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  • Local SEO: The Beginner’s Guide

    Local SEO: The Beginner’s Guide

    Do you own a local business? If yes. Have you tried local SEO? You might think it to be some rocket science, but it’s not that hard. Local Seo is fairly easy and very profitable. The Internet is booming each day, and there is no problem in taking help of that platform to scale your […]

  • Structured Markup – The Beginners Guide

    We all dream of getting tons of organic visitors to our site. According to a study, organic visitors convert the most in comparison to direct or social traffic. This makes organic traffic very crucial for any site’s growth. Google is one and the only source of organic traffic, so it becomes it important to understand […]

  • 38 SEO Tips to Boost your Rankings (Instantly)

    38 SEO Tips to Boost your Rankings (Instantly)

    If you are into blogging, then you must have heard about “SEO”. A term that is not that simple to muster. In addition to this, hundred of SEO blogs have made it over complicated. SEO is a very natural thing but owing to the competition it has become necessary and essential. For those living under […]

  • Google’s Infinite Knowledge Snippet is Here! (It’s Scary)

    The title might sound scary, but my recent finding that I am publishing in this blog post might scare you more. (Though that’s not my intention, just my views). It all began several minutes ago (From the time I published this article). I wrote an article on Keyword Research a while back and wanted to […]

  • How is SEM different from SEO: (Know More) in 2 Minutes!

    Search Engine Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization are related to each other, but there is still a difference between SEO and SEM. There are still some people who are new to this SEM world, confuse it with SEO. So let me quickly tell you that how these two terms are related yet distinct. I am […]

  • The Fake Traffic Attempts by imitating Google.com as ɢoogle.com

    Earlier today, while going through my Google Analytics details I saw an unusual spike in traffic. Made me wonder, one of my article written on GoPBN might have gone viral.. While digging in further to find out the source of traffic, I found this: Something I have never ever seen before in my Google Analytics, […]

  • The History of Search Engine Optimization

    To fully understand what SEO is, we must first understand the roots of SEO. Where and when was SEO born, per say. How has it been adapted over the years for today’s busy world? Was SEO even plausible as a means of filtering out most junk data ever so common in today’s world? And perhaps […]

  • 100 Ultimate SMM Glossary, Terms, and Definitions is All You Need

    Last week, we covered about the 132 SEO Glossary, Terms, and Definitions in our blog. And today, we shall know, more in depth about SMM that is Social Media Marketing. But What Social Media Marketing is? — Social Media Marketing means a company which is advertising their product or service on a single or various […]

  • This is how investing in GoPBN will change your SEO life.

    In every industry, there are defining moments that capture the imagination of many, fulfilling a need most knew was there, but couldn’t quite put their finger on it. Today we’re going to explore together how GoPBN will change the way you build PBNs forever. This has happened before. Take the iPhone as an example. There […]

  • 132 Ultimate SEO Glossary, Terms & Definitions is All You Need

    We all are very versed with Search Engine Optimisation. But… … we are not very well acquainted with its various other terms! There are times when we come across a particular term while reading about SEO and then end up Googling about SEO Glossary or SEO Definitions. I end up finding the meaning of the […]

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