miracles Off Page SEO can perform for you.

  • Ranking your site at top results
  • Building your brand name.
  • Making relationships with influencers and bloggers.
  • Reaching a large audience.

I hope this article helps you with Off Page Search Engine Optimization for your websites and blogs.

Leave comments if you have any question or suggestion related to Off-Page SEO.

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Best Of Luck!

Affiliate Marketing: (Create Your Online Income Today)

Affiliate marketing and making money online...….

Affiliate marketing image

Is this the deal you are looking for? It’s not just a deal, It is a huge deal.

Do you want to make this deal?

But first, tell me something.

Are you one of those bloggers or writers who still wonder how to make money online?

Or you are the one who just wants to create his own online business.

So you can save time to travel, to learn new things and explore the world around you while your online business is making a handsome money for you.

Awesome idea! Right?

But how?

How will you make money online? Is there an easy way?

The way with low effort and low risk?

Does it matter if you are an expert and you have any support team or not?

I have only one answer to all of your these questions.

Make money online by affiliate marketing.

To understand affiliate marketing, You have to learn these terms first to have a clear image of this game.

Terms you will love to know(Part-1)

Affiliate aka publisher - The Partner Who promotes the products for the merchant and earns a commission.

Merchant aka Advertiser - The creator of the product or provider of the services.

Affiliate link - It is an URL which is used to track the source of traffic from affiliate's website to merchant's website.

Commission - As you know it's part of revenue shared by the merchant with the Affiliate to promote their products.

Now find out these 10 answers in this article and start your own online income.

  1. What is affiliate marketing?
  2. Why affiliate marketing?
  3. How to start affiliate marketing?
  4. How to find your Affiliate Products?
  5. Best free online affiliate programs.
  6. What is an Affiliate Network?
  7. How to become successful in affiliate marketing?
  8. Payment Structures Of Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

how affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing is simple to understand.

Being a blogger or writer you promote others products and services on your website and social media platforms.

A YouTube channel named “Guitar World” promotes guitars and also provides Useful Affiliate links to its viewers.

When you have More than 500,000 views for your video, you also have a good chance.

A good Chance for what?

The chance to convert a lot of your viewers into your customers.


Once a viewer clicks on the affiliate link, he is redirected to merchant’s site.

If he makes any purchase there, your commission for promoting the product will make its way to your account. This is Affiliate Marketing meaning.

Check out this screenshot and you will know what I am talking about.

YouTube Affiliate links

Here the Amazon products are being promoted via Affiliate links on youtube.

Thousands of YouTubers who promote such physical products or any digital programs help their subscribers to buy best products available in the market.

I believe that you have the same motive for becoming an Affiliate to promote those products which are genuinely beneficial for your audience.

Otherwise, affiliate marketing won't work for you.

Remember one thing always,

Affiliate marketers are not mediators, they are saviors of your time, energy and one thing you love most, your money.

You would be thinking what works for YouTube, does it also work for Facebook?

Want to find some Facebook affiliate links?

Trust me.

You would have seen this before but this time you will wonder too.

Affiliate Links

This post has four links.

And you may ask if they are links then what do they link to?

I will tell you soon, just keep reading.

Did you see the number of shares above post have?



Yes, Becoming an affiliate can lead you to such a popularity.

Now imagine yourself if a post gets this big number of shares then how many people would have actually seen this post.

A great number of viewers. Right?

And a part of these viewers certainly would have visited these attached links.

Visit this link and find out the answer where does it take you?

So when an online shopper who wants to buy a beautiful guitar and clicks on any of given link after viewing this Facebook post.

He directly Lands here...

affiliate programs that pay instantly


If you are able to convince your viewers to buy any product using your link, you make money in form of commission every time your merchant make a sale.

Always remember this,

The more you engage with your targeted audience the more money you make.

Now go ahead and ask me.

How will you contact such merchants?

What is an Affiliate Program?

Is there someone who can take care of everything related to merchants and payment structures for you?

So you can write with more focus and clarity for your audience and enjoy the money you earn from Affiliate Marketing.

I will cover these answers later in this guide.

For now, you continue your exploration of making money by virtue of becoming an Affiliate Marketer.

Why Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing india

You want to be an Affiliate Marketer. Right?

I have 6 reasons for you to become an Affiliate Marketer.

Earn money online without investment

You always dream to earn more and more money you can.

And you know the biggest obstacle to making money is that we need money to set up a business.

That is why you are not able to live your life how you want.

But this obstacle will not bother you anymore.

Because there are many free Affiliate Marketing Programs you can join which pay well and instantly.

For example,

Amazon Affiliate Program

What is it?

I will explain you soon.

Just keep reading....

No worry for storage and shipping(Magic of affiliate marketing)

As an affiliate, your work is only promoting the products on your websites and creating a good reputation for your products and services.

The complete process of storing and shipping the products to consumers is handled by advertisers aka merchants.

All you have to do is writing high quality and relevant content on products you have chosen.

So you can provide precise and useful information to your audience and convince them to increase the sale of your merchant.

Affiliate marketing works without hiring a Support Team

Don't want to hire a support team for your Affiliate Marketing business.

And you still believe everything will work fine.

Guess what?

You are right. You can run this show your own.

And That is where Affiliate Networks play a vital role in your online business.

What is an Affiliate Network now?

This I will tell you right away but for details, keep reading this guide.

Terms you will love to know(Part-2)

Affiliate Network -

A place for merchants to sell their products and for affiliates to find products to promote.

Affiliate Program -

The affiliate program is the program made by merchants to partner with affiliates for promoting their products.

Create Your passive income by affiliate marketing

Passive income gif

You are not planning to leave your job for a while but it does not mean that you will do it forever.

So earning money by becoming an affiliate marketer is a reliable passive income opportunity.

Even when you are away from your job or you are spending quality time with your family and friends, you will be making the money.

Global Market of Affiliate Marketing

The best thing about doing an Online Business as Affiliate Marketing is that it's open and easily available for all.

India, One of the biggest markets for any business has reached 400 million internet users in 2017.

You can build your audience and connect with them from any corner of the world.

That simply means for you is the more people will join the internet world the more growth your online business will have.

Work from anywhere as an affiliate marketer

If you travel a lot for your job or business, It won't cause any harm to your Affiliate Marketing Business.

Maybe you don't want to go an office and only want to work from your home.

Does it work with Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, it does.

Affiliate Marketing not only connects you with the people across the world but also helps you to enjoy your life with the people you love most.

Click here to clear your doubts about affiliate marketing.

How to start Affiliate Marketing?

To start Affiliate Marketing, You need no money, no place to set up an office, No employees to work for you and one more thing which you don't need at all.

What is it?

You don't need to worry.

What a joke. Right?

I am serious. All you need for your Affiliate Marketing business is to take these steps.

First, decide either you want to become an affiliate or a merchant.

affiliate merchant

As a merchant, you have to final your product idea, create your product and get affiliates partners for your business.


Partner with those affiliates who have targeted audience for your products that is the best way to create a large no. of sales for you.

If your product is physical then you have to invest a good amount of money and take some risks.

But what happened to no investment policy?

For this, I will suggest you create your own digital products which can be created for free.

What kind of digital products?

I will tell you in the next section of this article.

As an Affiliate, you have to follow these simple tips.

  • Come up with the product idea you want to write blogs, reviews or make videos.
  • Sign up for the best affiliate programs available.
  • Get the affiliate link and affiliate id.
  • Start promoting the products on your blog, website or Youtube, Facebook and other platforms.
  • Get Emails from your subscribers so you can convince them to buy from you anytime you want.
  • Produce high-quality content and learn how to reach a bigger audience than you have now.
  • In the last make money on each and every sale, your merchant makes by virtue of your promotional links.

How to find your Affiliate Products

Now you are all set to find out the products for your affiliate marketing business and get started.

But, but, but.............

Before talking about all available categories, let's have a look at some essential steps to think about seriously.

1. Follow Successful Trends

You have to learn the latest trends of affiliate marketing business because you will only make a profit if your audience is actually interested in your products.


Your products have to solve their problems and fulfill their all needs.

Otherwise, you may lose the trust of your audience.

Only promote those products, services, and courses which target and provide solutions to your readers.

2. Research your products and services and go for maximum profits

You can easily earn 4 to 10% commission on your physical products.

But the most profitable products are digital products where you can earn up to 50% of commission.

So choose them wisely.

And also consider one thing that your products will not only make money for today, this month and this year but also for many upcoming years.

Let's find your affiliate marketing products now.

The most popular categories are:

Physical Products

Have a look at this screenshot and you will be amazed by the possible categories of physical products for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Products

It's surprising. Right?

Amazon runs the largest Affiliate marketing Program in the world.

Just sign up there, get your affiliate link and affiliate id, start reviewing selected products and start making money online.

Here you can choose any product category considering your hobbies, interests, and passion for them.

Fashion, Fitness & health, Mobile & computers(Latest Trends) and Kitchen products.

Write what you feel and help your valuable readers to lead an easy life using the products you promote.

You can also become a mobile associate with Amazon.

Pro Tip: Use the products you promote first then realize their features, benefits, and qualities. It will help you to be honest with your readers and to decide which product will benefit them.

Digital products

You and I are living in an advanced digital world where from training to making movies almost everything based on information is available in digital form.

Digital download is a familiar term for you.

Let's check what you and your friends download every day.

You may be using some of these products which can be easily downloaded for free.

But in the professional world where information has a unique importance to create growth for business and other services.

These digital products have a reputation.


Millions of people buy and download various domain names, antiviruses, plugins, cloud services, games, and programs every day based on their requirement for work and business.

Online Courses & Ebooks

You just think about any skill, ability or technology and you will find thousands of online courses and ebooks lining up for you.

Need an example?

Digital Products for Affiliate Marketing

I know You found it.

Music, Movies, and Entertainment

Ever heard of Netflix Or Amazon Prime Videos?

Am I kidding again?

Of course, I am kidding.

Who doesn't use these amazing entertainment platforms to enjoy themselves?

everyone. Right?

They also have affiliate programs to promote their videos and give a good commission to their affiliates.

So if you are crazy for entertainment products, go for them.

Best free online affiliate programs

Here comes one of my favorite part of this article.

Top free affiliate marketing programs are mentioned here.

Top Online shopping Affiliate Programs

Online shopping is the next big thing of our time.

As more and more people are turning to shop online, you can make a great deal being an Affiliate partner with them.

Amazon Affiliate Program Top Affiliate Program

Amazon offers plenty of products in various categories.

You are also familiar with its Home-made products like Amazon Prime Video, Kindle, Amazon Fire TV Stick etc.

They have earned a good reputation in their respective market.

Check this screenshot, Amazon shares up to 12% of revenue with their advertising partners aka Affiliate Marketer.

It's free to join Amazon Associates Program.

So select your Favourite products for your blog, get affiliate links, and start advertising them on your blog.

And guess what?

Start making as much as money you want.

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

Flipkart affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs available in India.

As this screenshot says, join this program for free, promote the links on your website and drive traffic on Flipkart.

When your audience makes any purchase, you earn your commission.

Shopclues, Jabong, Indiamart, and e-bay also have such affiliate programs which will benefit your Affiliate Marketing Business.

If you want to learn about these Affiliate programs, Visit here(link)

Tour and Travel Affiliate Programs

Tour and travel industries are growing faster than anyone can anticipate.

You can earn up to 50% commission joining the affiliate programs of following Tour and Travel booking websites.


Affiliate Program in Tour and Travel Industry

You love traveling. Right?

Meet one of the most Trusted Tour and Travel Community, The

Look here, Affiliate Program

It gives you 50% commission on their sales so if you travel a lot and write travel diaries then this program is made for you.

These online booking companies also have affiliate programs, you can partner with them and make money with them.





Many Matrimonial sites like,
, and are offering some good affiliate programs to advertise and promote their services.

You must choose only those programs which care for quality, discipline, and transparency, it will help you to monetize your blog or website more successfully.

Affiliate service providers/Affiliate Network

How does an Affiliate Network work

What if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing and doesn't understand how to pick right products for promotion.

You have no idea how to join an affiliate program or you find it difficult to be a partner with a merchant.

Is there any solution to your this problem?

Affiliate Network is the solution which works as an intermediary between you(Affiliate) and merchants available to sell different products in the market.

All you have to do is only promoting the advertisements on your website and driving a large traffic on it.

For their services, Affiliate Networks charge a share from the commission you earn for each and every sale.

Here is the list of top affiliate networks:

To find more details about some of these affiliate networks, read this article.

How to become successful in affiliate marketing

Now you are all set to go for the ride to start your online business.

But, but, but....

Before you push that start button, understand these tips well to promote your affiliate program.

  • Research on your affiliate products.

  • Offer something for free to reach a large audience.

  • Understand the needs of your audience and try to solve their problems.

  • Experiment with different affiliate programs.

  • Write high-quality content.

  • Get emails from your subscribers.

  • Have Patience.

Payment Structures Of Affiliate Network

Choose the payment structure which works for you.

Your content and promotion will convince your readers to make an action.

The more they will follow your advice, the more you will make money.

These are most popular payment structures of affiliate marketing.

Cost per Sale (CPA)

The merchant pays on the basis of each sale.

Cost per Lead (CPL)

This is based on lead generation. when The merchant gets a lead, you get a payment for it.

Cost per Click (CPC)

Publishers earn money everytime someone clicks on their advertisement.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

For revision, Would you like to read it again?

I am kidding.

We covered these points in this article:

  • How to create an online income source with your computer and a good internet connection(only)

  • How is affiliate Marketing the best way to monetize your blog?

  • How to join an Affiliate program or to be a partner with an affiliate network?

  • How to choose right products and promote them?

I believe now you know all these answers.

You will need to learn latest hacks of SEO and other skills, So subscribe to the latest trends in digital marketing.

If you have any question or suggestion, please leave a comment here.

GoPBN Team is always here to create a better experience of PBN world for you.

Thank you!

Best of luck.