Affiliate marketing and making money online…….

Is this the deal you are looking for? It’s not just a deal, It is a huge deal.

Do you want to make this deal?

But first, tell me something.

Are you one of those bloggers or writers who still wonder how to make money online?

Or you are the one who just wants to create his own online business.

So you can save time to travel, to learn new things and explore the world around you while your online business is making a handsome money for you.

Awesome idea! Right?

But how?

How will you make money online? Is there an easy way?

The way with low effort and low risk?

Does it matter if you are an expert and you have any support team or not?

I have only one answer to all of your these questions.

Make money online by affiliate marketing.

To understand affiliate marketing, You have to learn these terms first to have a clear image of this game.

Terms you will love to know(Part-1)

Affiliate aka publisher – The Partner Who promotes the products for the merchant and earns a commission.

Merchant aka Advertiser – The creator of the product or provider of the services.

Affiliate link – It is an URL which is used to track the source of traffic from affiliate’s website to merchant’s website.

Commission – As you know it’s part of revenue shared by the merchant with the Affiliate to promote their products.

Now find out these 10 answers in this article and start your own online income.

  1. What is affiliate marketing?
  2. Why affiliate marketing?
  3. How to start affiliate marketing?
  4. How to find your Affiliate Products?
  5. Best free online affiliate programs.
  6. What is an Affiliate Network?
  7. How to become successful in affiliate marketing?
  8. Payment Structures Of Affiliate Marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing

how affiliate marketing works

Affiliate marketing is simple to understand.

Being a blogger or writer you promote others products and services on your website and social media platforms.

A YouTube channel named “Guitar World” promotes guitars and also provides Useful Affiliate links to its viewers.

When you have More than 500,000 views for your video, you also have a good chance.

A good Chance for what?

The chance to convert a lot of your viewers into your customers.


Once a viewer clicks on the affiliate link, he is redirected to merchant’s site.

If he makes any purchase there, your commission for promoting the product will make its way to your account. This is Affiliate Marketing meaning.

Check out this screenshot and you will know what I am talking about.

YouTube Affiliate links

Here the Amazon products are being promoted via Affiliate links on youtube.

Thousands of YouTubers who promote such physical products or any digital programs help their subscribers to buy best products available in the market.

I believe that you have the same motive for becoming an Affiliate to promote those products which are genuinely beneficial for your audience.

Otherwise, affiliate marketing won’t work for you.

Remember one thing always,

Affiliate marketers are not mediators, they are saviors of your time, energy and one thing you love most, your money.

You would be thinking what works for YouTube, does it also work for Facebook?

Want to find some Facebook affiliate links?

Trust me.

You would have seen this before but this time you will wonder too.

Affiliate Links

This post has four links.

And you may ask if they are links then what do they link to?

I will tell you soon, just keep reading.

Did you see the number of shares above post have?



Yes, Becoming an affiliate can lead you to such a popularity.

Now imagine yourself if a post gets this big number of shares then how many people would have actually seen this post.

A great number of viewers. Right?

And a part of these viewers certainly would have visited these attached links.

Visit this link and find out the answer where does it take you?

So when an online shopper who wants to buy a beautiful guitar and clicks on any of given link after viewing this Facebook post.

He directly Lands here…

affiliate programs that pay instantly


If you are able to convince your viewers to buy any product using your link, you make money in form of commission every time your merchant make a sale.

Always remember this,

The more you engage with your targeted audience the more money you make.

Now go ahead and ask me.

How will you contact such merchants?

What is an Affiliate Program?

Is there someone who can take care of everything related to merchants and payment structures for you?

So you can write with more focus and clarity for your audience and enjoy the money you earn from Affiliate Marketing.

I will cover these answers later in this guide.

For now, you continue your exploration of making money by virtue of becoming an Affiliate Marketer.

Why Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing india

You want to be an Affiliate Marketer. Right?

I have 6 reasons for you to become an Affiliate Marketer.

Earn money online without investment

You always dream to earn more and more money you can.

And you know the biggest obstacle to making money is that we need money to set up a business.

That is why you are not able to live your life how you want.

But this obstacle will not bother you anymore.

Because there are many free Affiliate Marketing Programs you can join which pay well and instantly.

For example,

Amazon Affiliate Program

What is it?

I will explain you soon.

Just keep reading….

No worry for storage and shipping(Magic of affiliate marketing)

As an affiliate, your work is only promoting the products on your websites and creating a good reputation for your products and services.

The complete process of storing and shipping the products to consumers is handled by advertisers aka merchants.

All you have to do is writing high quality and relevant content on products you have chosen.

So you can provide precise and useful information to your audience and convince them to increase the sale of your merchant.

Affiliate marketing works without hiring a Support Team

Don’t want to hire a support team for your Affiliate Marketing business.

And you still believe everything will work fine.

Guess what?

You are right. You can run this show your own.

And That is where Affiliate Networks play a vital role in your online business.

What is an Affiliate Network now?

This I will tell you right away but for details, keep reading this guide.

Terms you will love to know(Part-2)

Affiliate Network

A place for merchants to sell their products and for affiliates to find products to promote.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is the program made by merchants to partner with affiliates for promoting their products.

Create Your passive income by affiliate marketing

Passive income gif

You are not planning to leave your job for a while but it does not mean that you will do it forever.

So earning money by becoming an affiliate marketer is a reliable passive income opportunity.

Even when you are away from your job or you are spending quality time with your family and friends, you will be making the money.

Global Market of Affiliate Marketing

The best thing about doing an Online Business as Affiliate Marketing is that it’s open and easily available for all.

India, One of the biggest markets for any business has reached 400 million internet users in 2017.

You can build your audience and connect with them from any corner of the world.

That simply means for you is the more people will join the internet world the more growth your online business will have.

Work from anywhere as an affiliate marketer

If you travel a lot for your job or business, It won’t cause any harm to your Affiliate Marketing Business.

Maybe you don’t want to go an office and only want to work from your home.

Does it work with Affiliate Marketing?

Yes, it does.

Affiliate Marketing not only connects you with the people across the world but also helps you to enjoy your life with the people you love most.

Click here to clear your doubts about affiliate marketing.

How to start Affiliate Marketing?

To start Affiliate Marketing, You need no money, no place to set up an office, No employees to work for you and one more thing which you don’t need at all.

What is it?

You don’t need to worry.

What a joke. Right?

I am serious. All you need for your Affiliate Marketing business is to take these steps.

First, decide either you want to become an affiliate or a merchant.

affiliate merchant

As a merchant, you have to final your product idea, create your product and get affiliates partners for your business.


Partner with those affiliates who have targeted audience for your products that is the best way to create a large no. of sales for you.

If your product is physical then you have to invest a good amount of money and take some risks.

But what happened to no investment policy?

For this, I will suggest you create your own digital products which can be created for free.

What kind of digital products?

I will tell you in the next section of this article.

As an Affiliate, you have to follow these simple tips.

  • Come up with the product idea you want to write blogs, reviews or make videos.
  • Sign up for the best affiliate programs available.
  • Get the affiliate link and affiliate id.
  • Start promoting the products on your blog, website or Youtube, Facebook and other platforms.
  • Get Emails from your subscribers so you can convince them to buy from you anytime you want.
  • Produce high-quality content and learn how to reach a bigger audience than you have now.
  • In the last make money on each and every sale, your merchant makes by virtue of your promotional links.

How to find your Affiliate Products

Now you are all set to find out the products for your affiliate marketing business and get started.

But, but, but………….

Before talking about all available categories, let’s have a look at some essential steps to think about seriously.

1. Follow Successful Trends

You have to learn the latest trends of affiliate marketing business because you will only make a profit if your audience is actually interested in your products.


Your products have to solve their problems and fulfill their all needs.

Otherwise, you may lose the trust of your audience.

Only promote those products, services, and courses which target and provide solutions to your readers.

2. Research your products and services and go for maximum profits

You can easily earn 4 to 10% commission on your physical products.

But the most profitable products are digital products where you can earn up to 50% of commission.

So choose them wisely.

And also consider one thing that your products will not only make money for today, this month and this year but also for many upcoming years.

Let’s find your affiliate marketing products now.

The most popular categories are:

Physical Products

Have a look at this screenshot and you will be amazed by the possible categories of physical products for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Products

It’s surprising. Right?

Amazon runs the largest Affiliate marketing Program in the world.

Just sign up there, get your affiliate link and affiliate id, start reviewing selected products and start making money online.

Here you can choose any product category considering your hobbies, interests, and passion for them.

Fashion, Fitness & health, Mobile & computers(Latest Trends) and Kitchen products.

Write what you feel and help your valuable readers to lead an easy life using the products you promote.

You can also become a mobile associate with Amazon.

Pro Tip: Use the products you promote first then realize their features, benefits, and qualities. It will help you to be honest with your readers and to decide which product will benefit them.

Digital products

You and I are living in an advanced digital world where from training to making movies almost everything based on information is available in digital form.

Digital download is a familiar term for you.

Let’s check what you and your friends download every day.

You may be using some of these products which can be easily downloaded for free.

But in the professional world where information has a unique importance to create growth for business and other services.

These digital products have a reputation.


Millions of people buy and download various domain names, antiviruses, plugins, cloud services, games, and programs every day based on their requirement for work and business.

Online Courses & Ebooks

You just think about any skill, ability or technology and you will find thousands of online courses and ebooks lining up for you.

Need an example?

Digital Products for Affiliate Marketing

I know You found it.

Music, Movies, and Entertainment

Ever heard of Netflix Or Amazon Prime Videos?

Am I kidding again?

Of course, I am kidding.

Who doesn’t use these amazing entertainment platforms to enjoy themselves?

everyone. Right?

They also have affiliate programs to promote their videos and give a good commission to their affiliates.

So if you are crazy for entertainment products, go for them.

Best free online affiliate programs

Here comes one of my favorite part of this article.

Top free affiliate marketing programs are mentioned here.

Top Online shopping Affiliate Programs

Online shopping is the next big thing of our time.

As more and more people are turning to shop online, you can make a great deal being an Affiliate partner with them.

Amazon Affiliate ProgramTop Affiliate Program

Amazon offers plenty of products in various categories.

You are also familiar with its Home-made products like Amazon Prime Video, Kindle, Amazon Fire TV Stick etc.

They have earned a good reputation in their respective market.

Check this screenshot, Amazon shares up to 12% of revenue with their advertising partners aka Affiliate Marketer.

It’s free to join Amazon Associates Program.

So select your Favourite products for your blog, get affiliate links, and start advertising them on your blog.

And guess what?

Start making as much as money you want.

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

Flipkart affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs available in India.

As this screenshot says, join this program for free, promote the links on your website and drive traffic on Flipkart.

When your audience makes any purchase, you earn your commission.

Shopclues, Jabong, Indiamart, and e-bay also have such affiliate programs which will benefit your Affiliate Marketing Business.

If you want to learn about these Affiliate programs, Visit here(link)

Tour and Travel Affiliate Programs

Tour and travel industries are growing faster than anyone can anticipate.

You can earn up to 50% commission joining the affiliate programs of following Tour and Travel booking websites.


Affiliate Program in Tour and Travel Industry

You love traveling. Right?

Meet one of the most Trusted Tour and Travel Community, The

Look here, Affiliate Program

It gives you 50% commission on their sales so if you travel a lot and write travel diaries then this program is made for you.

These online booking companies also have affiliate programs, you can partner with them and make money with them.


Many Matrimonial sites like,
, and are offering some good affiliate programs to advertise and promote their services.

You must choose only those programs which care for quality, discipline, and transparency, it will help you to monetize your blog or website more successfully.

Affiliate service providers/Affiliate Network

How does an Affiliate Network work

What if you are a newbie in affiliate marketing and doesn’t understand how to pick right products for promotion.

You have no idea how to join an affiliate program or you find it difficult to be a partner with a merchant.

Is there any solution to your this problem?

Affiliate Network is the solution which works as an intermediary between you(Affiliate) and merchants available to sell different products in the market.

All you have to do is only promoting the advertisements on your website and driving a large traffic on it.

For their services, Affiliate Networks charge a share from the commission you earn for each and every sale.

Here is the list of top affiliate networks:

To find more details about some of these affiliate networks, read this article.

How to become successful in affiliate marketing

Now you are all set to go for the ride to start your online business.

But, but, but….

Before you push that start button, understand these tips well to promote your affiliate program.

  • Research on your affiliate products.
  • Offer something for free to reach a large audience.
  • Understand the needs of your audience and try to solve their problems.
  • Experiment with different affiliate programs.
  • Write high-quality content.
  • Get emails from your subscribers.
  • Have Patience.

Payment Structures Of Affiliate Network

Choose the payment structure which works for you.

Your content and promotion will convince your readers to make an action.

The more they will follow your advice, the more you will make money.

These are most popular payment structures of affiliate marketing.

Cost per Sale (CPA)

The merchant pays on the basis of each sale.

Cost per Lead (CPL)

This is based on lead generation. when The merchant gets a lead, you get a payment for it.

Cost per Click (CPC)

Publishers earn money everytime someone clicks on their advertisement.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

For revision, Would you like to read it again?

I am kidding.

We covered these points in this article:

  • How to create an online income source with your computer and a good internet connection(only)
  • How is affiliate Marketing the best way to monetize your blog?
  • How to join an Affiliate program or to be a partner with an affiliate network?
  • How to choose right products and promote them?

I believe now you know all these answers.

You will need to learn latest hacks of SEO and other skills, So subscribe to the latest trends in digital marketing.

If you have any question or suggestion, please leave a comment here.

GoPBN Team is always here to create a better experience of PBN world for you.

Thank you!

Best of luck.