The best hosting solution for your PBNs

If you’re looking for the best hosting solution for your PBNs, look no further than Easy Blog Networks.


I know you want to rank for your desired Keyword but the challenge is to analyze and come up with the right strategy that involves building multiple PBN Campaigns.

Private Blog Networks have become a new phenomenon lately.

Why? simply WORKS!

But how important is picking up the right PBN Hosting for your PBN campaign and moving away from the traditional SEO Hosting?

In this article, I will explain the difference between the traditional SEO Hosting and how PBN Hosting is the new generation Private Blog Network Hosting that for your PBNs ensuring no server-side footprints.

…and why you should avoid the regular shared cheap hosting companies for your campaign.

Before we even start talking about the differences, let us understand

What is Private Blog Network aka PBN Hosting

In Simple Words:

What is PBN Hosting?

PBN Hosting, the word stands for Private Blog Network Hosting that gives you the flexibility host your desired CMS with various high-quality hosting providers and managing everything from one panel leaving no server side footprint.

I am sure that would lead to your next question,” how can a server leave no footprint while having the ability to control the entire PBN from the same panel?”

Let me explain.

With the technology advancing so rapidly, companies have started relying on other companies for other features…

..but they all communicate via API that lets servers talk to each other on a secured network that Google or any search engine will never be able to identify.

Even if they do (chances are 0.00000000000001%) they can never ban the IP address as the IPs are owned by all the big giants in the industry (Amazon, DigitalOcean, Linode, Azure, etc..) that are hosting if not millions then several hundred thousand of websites.

Why? Because banning that IP address can lead to several hundred thousand websites getting de-indexed.

Play Safe! And game!

And here is how PBN Wiki defining the blog networks

pbn wiki

What is Search Engine Optimisation aka SEO hosting

seo hosting

One of the most popular in the SEO and hosting industry a while back (kinda still) is SEO Hosting…

No, doesn’t mean the hosting companies are doing SEO..(I know that was a bad sarcasm).

But… indeed, hosting companies play a major role in SEO hosting as it involves various IPs.

SEO Hosting Definition:

What is SEO Hosting?

SEO Hosting in a very common language refers to as hosting your websites on various IP class A, IP class B & IP class C addresses with the same company, on the same server and using company’s Nameserver.

SEO Hosting “USED” to work amazingly well a few years back when Google’s Penguin algorithm wasn’t very intelligent.

Traditionally Hosting companies used to get servers from few providers while leasing IPs from same to little diversity.

..the problem?

You are hosting everything in one to a few locations, with one provider and the custom name server provided by them that is hosting your neighboring private blogs..

Due to such massive footprints:

Google started cracking down on these private blog networks as finding people building blog networks on A-Class IP, B Class IP and C Class IP were very easy.

class c ip

Above is the representation of how Class C IP looks like.

class b ip

While this is the representation of how class B IP looks like even if you are hosting your blog network on a class SEO hosting or multiple c class IP hosting, you are exposing yourself as your neighbors would be blog networks.

P.S. PBN stands for Private Blog Network and not Public Blog Network

Difference between SEO Hosting and PBN Hosting (Pros and Cons)

Let’s talk about the difference:

By should be a ninja knowing about the basic definition of SEO Hosting and PBN Hosting

But here are some of the big differences between them:

pbn hosting vs seo hosting

SEO Hosting:


  • Let’s you control multiple sites from one panel
  • Cost-effective solution


  • Majority of the IP are with the address with the same company
  • Less amount of diversification
  • If shared SEO hosting; all your neighbors would be private blog network owners (Can be diagnosed during manual audits)
  • A majority of the owners provide PBN link building services where the PBNs are poorly built leaving you completely exposed because the SEO Hosting is cheap.
  • Custom Nameservers (Domains owned by the hosting company)

PBN Hosting:


  • IPs from top ISPs in the world, example:
    • Amazon
    • DigitalOcean
    • Vultr
    • Linode
    • Azure
    • Many More
  • Impossible to find the real vendor of the hosting company.
  • Nameservers from top reputed companies (Look at the ISP list above) which are being used by millions of legit websites.
  • Ability to have custom DNS provider NS.
  • No Footprint on server level (As long you are using GoPBN).


  • Can get a little expensive if compared with SEO Hosting
  • Some companies can restrict you with just one CMS (GoPBN offers multiple CMS options to pick).

As you can see; you can hide freely.. 🙂

The need for PBN Hosting

Google has been getting stronger with their algorithm..

while most of the SEOers are still spending hours trying to figure out the best possible way to rank, they’ve realized..

PBN has always been effective, but one major problem over the years has been hosting.

As Google’s algorithm got smarter, it started detecting most of the PBN’s automatically as people were leaving several footprints on their website as well as choosing the wrong pattern of hosting.

Yes! When I say pattern I mean it..

Here is how I define pattern after recently analysing over 1000 of PBNs for several companies..

  • A lot of them were hosting their PBN on the same IP address
  • A lot of them were using only Class C IP.
  • A lot of them were using Class A IP diversification while the location of the server was the same.
  • The website was poorly built with spun contents..
class a ip

If you have read my several other articles; I have defined PBN as an art and you need to master it.

You cannot build a poorly looking website.. it a PBN..get it deindexed and then cry about PBN not working..

Make a real site with real contents offering valuable contents to the user and Google would fall in love with your PBN.

Do check out my private blog network guide

PBN Hosting is the next generation Hosting for PBNs

I am you would agree to this point by now:

..that PBN Hosting is the next generation hosting as offers a great opportunity for users to re-think the way hosting works for Private Blog Networks..

  • Diversification
  • Multiple CMS
  • Multiple Locations
  • Real Looking Websites with Real Contents
  • Multiple IPs
  • Top Public DNS and Private DNS mixed with the average ones.
  • Consistently updating your PBNs with fresh contents

Above points are the perfect recipe to build multiple successful Private Blog Network.

Avoid using those creepy crappy $1 cheap shared hosting

If you fall under this category then let me tell you.. are risking your entire Private Blog Network because just like you there are hundreds other hosting their PBNs on those cheap shared hosting..

As an Entrepreneur who has grown Power Up Hosting, Inc. to several millions of worth business today I think I am in a position to say:

Cheap Investment is always a bad investment

There is a reason why something is cheap..

Quality is highly compromised..

Invest smartly, even if it’s little expensive, the results and ROI you will get would be far better..

Avoiding the PBN Penalization


I know how you would start cursing Google if this ever happens..


SEO is all about playing the game the cat and mouse game with Google, adapting the changes and then working on it.


While you are working hard to play the game, make sure you follow certain rules and regulations because if you don’t and get caught, then Google will slap you with a penalty or your PBN will get deindexed.


I have been repeating it multiple times throughout the post, make your PBN a real looking website, give absolutely no reason for Google to index you.

Pro Tip: One Highly Optimised Private Blog Network can give you 10x better results as compared to 10s of crappily built PBN.

So, Instead of 10s and 100s of PBN, if you focus on building 2-3 PBN initially that becomes an authority, you will benefit your Money site as well PBN.

In simpler terms, make your PBN as your money too (Authority)

Local SEO using PBNs

This one is my favorite.


Because it always works!

I am soon planning to publish various case studies, so make sure to subscribe to our blog if you still haven’t.

Once I was working with a client who was looking to rank for a keyword restaurant niche, and he had specific requirements.

The competition was tough but..

PBNs did the trick.

Local based PBN.

The customer was located in Los Angeles (sorry but I can’t reveal further due to the NDA agreement).

Since the client is located in Los Angeles, I had built an around 5 PBN highly authorized with almost 30 blog posts on each of them comprising quality articles, videos, and images in the food category.

And more importantly..

I hosted my PBNs in Los Angeles and nearby regions..

That gave me a massive boost with the ranking, and I am still ranking for my desired keyword and other related keywords..


The most important part? Each of those PBNs was doing roughly around twenty thousand (20,000) plus unique visitors a month.

I suggested him to start capturing those leads where we can send them emails, newsletters, and coupon codes if they visit the restaurant and that further boosted his business..

It was a great fun project..


Every month, I add around 3-5 more highly detailed blog posts and on some occasion even get YT videos made.

If you want more suggestions or help with Local SEO, then you can drop me an email using our contact form.

One more tip:

This is for Local SEO:

Host your money site in the same city that you are targeting, it has a greater SEO benefit as opposed to servers based in other regions or overseas.

Shared IPs for PBNs

A very percentage of the website owners are on shared hosting network.

hostgator nameserver

It’s tough to come up with a number, but here is a quick example:

Hostgator which is one of the top hosting providers has got around 763 domains on just one of their nameserver..

Most of the websites hosted on the above Nameserver is hosting all the legit website.. hiding behind them is better instead of hosting on a completely unknown server where only you are hosting.

You could mix up some of your PBN with some less known hosting companies or Dedicated IP SEO.

How do I proceed with Private Blog Network in SEO?

I have covered an extensive guide on private blog networking earlier where I have explained the right way of building the PBNs

To get going, you will do the following:

  • Decide on the number of PBNs you want
  • Take a decision on the list of Host Providers
  • Take a decision on the domains (Make sure it has a good domain stats)
  • Work out on your Content Writing Strategy for your PBN
  • Build a small SEO campaign for your PBNs


Safety and precaution that

Be careful!

Yes! That’s my first advice if you think you can outsmart Google then let me tell you..

Google will almost outsmart you..

Play the Game, but play safe because you don’t want to get deindexed.

Keep the quality of your PBN very high..

build real sites and that will give you crazy amount of results even with as low as just five PBNs.

Make sure you are not leaving any footprints on either server-side or websites.

How Easy Blog Networks is looking to take PBN Hosting to the next level

How can Easy Blog Networks help?

EBN can help you build the next generation Private Blog Network where every possible footprint on the server-side has been carefully analyzed and been completely take care.

With our advanced monitoring, we always collect more data in order to make PBNs safe and EBN a safer place to host your websites.

We are a team of experts in Hosting & SEO industry for the last eight years..

We definitely know a thing or two 🙂

You can contact us and send an email if you have any questions.

Final Conclusion

Search Engine Optimization is involving faster than we think and Google is changing algorithms like nothing tomorrow.


Links has been the biggest factor that determines and helps Google to position the results, which will never change.

Are you still using cheap SEO hosting? If so, what’s stopping you from using an advanced PBN hosting for SEO campaigns..

aka PBN 101..

Leave your thoughts below in the comment and let me know what is your opinion.

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