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The Fake Traffic Attempts by imitating as ɢ

Udit GoenkaUdit Goenka

Earlier today, while going through my Google Analytics details I saw an unusual spike in traffic.

ɢoogle-com traffic

Made me wonder, one of my article written on GoPBN might have gone viral..

While digging in further to find out the source of traffic, I found this:


Something I have never ever seen before in my Google Analytics, that made me wonder what exactly is

Secret.ɢ (Do Not Visit the Website)

Please See: It's not it's Secret.ɢ

I quickly copied the URL and pasted the link on my Chrome and I was re-directed to’

That looked something like this:

fake secret google com

The site was full of cookies that were set into my browser which could have let to hacking attempts, I quickly deleted all my cookies and cache.

How did the spammers pull off this stunt?

To be precise, it’s Latin Letter Small Capital G, also known as Unicode 0262.

The G is the special character in that subnet that reflects

A quick advice.. stay away from this link and do not click on this link.

Kindly share the article on social media and update your fellow webmasters, team members and colleagues and help them stay alert..

Udit Goenka

Udit Goenka

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