Nowadays, people are heading towards building their own Private Blog Networks for various purposes.

PBN might sound difficult to understand and build but it isn’t. Trust me!

But First, What Is A Private Blog Network?

It’s simple; you build a bunch of websites & blogs on domain names that are owned by you.

You can build a Private Blog Network in two different ways:

1) Building your private blog network on dropped or expired domains.

2) Building your private blog network on Web 2.0.

It means that you purchase a certain number of domains from different registrars and use them for juice linking.

Make sure that you do not hang on just 1 registrar as it may leave a Footprint which would help Google to deindex your website and rank it down.

You can check out all of these top domain registrars below –

Let’s talk about the myths that you all have in your minds regarding the Private Blog Networks. Clear ’em all!

1) You always need to purchase a new domain name:

Well, you can, but then the benefits that you will get by purchasing an old expired domain will be nil.


… Because if you purchase a new domain name, you have to build up everything from scratch. You will have no backlinks, no inbound links, no references – Nothing!

While, if you build your website by purchasing an old expired domain name, you will get tons of benefits along with that.

Expired domains carry a higher authority. But make sure that you do not purchase any of such expired domains which were linked to gambling, porn, or any other illegal activity.

While, the benefits of purchasing a good old expired domain is that –

You will have backlinks

The anchor text of the link

Good amount of referring links

Good amount of linking IP addresses

You will have an age of the domain which is very important

You will enjoy the perks of Page Authority, Trust Flow, and Domain Authority

There are much more, but lastly…

People will trust you

As I have mentioned above that you can build your PBN in two different ways, both of them are going to benefit you accordingly.

2) You can use cheaper Hosting companies for your website:

Well, let’s not debate on this! If you think that by spending $1 – $3 for hosting is a good idea then you are wrong! It is definitely going to cost you more in the future.

Such websites are loaded with all spam links, there are loads of other junks, and also such sites are really slow to load. Your audience will never wait for a long period of time!

Also, it is a headache while updating your website or while making some changes in it.

It is better to spend a little more for hosting and in return, you will enjoy a hassle free website flow!


3) If you build a PBN, you are definitely going to leave a footprint:

Nope! Here’s when a great PBN hosting company comes into the picture!

If you are registering all of your websites under 1 registrar, it will then cause you a problem! Hence, do not leave a footprint for Google to be able to deindex you!

There are various types of footprints that you need to take care of…

If Google is able to find these footprints, it will either deindex your PBN or ban it forever!

So be careful!

4) You can make your PBN look like a money site:

Nope again! The whole point of this is to make sure your PBN doesn’t look like a PBN to Google.

For example, if you have a money site:

and you are promoting certain amazon products, using your affiliate link.

This is a common structure – that is your “money site”.

The Private Blog Network, will be a collection of websites and articled linking back to you as an authority on hair product for guys. – “So I used to have a hell lot of dandruff, but then I was looking into this website and their guide to dandruff free hair really made a difference. In 4 weeks I had no dandruff at all.” – “My hair was falling off, and I thought it was because of my helmet. After reading some advice about hair care for men, (linked to I realized that I was using the wrong shampoo for my hair type”

So these websites – and are the PBN, linking to the money site.

What you want to make sure is, that it is not obvious to Google that both of these sites are owned by you.

In essence, that you’re not recommending yourself, but that others are validating your expertise.

This is one part of the PBN game, there are many. Another one is –

Social Signals

Number of authority sites linking to your PBN and linking to your money site
age of the domain.


… there are much more!

5) You need to get your IPs from several domain registrars:

Not at all!

It is suggested that if you building a network of say, 50 sites, try to get IPs from 2-3 registrars!

You do not need to get 1 c-class IP for each website you build, from different domain companies. Because at one point of time, you will run out of the good domain registrars.

But, you also need to make sure that you do not follow the same pattern or theme for your each and every website that you have obtained from one particular registrar.

If you have a unique content, your IP will be fine. Do not follow the trend of Content Spinning in your blog for backlinks because it will majorly affect your rankings in the SERPs.

It creates a very bad impression on Google!

6) If you build a PBN, Google will deindex your website:

Because Google doesn’t want people to cheat the system. However, it’s not that easy to prove that a PBN is a PBN. This is why you need to make sure to take care of any “footprints” that a website is part of a PBN.

So if you build a PBN the wrong way, you will get de-indexed, sometimes automatically without anyone ratting you out.

But that’s why we, here at GoPBN are educating people on best practices, so they can safely host and grow their PBN and avoid getting delisted.

Eventually, one of your sites may get deindexed, but if you’re following our lead, you may have a super low percent chance of your sites getting deindexed.

So if someone comes to Google and says,

“Hey Google, these websites and are all owned by the same dude who owns So you need to deindex because he’s a fraud”

Then Google will run all kinds of tests to make sure this claim is correct.

Hence, you need to build your PBN in such a way that there is no possible way to know if these websites are owned and operated by the same person (footprints).

If you see one theme here, is footprints are very very important. This is what can give away your PBN, or save it from getting deindexed.

7) You can earn as much as you wants from your Private Blog Networks:

Maybe a Yes or a No!

I have explained this theory well in the above-mentioned point.

If Google comes to know that the links you have mentioned in your article are owned by you, it will deindex your website.

So you need to make sure that your PBN looks real and not monetised.

Write up some quality content – make sure your blogs contains more than 500-1000 words!

Do not keep your each article of the same word count. Diversify it with different relevant topics and words.

If everything goes well, then you can still earn pretty good – up to $100-1000 or more.

8) Owning a lot of sites can land you in trouble:

Only if it is registered under the same domain company – then YES!

Other factors can also create some issues –

So let’s assume that you own 10 extra websites under one domain registrar…

So the problem could arise only if,

  • You are inactive on all of that 10 websites.
  • Owning such domain names which were already penalized
  • There was minimal or no content on those websites.
  • The contents on the website were not even related to their niche domain category.
  • They were all built for juicing out the links.
  • Articles published on those 10 websites had no backlinks or had a very little number of backlinks.
  • Most of the links were of your other owned websites.
  • Neither does they rank at any page and nor do they hold any value

Owning such websites will definitely land you in trouble. Even if they look real, Google will anyway deindex the websites.

9) PBNs are not safe for SEO purpose:

Search Engine Optimization is huge. Very huge.

Our COO, Oscar Hernandez quoted it correctly,

SEO is a time-consuming process, a trial and error behemoth that you can’t rationalize or predict unless you’ve been morphing with it over the time. In short, there is no easy way with SEO. This is why most people fail, and then they come to the short-sighted conclusion that “this doesn’t work” – This statement is partially true, not every SEO strategy works all the time. The beauty of search engine algorithms is that they are changed constantly, and there isn’t ONE algorithm, but from researching the case studies (a ha!) published by top SEO, as well as running our own trials (a ha x2!), we can see which properties are shared by all algorithms, and thus will help you get closer to that perfect formula.

The same is with PBN – Google does not hate Private Blog Networks. But, if you play with their Search Ranks, then definitely it will be dangerous.

As long as you are playing safe with your SEO, building your PBNs in a legit way, and working them out as Google wants –

Your websites are going to rank in the SERPs!

Final Conclusion:

Private Blog Networks are not at all dangerous to play with!

If done correctly, it can bring in a lot of traffic to your website. Just do not overdo it or make it look like Real even it is fake!

Also, do not fall into the trap of such websites who claims for hosting your website but is itself penalized or deindexed by Google.

Research carefully about your market and then go ahead with your PBN!

Have heard about other myths or still got any confusion?
Mention them in the comment section below and we will help you out with that.


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