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The GoPBN Blog focuses on actionable strategies to create and grow a Private Blog Network effectively. Get the latest on SEO strategies, tips, case studies, ideas, and best practices.


The GoPBN Blog focuses on actionable strategies to create and grow a Private Blog Network effectively. Get the latest on SEO strategies, tips, case studies, ideas, and best practices.

GoPBN Product Update: Here is what we did in November

GoPBN and team has been making big leaps, and making big progress towards building the next generation PBN Hosting, and here is what we did in November.

How is SEM different from SEO: (Know More) in 2 Minutes!

The most common confusion people have is the difference between SEO vs SEM. In this article, you will get to learn the everything in just 2 minutes.

SEO Sunday 2016 - November Week Four!

GoPBN SEO Sunday 2016 November Week Four Edition curates the hottest, most trending news, blogs, SEO articles in the blogging industry.

The Fake Traffic Attempts by imitating as ɢ

ɢ is not, please be ware of the new traffic hack that has recently been circulating around by Russian Spammers to attract webmasters.

The History of Search Engine Optimization

Ever wondered how did SEO evolved or who founded SEO? GoPBN explains to you the brief History of SEO, when did SEO start and how SEO is in 2016.

SEO Sunday 2016 - November Week Three!

SEO Sunday November Week Three curates the hottest, most trending news, and blogs from around the web in the SEO, marketing, and blogging industry.

SEO Sunday 2016 - November Week One!

Every week GoPBN curates the hottest, most trending news, blogs and articles from around the web in the SEO, marketing, and blogging industry.

GoPBN Product Update: Here is what we did in November


Our most exciting month, the launch of our beta, new features added and my birthday! :)

GoPBN team is on a mission..

To make the best PBN Hosting platform which would help thousands of marketers and fellow SEOers build better and safer PBNs.

Ok, let's go for it. Here is what's new in GoPBN for the month of November 2016.

Locations Added

After having a discussion with several users, the number #1 request we get is to add more locations.

I heard them, had a word with my team right away, and we have added the following new locations in the Month of November:

  • Tokyo
  • Bangalore
  • London
  • Paris
  • Toronto
  • Ashburn
  • Sydney

That's right, a total of 7 new locations in just one month after the launch of beta.

Making it a total of 15 locations to choose from!

Already planning to more in the coming few weeks, if you have a request for a specific location then do hit me up on chat.

The Awesomest Cloud And ISP Providers

Very excited as we have integrated and added three new ISP providers this month

  • DigitalOcean
  • Vultr
  • Psychz

My team is always working on adding additional Hosting providers, ISPs and DNS providers where the APIs are currently being integrated.

If you have a request for a particular provider, then do let me know.

FileManager And Database Admin Makes it way!

The toughest challenge that we were facing was a way where we can build an extremely secure File Manager and Database Admin ensuring no footprints are left..

..and I am glad to introduce our One Click File Manager and Database Admin that can be accessed through your Client Panel.

To make things more secure, we have added a single click login feature for both the above feature through your panel.

WordPress One Click Auto Login

A lot of our users wanted more ease with the ability to login to WordPress with just a simple click and what we did?

We got into action and got our WordPress One Click Auto Login module working..


You don't have to through the complicated process of entering your login credentials all the time.

Just log in to your Panel, click on your domain name, and you will notice Login to Wordpress button.

What are we plan to work in the month of December?

I have got that covered for you..

  • Ability to switch to www or non-www with a click of your button from the panel.

    • We don't want you to go through any complicated process. Hence we will be adding this feature giving you more flexibility and diversification you can add to your PBNs.
  • More DNS, Cloud Providers, ISPs and Locations

    • This will be our top most priority; we want to keep adding more DNS, Cloud Providers, ISPs and location regularly to build the largest PBN Hosting platform offering the highest amount of diversification.

When are we going live?

This is still a very debate question that I discuss with my team every day.

While the team is working very hard, and our platform is 100% bulletproof, the cost involved to add more providers, ISPs, etc. is very high, so is our development cost.

To grow rapidly and build a better network and increase the size of our development team, we are looking to go live by the end of this month!

Yes! You heard that right..

The dates will be announced very soon.

I hope you are enjoying GoPBN, and if you have any feature requests, location requests or would like to offer your feedback about the platform, then that would make my day.

..Or you can simply drop by and say hello on chat :)

How is SEM different from SEO: (Know More) in 2 Minutes!

Search Engine Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization are related to each other, but there is still a difference between SEO and SEM.

There are still some people who are new to this SEM world, confuse it with SEO. So let me quickly tell you that how these two terms are related yet distinct.

I am not going to do an SEO vs. SEM comparison - it is just to show that how separate they are from one another.

Read the points below to understand that how is SEM different from SEO.

What is SEO?

I have already mention about SEO and its various other terms and definitions in one of my previous blogs - Read here...

But, let me explain to you what Search Engine Optimization is all about!

SEO as it is widely called, it is a technique of ranking your website in the SERPs in an organic way. It is a part of SEM where you can work with your keywords, meta tags and many other parts of your website and blogs and rank them organically without paying a single penny.

This is also known as White Hat SEO, where the admin is using all of the ethical ways to boost up his website on the search results page.

While, some people use various unethical means to rank their web page by not following any search engine guidelines. It is done by using wrong techniques and tactics just to rank on Page one and not care about the incon=me and traffic. This strategy is known as Black Hat SEO.

Nevertheless, if Google catches such websites, such websites can either be penalized or banned forever. It is not easy to play safely in Google's `eyes.

Search Engine Optimization is not an out of the blue concept. You just have to make sure that you target the right audience with right keywords and right content.

What does it include?

SEO is divided further into two broad segments -

On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

Let's know more about these two terms...

  • On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO means when your website is ranking with the help of your own blog's content.

For example, your web page will rank better if you have proper a Blog Title, Headline, Meta Description, Images, Meta Tags, Texts, Keywords, Social Shares, Proper URLs, and much more.

It is when you are working hard on-site for your blog; search engine helps your web page to rank better.

While ...

  • Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO means when your website is ranking from the help you naturally get from others.

In short, when people talk about you and your site, Google kind of trusts you. When other people refers to your site, Google helps you to rank better.

For this, backlinks and incoming links play the most important part of your website to rank well on the search engines result page. When organic sites link to your website, it is an Off-Site SEO method.

Are there any specific tools to carry out SEO?

Yes, there are various paid and unpaid tools available online for boosting up your SEO game. It is not unethical because you are within the guidelines of search engines.

These two articles sum up beautifully about the various SEO tools and software available online.

Checkout this article by - Click here

And also...

This article by - Click here

If you can understand the basics of SEO, you can always become a master of it.

What is SEM?

Search Engine Marketing honestly means marketing your web page or website and increasing its visibility on the SERPs by Paid Marketing (Advertisements) and by Organic Rankings (SEO).

It is a subject of which SEO is one chapter. It also includes various other parts such as Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing (Know more about SMM glossary) and much more.

SEM is a technique when you want to drive traffic and sales to your website, so you market your product in search engines.

What does it include?

Search Engine Marketing also involves various techniques through which your website is highly visible to people in search results.

The best form of paid advertising is using Google Adwords. Here, Google helps your website to directly rank on page one for the particular keyword or long-tail keywords you pay for. You buy an advertising space because of the competitors or when your want your website to rank straight away without doing any optimization, so it helps you to get instant traffic on your site.

Also, you only pay for the clicks on your ads which are known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Even if your site ranks on the number one spot in the search results, you only have to pay when a user clicks on your ad. But that's how you are going to generate traffic if people visit your website.

SEM traffic is the most valuable traffic because here, you target your audience directly. They rely upon search engines for their queries, so there are higher chances of them landing on your page, and thus converting into a better ROI for you.

Are there any specific tools to carry out SEM?

Yes, there are many tools available to perform a better SEM technique.

These tools will help you to increase your site's visibility in the search engine results page.

Check out this article by for detailed information - Click here

And also by, - Click here

So exactly how is SEM different from SEO?

SEO vs SEM difference!

As I mentioned above, SEM is a form of marketing about your website in the search results whereas SEO is a type of SEM which is bringing traffic to your website organically.

As I said above, these two terms are related to each other but are still not the same so do not get confused with these two simple terms.

Which technique is usually used?

Search Engine is used extensively because websites tend to target a particular audience for getting additional traffic on their site. Any which ways, if people use SEO strategies, it is still a part of SEM.

But admins still prefer for paid advertising as it generates better and faster results than having organic traffic.

What are your thoughts about them?

Leave your comments below..


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SEO Sunday 2016 - November Week Four!

We are moving to the last week of November, thus, giving me a panic attack of the fact that only a few more weeks are remaining for 2016 to vanish.

With every SEO Sunday, I don't realise that how a week has passed by so quickly.

While you can check out the SEO Sunday 2016 - November Week Three blog here.

And with that, let's quickly browse through the updates that happened during the previous week.

About SEO:

So the latest news about Google is that it is testing out the new images sitelinks feature for its users. It will be a picture extension link which would display below the search results query.

P.S. It is still in the testing zone and not launched anywhere. Once there is confirmation progress, we would update you guys.


During the earlier SEO days, whenever there were any issues or errors on your website, you would come to know at such a point when it was too late to correct it.

But today, with the help of automated server logs and basic scripting reporting, you can know the issue within seconds to be able to resolve it quickly.


The current trend of letting the users enjoy a quick read about your latest blog, websites admins are making their articles AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Friendly.

With the help of the below-mentioned link, you will learn about - how to make your Wordpress website AMP friendly and boost your SEO.


There are many people out there in the market who use different types of Black Hat SEO techniques to rank high, gain more traffic and money. But instead of you following them, why don't you learn from them and use those tricks into your White Hat SEO techniques.

Learn about such tricks confessed from a retired Black Hat SEO Guru below!


There are millions of people out there who work out with new experiments related to SEO every day.

But you should read about these six experiments mentioned in the below link.


About Marketing and Blogs:

Many marketing strategies are floating around the internet which promise you to generate more sales using Twitter. But when you try to execute them, it's all a flop.

Instead, you can try these simple Marketing Strategies that would work for you.


Are you confused with your Advertising proposal execution between social media and the traditional media?

Click on the link below to understand these two mediums which would help you to choose wisely.


In this article, the author talks about that how HR team can benefit themselves by adopting certain marketing practices from the Marketing team.


There are two kinds of situations for a person who wants to start his own business - Either he started and failed or has an idea in his mind but is not able to take that idea forward.

Follow the mentioned strategies in the link below which would help you to make your business perform better than ever.


And this one is for the small business founders, who could help their business stand tall in the market despite having big companies as their competitors.


If you are making a marketing plan especially around the Holiday season on Facebook, then this blog regarding the Facebook Marketing Tips would surely help you out to make some good decisions.


Read our other blogs at

Know more about other updates?
Mention them in the comment section below, and we will update them along with your Name.


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The Fake Traffic Attempts by imitating as ɢ

Earlier today, while going through my Google Analytics details I saw an unusual spike in traffic.

ɢoogle-com traffic

Made me wonder, one of my article written on GoPBN might have gone viral..

While digging in further to find out the source of traffic, I found this:


Something I have never ever seen before in my Google Analytics, that made me wonder what exactly is

Secret.ɢ (Do Not Visit the Website)

Please See: It's not it's Secret.ɢ

I quickly copied the URL and pasted the link on my Chrome and I was re-directed to’

That looked something like this:

fake secret google com

The site was full of cookies that were set into my browser which could have let to hacking attempts, I quickly deleted all my cookies and cache.

How did the spammers pull off this stunt?

To be precise, it’s Latin Letter Small Capital G, also known as Unicode 0262.

The G is the special character in that subnet that reflects

A quick advice.. stay away from this link and do not click on this link.

Kindly share the article on social media and update your fellow webmasters, team members and colleagues and help them stay alert..

The History of Search Engine Optimization

To fully understand what SEO is, we must first understand the roots of SEO.

Where and when was SEO born, per say. How has it been adapted over the years for today's busy world? Was SEO even plausible as a means of filtering out most junk data ever so common in today's world?

And perhaps the biggest question of all:

Could anyone have predicted just how impactful SEO would be today?

The Beginning (Late 1990's to Early 2000's)

Man had fire, the pioneers had the ambition, and the internet?

The internet had the motive.

Truth be told, writing about the history of SEO may seem like a rather broad topic..

.. and it really is.

The biggest contributor to this factor is that fact that many search engines nowadays have evolved from their previous forms.

A prime example of search engines changing is that fact that Google no longer takes months to update. In fact, with newer updates to Google's algorithm programs such as Google Rank Brain algorithm, many of these updates are real-time.

Think about the early internet like this:

"Hmm.. I've got some time to kill. Let's see if there's anything to do online.. Ah, how about I look for funny cat videos.."

To your surprise, you would probably get something like this.

And this was the basis of early search engines as the internet began. There simply was no form of organising information presented in websites.

This called for a level of structure and organisation to be made.

Thus, the motive was found, and with it, the beginning of Search Engine Optimization.

Companies began creating forms of organizing and structuring information based on the main words. An early example of this type of organisation came from a company called Excite in the year 1993, which revolutionised the way information was catalogued through the use of keywords and context information.

After seeing Excite's success in the growing invention of the internet, competitors such as Google in 1997 and Yahoo in 1994 entered the scene further improving and simplifying the process of organising data.

As with any beginning organisation or idea:

Anything Goes!

What this means?

  1. Keyword stuffing and excessive back links were leveraged way higher than they are today. In fact, using these techniques now a days actually penalizes your ranking score.

Back then, however, there was no way of regulating what techniques were ethical to be using when trying to score higher on the ranking scores by these start-up search engine companies.

This was largely due to the fact that updates to the major algorithms would take weeks to months to complete. Thus, black-hat techniques for SEO suck as excessive back linking and keyword stuffing were effective for large stretches of time.

Of course, Google would eventually take steps to prevent such tactics from being used through the use of rules and regulations and more efficient ways of updating the algorithmic equations in their own search engines.

Means of Leveling the Playing Field (Early 2000's)

As previously stated, Google was beginning to catch on these black-hat techniques being used to improve rankings unethically.

Google wanted to level the playing field for everyone so their information can be seen and acknowledged.

Thus, Google began to penalize these black-hat techniques to make sure it was being used less.

Along with the beginning of penalizing unethical black-hat techniques to improve a website's ranking score, search engines began offering a more personalized experience.

This personalized experienced included information such as maps, store hours, locations, contact information, etc. These means were known as local SEO, which greatly improved just how useful information presented in these search engines was.

This can even be seen to this day, ever growing with the expansion of Google Maps for accuracy wand more relevant local store information for the ultimate personalized experience.

As can be seen in this image below:

Through a quick Google search, we can find all sorts of relevant information.

Anything from the organization which I looked for, to maps of the local area of where to find such establishments, to contact information relevant today.

This, of course, is a much more up-to-date form of personalized experiences for search engines users.

But really, this is what search engines have evolved to thanks to Search Engine Optimization.

This level of personalized experience eventually led to a different era of search engine optimization:

The Reactive Era (Late 2000's)

These very small yet revolutionizing factors such as personalized experiences led to a reactive era; a period of time where content provided by search engines like Google became much more interactive.

This was achieved through the use of real-time updates from many forms of information, being Google News or forms of social medias.

This mix of constant updates from social medias to Google News led to a new way of indexing content for means of optimization to keep everything up to the user.

Once again, Google was able to use information such as historical data to offer a much needed personalized experience.

Information used for such historical data included recent keyword searches, search history, and so forth. Through the use of Google Trends and Google Analytics, optimization was better than ever, targeted specifically for every individual using the system itself.

This, of course, led to a need for a more user-oriented SEO foundation. New content was constantly being optimized through the search engines to increase exposure by companies.

After all, they need to expand and grow in the ever-changing world of the internet.

Google Sets the Table of SEO (Early 2010-2012)

Massive changes began to occur in the SEO world which lead to a more rank-based, user-focused experience.

Google, once again, began setting restrictions to means of improving your ranking score and continue penalizing websites using unethical methods of rankings.

Google's algorithm also began to change.

Stricter regulations on keyword targeting, quality of content, and overall optimization greatly impacted how results were being indexed.

Google's site continued to grow, providing faster and even more relevant keyword searches, as well as means of keeping up with the surge in social media experiences.

In order to keep with the surge in media, Google invented Google+, which played a major role in increasing content visibility to all people.

All these factors overall lead to an age of a more personalized experience with much more engaging information as well.

Modern Times (Late 2012-Present)

Although the many improvements in the SEO world and the search engine world as a whole, there are issues which begin arising.

When a website such as Google knows the insides and outsides of what the consumer searches and has been searching leads for people in distraught in means of privacy.

Work is still being done today as to what information should be known by these search engines and what information is to be kept for consumer quality, but until then we wait on.

This newer era of search engines also lead to an extra factor of the SEO process.

Now websites which are not mobile-friendly are greatly reduced in ranking. This is due to the fact that in a world of mobile technology, having an optimized website to the accessibility of all is a major factor.

The Future? (20XX)

As the internet continues to expand, search engines and thus SEO will continue to evolve. Content is being ranked on quality, uniqueness, and relevance to the consumer as a whole.

SEO is still young, and will continue to evolve and be implemented into the search algorithms of Google and other search engines as a whole.

Perhaps SEO will also evolve and include other forms of media synthesis, such as visual content.

One can only wonder, and prepare for the future of a process which really showed up due to the need of structure and optimisation.

To Conclude

Search engine optimization has been around for many years and will only continue to improve upon itself for the ever expanding internet.


Are you or your website prepared for the upcoming changes in the world of SEO?

Leave your thoughts below in the comment and let me know what you think.

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SEO Sunday 2016 - November Week Three!

Every week there are so many new updates, launches, news or blogs out on the internet and we try to collect them and bring them all under one roof.

We couldn't publish the November week two article due to some technical reasons, but you can read its previous article - that is the November week one article here.

Let's start with the previous week's updates:

About SEO:

This blog on how SEO - links and traffic are one of the biggest reasons behind the hits of viral content is a brilliant one by Tomas Vaitulevicius. But is that all worth the organic traffic or is it just a myth?

Find out more about this topic below!


People often wonder that which method is really important for pulling in a huge chunk of Organic Traffic -
Search Engine Optimisation or Social Media Marketing

This battle between the two have always been there but after reading this blog about the SEO vs. SMM will help you understand both the terms better.


SEO will always work and bring in some decent traffic, but if you spice it up with Content Marketing, it will turn out to be more awesome for your web page.

It is not that Search Engine Optimisation will not work alone, but it is always better to pair it with another option to rope in more organic traffic.


The news is already out about the Google's mobile-first index but do you know that how can you optimize your site accordingly?

Click on the link below to find out more.


There are so many ways to attract people to your website, and you would always want to use those means to increase your site's traffic.

These days, using Social Media is one of them. It is an important factor to lure in and persuade more people to come to your page and use your product or service or maybe know more about you.

Yes, you can do that. Click on the link below to find out how!


We all say that we know a lot about Search Engine Optimisation, but then we also tend to forget the absolute basics of SEO. And, it would be tough for some of them to even remember these basics when they find out that there is very less traffic on their site, blaming it all on the SEO strategies that they have put in.

Know more about these SEO basics below!


About Marketing and Blogs:

Being an Entrepreneur is an easy task but being a successful Entrepreneur is a tough one indeed.

You can also become an incredibly successful Entrepreneur by not only just focusing on customers but also on helping out everyone out there.


Microsoft, at a recent event, spoke out their Search Engine - Bing - and how it is going to be different from others in the coming future.

They also talked about how it has helped Microsoft to monetize more along with its current plans.


Read our other blogs at

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SEO Sunday 2016 - November Week One!

It's been a happy one month since we started our SEO Sunday blogs and the response we are getting is awesome.

This is our previous SEO Sunday 2016 - October Week 5 blog!

The most fun part of the ending months is that there are so many launches, updates, and previews that happen during this time and how can I forget the amazing festivals happening around the world too.

Moving on to a new month - November, let's us look through the updates that happened in the previous week regarding the SEO, Marketing, Blogs, etc.

About SEO:

Google is all set to launch its Daydream View - a virtual reality headset and controller on November 10th, 2016.

It will be available on the Google Store and at retailer stores across these 5 countries - United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Canada.


Google has started the testing for its mobile-first index.

They quoted,

To make our results more useful, we’ve begun experiments to make our index mobile-first. Although our search index will continue to be a single index of websites and apps, our algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site, to understand structured data, and to show snippets from those pages in our results. Of course, while our index will be built from mobile documents, we're going to continue to build a great search experience for all users, whether they come from mobile or desktop devices.


Also for more information, Read here..

Search Engine Optimization has changed since past few years. Know more about this blog that how SEO has changed over in last ten years!


About Marketing:

Real-time Marketing has always been a challenging yet a prominent part of a company but then there is always a scope to improve the strategies and targets.


Data is an integral component of an organization - be it receiving data from another company or having their self-made data (which could be shared with other businesses).

Some marketers feel that the bigger the data, the more helpful it will be for them - but here is what they forget -

Quantity never outgrows Quality.

Data may or may not be big, but it should be right.


About Blogs:

Rand Fishkin from Moz wrote an amazing blog about How Can Small Businesses/Websites Compete with Big Players in SEO? this week.

It is all about the advantages the big and small websites have and how can they still compete.


Read our other blogs at

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