There are many ways to rank high in the SERPs, but there is a greater chance to rank when you get high-quality SEO Backlinks.

Getting backlinks is easy.

By this method, You can use the Black Hat SEO technique and still rank.

But then, you will also be liable for the penalties that your site will be getting from Google or any search engine that you are optimizing for.

So you have to make sure to use the White Hat SEO technique and earn the backlinks in a legit way.


Getting tons of backlinks is not worth if they are spammy backlinks

In simpler words, you need to give away few links to receive few backlinks. So why not?

Before discussing the points about how can you get backlinks, let’s understand what exactly does it mean?

A backlink is a link redirected to your site from another site. A link which comes back to your website is a backlink.

You may earn few high-quality backlinks by posting some useful and relevant content or by agreeing to link other site’s link in your content to receive a link back from them.

Well, there are many other ways to score few good backlinks too!

Let’s see how you can get some high-quality SEO backlinks in a unique way!

1. Publish relevant content:

Any audience would love to read some amazing blog rather than an article in which the title is different than its content body.

So if you genuinely work hard and research about your write-up and then publish it, a good section of people wants to read it and share it.

Some other bloggers would also like to give you a backlink for free because of the quality of your content.

Try to cover up the latest trends to reach more people. Also, try asking your audience that what do they want to know more about so that those target audience would want to read your blog.

2. Target correct websites:

If you want certain websites to give you free backlinks (like a shoutout), you need to target it accordingly.

Make sure you do not spam your content with so many outbound links because then your audience will not like it.

Keep your blog to the point with the links related to your topic. Try to reach out those website admins and pitch them your idea to give you a backlink.

Backlinks from reliable and trusted sources are considered the best in the eyes of Search Engines.

Your ranking would surely go up even because of one single backlink from a high domain authority website.

For, e.g.,.,” If I want a backlink from Backlinko, I may have to customize my content accordingly so that both of us are getting benefitted from my blog.

3. Give a free shout out to fellow bloggers:

Sometimes, you just have to give away without expecting a return.

But you might be lucky to receive something from them in future.

The same goes for backlinks. If you are new to the Private Blog Networks, you would want to gain some attention, and without giving some people shoutouts and credits, no one would know about your existence.

But, that doesn’t mean that you publish some shitty and irrelevant content and tag along with some fellow bloggers with an expectation of a backlink.

This idea won’t work at all.

4. Give your product to influencers and bloggers for a month for a free review:

If you are launching a new product or service, during the beta launch, always make sure to let the top influencers and bloggers review your product for free.

Let them use it for a month, test it out completely and give feedback to you.

If they love it, they will make sure that their thousands and millions of followers should know about your product too.

They will post about it on their website, thus giving a sneak peek to their fans.

The first benefit would be that you will get an honest review by them during your beta launch.

And with the help of their feedbacks, you can work around the pros and cons and give your customers the best of your product or service.

And the second benefit would be that because so many bloggers are posting about your product or service during the beta launch period, there would be many people out there who will be excited to try it out too.

All of this will result in gaining some good quality backlinks from the known influencers which would push your website’s ranking up in the SERPs.

Whenever you write any blog, you cannot just keep writing without linking out to other sites.

It doesn’t mean that you link your owned websites every time because that would instead backfire your rankings.

As backlinks are important for any internet site, outbound links are important too.

So if you are writing any blog or a point in a blog which is either inspired from a website or is related to that website’s content, do add their links.

Do not just copy their statement and tag them because that would be plagiarism and also duplication of content which is bad for your site and its rankings.

7. Do your SEO properly:

Writing a blog is necessary but optimizing it to get more backlinks is a compulsion. Search Engines will not even consider your site if you are not optimizing it.

Put in the related keywords, work out on the SEO copywriting process and try to make it SEO friendly.

Only then people would talk about you, and you would have high chances to receive high-quality SEO backlinks.

8. Publish what people want:

If your site is a pbn, post content related to the services that would provide.

If you provide a hosting service do not write blogs about How can you get slim in 30 days by drinking this!

Instead, publish blogs about SEO or How can you improve your website’s traffic by following this method!

If people visit your site, they expect a certain kind of content from you because of your domain name – So give them that.

If they like it, they would share it, talk more about it on social media and would also tag you along on their website (if they have any).

9. Keep checking your back-end for broken links and codes:

Keep a check on the broken links and codes so that your users could read your blogs without any disruption.

Sometimes you may not know the errors that your users see when they open your blog link, so you have to always run through your links and codes and keep a check on them.

10. Put up various pictures and videos to attract more people:

To get in more high-quality SEO backlinks, you can insert various related videos and pictures in your blog.

Visuals make your blog more readable and shareable. Do not overuse them.

11. Connect with experts for the related content:

If you are writing on a niche topic, do try to connect with an expert because there might be some insights and experiences which only they could provide you and not the internet alone.

Your audience would love to know about some intimate details so that you can provide them with the help of the masters in that field.

Such exclusive details would help you to boost up your backlinks quantity.


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