Host a Private Blog Network In 3 Easy Steps.

GoPBN provides the apps to deploy, manage, and grow your Private Blog Network.

Core Features

Intuitive Control Panel

Our control panel consists of easy to navigate but powerful systems for managing DNS, Hosting, Registrars and more. We use APIs coded to precision for optimal security. Let the panel do the heavy lifting while you focus on growing your business

Scale Quickly. Worldwide

GoPBN features servers from top hosting companies all over the world. Grow your PBN from 10 to 1000 blogs with the click of a button, and deploy them all in different locations, with different IP Addresses. Automatically

Hosted by Experts

GoPBN was created by a group of hosting experts, with vast knowledge of hardware, software, and virtualization. We coupled that with SEO Industry Leaders to bring you the easiest and most effective way to build a Private Blog Network. The right way

Our Clients

  • Ian Hamshaw
  • Aaron Anderson
  • Tim Kretlow
  • Dylan Lobo
  • Swayam Das
  • Eldon Beard
  • Akshay Aggarwal
  • April Hardy
  • Nazariy Bobelyak
  • Dafiyuddin
  • The customer service element of Power Up Hosting is simply the best I have encountered. There are issues with the kit as with all technical kit but the fact they fix it fast and I have two guys on Skype that answer me instantly over powers any niggles that kit has, and to be fair they are only niggles not major issues.”

    – Ian Hamshaw
  • They did a great job helping me get set up. I was stuck on a few technical aspects but their customer support was the best! I recommend them to anyone.

    – Aaron Anderson
  • I decided to use their services about a year ago because they have the best prices I have ever seen. To top that their customer service is top notch as well.

    – Tim Kretlow
  • Never mind, got the issue resolved with the support team!.

    – Dylan Lobo
  • I have been using PowerUpHosting for over an year now and honestly I love their systems 🙂 Their support is active 24×7 and anything problematic on their end is fixed instantly without any extended hours of downtime! Would highly recommend them if you’re just checking out!.

    – Swayam Das
  • Poweruphosting Love this VPS service, use it daily and support is superb!

    – Eldon Beard
  • wow that was fast, my vps server is up and running in less than 5 minutes, impressive

    – Akshay Aggarwal
  • The shared proxies are nice, price is great and the speed is top notch. Other providers in that price range can’t match!

    – April Hardy
  • Great Service!!!!

    – Nazariy Bobelyak
  • PowerUpHosting Nice VPS service, fast response 🙂

    – Dafiyuddin
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