In every industry, there are defining moments that capture the imagination of many, fulfilling a need most knew was there, but couldn’t quite put their finger on it.

Today we’re going to explore together how GoPBN will change the way you build PBNs forever.

This has happened before.

Take the iPhone as an example. There had been many different types of mobile phones before the iPhone. Thinner phones, smartphones, even touch screen phones. People needed a phone that they could read email on and use for work, so Blackberry came out with them. People wanted a phone that was stylish and thin, Motorola Razor V3 to the rescue.

The mobile phone industry already had the needs for such a device, but the iPhone was able to fill the void in an unprecedented way. We might take for granted today what our phones can really do. Anything from free video conferencing with anyone, anywhere in the world, to playing high-definition video games, with something you just pulled out of your pocket! – Good luck with that in 2006 or earlier.

But why are we even talking about this?

GoPBN has been built on the same ideas and principles that technology is supposed to make our workflow, productivity, and social interactions with peers a lot easier.

In the ultra-competitive world of SEO, we have identified a trend that needs to be followed to take things to the next level. But SEO is not only competitive; but it’s also getting more and more complex every year, sometimes every quarter!

The answer to this has been an incredible suite of SEO software that has helped us in understanding the algorithms, analytics, and overall mechanism of action to get free organic traffic to your websites.

If you’re into blackhat SEO, then there are tools for that. If you’re into grabbing all kinds of analytics and competitor data, there are tools for that. If you’re looking to build a Private Blog Network, there are even services for that!

Why should You become a part of GoPBN versus any other PBN hosting platform?

There is no denying that GoPBN is not the first to come up with the concept of PBN Hosting, but that’s not what we’re here for. We are here to change the world of SEO by providing a superior way of building, growing, and maintaining a PBN like it’s never been done before.

Like the iPhone against its predecessors, we are here to make your PBN building intuitive, faster, easier, and overall better. At GoPBN, we understand the needs of the SEO industry, the ways that it lacks technological innovations, and we’re aiming to cover your overall PBN hosting needs with a software suite built from the ground up to serve this very purpose.

What really makes GoPBN different from any other PBN hosting that may exist before or after it?

Innovation is difficult. Not only for the technological challenges presented when you are building something from scratch, but also because you will inherently face challenges beyond tech. Building a piece of software from scratch requires a great deal of determination, discipline, planning, and proper budgeting. This is difficult for a single person to do on their own personal lives, but when you’re building this type of software, at the scale that we’ve wanted to build, you need an entire team following these principles. That makes things extra exciting 🙂

The building of GoPBN has been an incredible ride so far. I can publicly admit without any reservations, that I am personally extremely proud of our management team, and our software development team for what has been accomplished so far at GoPBN.

This is important because when choosing a company to do business with, it is always advisable to research their brain trust to be sure that their infrastructure is solid enough to carry out complex tasks with precision.

Reason #1: Braintrust you can count on.

Our Management Team is spearheaded by our CEO, Udit Goenka. You may have already heard of this guy, but in case you haven’t, he is one of the finest young CEOs in the industry. He has been covered by Inc Magazine and is widely known across the SEO scene. However, what matters about Udit Goenka to the GoPBN potential user is his ability to direct the Management Team into a culture of innovation, and superior customer service.

If Udit is the spearhead, I guess you can say I’m the guy throwing the spear. I’ll explain:

My official position at GoPBN is that of a COO (Chief Operational Officer). I know that sounds fancy and all, but that’s not important. What is important is that my role and experience bring a needed balance to the braintrust at GoPBN. As I mentioned before, it takes a strong corporate structure, and a continued effort to instill a positive culture across the entire organization to achieve the goals that we’ve set out to do.

As COO, yours truly needs to keep tabs on everyone from the technical support team, to the sales teams, to the marketing teams, to the development teams, ensuring they understand and follow our mission and vision set forth by our Management Team as a whole.

Working alongside Udit Goenka for the past 5 years has taught me that two heads are definitely better than one. However, one direction and clear instructions are necessary for our company’s success. This is why we’ve always been able to lean on each other when needed, and call each other out when it’s appropriate. We’ve made a commitment to lead by example, and our teams have picked up on this. It’s empowered them to come together to achieve something greater than the sum of their parts, and that is just plain awesome!

The vision is clear: “Go out and build the best possible user experience while helping users to build a complex and safe PBN.” – Udit Goenka

Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without our next reason:

Reason #2: A Development Team that is Not Afraid

Unleashing the potential of a software development team is a tall order. Not only do you have to juggle people with various skill levels, personalities, specialties, and so on, but you have to enhance those differences and mold them into a superb product. That is exactly what our CDO (Chief Development Officer) Ningappa Kamate has been able to do.

GoPBN is actually a lot more complex than it looks, and certainly a lot more complex than anything that is out in the market today.

At the beginning of the project, we’ve met with our CDO to decide which technologies currently existed that would make our journey a lot easier. It turns out; there wasn’t many, and we’ve had to code the entire application from the ground up.

For those techies such as myself, you’d be pleased to know that GoPBN has been built to live in the cloud. It is a scalable, highly available platform that communicates with other cloud platforms, DNS providers, billing systems, analytics apps, and more. You should also know that GoPBN was built on Node.js for performance and security concerns, as well as a blend of virtualization technologies such as KVM and Docker to deploy domains on the cloud.

This use of current technology, and further advancements within it have allowed us to build a network of clouds that can quickly deploy, scale, are highly available, and centrally managed. No other PBN Host can say this. We know for a fact that other PBN hosts are either using cPanel only, or HTML, or limit you to WordPress only, etc.

GoPBN is looking to break the mold.

We’ve made every possible part of our platform modular, so that in the future if a user wants to, they will be able to select not only their Operating System, but also their database servers, their PHP versions, web servers types and versions, and much more combinations of variables. Per Domain!

That is diversification. On Steroids 🙂

To do this, we needed a team of developers who are not afraid of the moment. Who are not afraid of the challenge. We needed people who are not afraid to commit to creating something that doesn’t exist with the tools at hand… and we found them.

Reason #3: Continued Excellence through Technological Innovation

Let’s go back to the iPhone analogy for a second. Even though the iPhone itself was a creative and technological genius, it took continuous innovation for it to become a staple of tech talks and the most common item in everyone’s pocket!

GoPBN is just getting started. Our beta launch date is set for November 3rd, 2016. This would be our first release, but not a complete release, as we have many features which are still under development every single day. We understand that in order to win your business we have to provide you with the tools you need now, the ones you didn’t know you needed now, and the ones which you will need in the future.

Why are we releasing a beta version?

Because without user feedback, a user-centric app would not deliver on its promises. GoPBN wants to deliver, and strive to exceed expectations. We can only do that with your help, and the users setting up beta launch accounts will not only have a special place in our hearts, but they will benefit from early bird promotions, valuable time with our management team to shape the direction of the app, and much more.

For those of you who are reading this and have entire businesses focused on SEO and PBN related products/services, this is the moment to forge partnerships. If you sign up as a beta user now, you will get to experience first-hand the revolutionary way GoPBN can change the SEO landscape, and position yourself to be at the forefront of this movement.

How is GoPBN going to improve on what is already out there?

By doing exactly what we do best: Analyze what is available in the market. Brainstorm on how to improve it, and add anything that is missing. Build custom solutions with user-experience as a priority. If you don’t believe me, just try it yourself on November 3rd, 2016. And if you’re reading this after November 3rd, then go try it out right now.

You will be able to deploy any number of domains, in any corner of the world, with any combination of available CMS, all from one page, within a few minutes, and a few clicks of your mouse.

Future plans include much more server-side diversification, more CMS available for deployment, complete SEO Analytics, Domain Name Registrar access, and much more!

Reason #4: GoPBN is backed by real world Web Hosting Experts.

It’s no coincidence that we’ve landed here, as a PBN Hosting provider. In fact, it is one of the most natural moves since we started to lean heavily on the SEO niche back in 2012. Many of you already know this, but in case you didn’t I should tell you:

GoPBN is backed by the web hosting team at Power Up Hosting. Power Up Hosting (or PUH as is commonly known) is a household name in some of the largest SEO communities, including Black Hat World.

We’re not an SEO team trying to learn the ropes of web hosting, and we’re not a software company trying to learn SEO and hosting just to sell a product. We are real people, who have worked with real servers, at real data centers across the globe, and we bring that expertise to the table. If there’s something we know well, that something is hosting.

Remember that you will not know a company’s true worth until something goes wrong, and how they react to that situation is critical. We’ve been through it all, some ugly times and some absolutely great times as a host. We’ve learned through the years the limitations of hardware and software, but also their respective strengths.

Working directly with vendors like Supermicro, Intel, Crucial, Microsoft and others, have allowed us to test, assess, and elect the best of the best for this project.

We’re also able to test our criteria against the cloud hosting providers that we use for GoPBN to make sure they are adhering to higher standards. Because there is one undeniable truth that we’ve learned about the web hosting industry in general from our years of experience:

Website (and thus, PBN) owners require high uptime and high performance.

Although this is easier said than done, it is also easier done when you’ve done it before.. And we have.

I see the value of GoPBN, but how much does it cost?

Part of keeping a balanced infrastructure and continuous development is knowing how to balance a healthy budget. We know SEO can get very expensive, and to get the top results, you will need to invest in your Private Blog Network smartly.

GoPBN, aside from it’s robust hosting platform, and ease of PBN creation, is hosted on premium servers all over the world. In order to achieve a global presence that is highly available and resilient, we turned to the best of the best in the cloud and bare metal server markets.

Why don’t we use cheap providers and offer cheap services?

Because we don’t want you to get, de-indexed with the rest of the thousands of PBN domains in those IP. For a more in-depth overview of why footprints are your worst enemy, and how GoPBN helps you with the server side of PBN footprints, please read this informative blog post.

Having said that, using premium hosting companies like Microsoft, Rackspace, DigitalOcean, Linode, etc. Comes at a steep price. We’ve crunched the numbers down and came up with a unique way to price things down, and save you as much money as possible, while still keeping enough margins to sustain and grow GoPBN.

You can check our pricing page for the full details.

The main points are:

  • If you pay monthly, you will pay a minimum of $5 per domain
  • If you pay yearly, you will pay 10 months and get 2 months free on the year. $50 per year per domain.
  • Your pricing will be the same for every domain regardless of where you deploy it.
  • Your pricing per domain will be the same regardless of the CMS you use.
  • Your domain will be deployed with a different IP (in most cases substantially different IP) than any of your other domains. Even if it’s in the same geographical location.
  • Beta users will gain access to all the features of GoPBN, even future ones, without any price increase.
  • Beta users will not see a price increase, ever.
  • If you require more resources for your PBN, you can always upgrade/downgrade as needed. Please note: The default smallest plan is sufficient for 99% of PBN domains.

Now I understand if maybe you’re looking at $5 per domain going: this is expensive. To those I say:

Time is money… and money is money.

Let me explain:

GoPBN is designed with you in mind. To make sure that you, as a modern SEO are able to deploy premium web hosting, globally, with any CMS, ultra-customized, and randomized, with no server side footprints, all with a few clicks.

Think about the amount of time GoPBN will save you. You can say goodbye to your excel sheets or google drive sheets. You can safely receive and check your logins, your admin URLs, database details, etc. all from within the GoPBN control panel.

I know many SEO who hire virtual assistants to organize and deploy their domains because it gets excessive trying to keep track of everything. Not to mention you’d have to go and sign up at every hosting company, keep billing details from each, if you need support you need to go to different people, who don’t even understand what PBN or SEO is, let alone would be able to help you!

Don’t invest more of your time in the old ways. Invest in GoPBN and have a single centralized and beautifully designed control panel, ready to scale at any time.

Let’s look at some raw number for a very basic example:

Many SEOs use cheap hosts like HostGator or Bluehost (both owned and operated by the same company) so we will use that in our example.

The smallest plan at HostGator as of this writing is their Hatchling Plan. It includes hosting for a single domain. It has unlimited disk and bandwidth. Although we know very well if you use anything over 3 GB of Disk, you will not get automated free backups, and if you go over 10GB of Disk space, Hostgator will contact you asking you to lower your usage.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not here to bash HostGator, I’m speaking from experience of clients who have moved to us from HostGator over the years.

Their Hatchling Plan is $3.95/month… if you Pre-Pay for 3 YEARS:

If you want to pay month to month, you will end up paying $10.95/ month.

But Wait! – They offer you a discount of 62% off if you sign up right away, so let’s take that into consideration. That comes down to about $4.16 per month for one domain.

Now you need to factor into your PBN budget the time it will take to sign up for each hosting account, and the virtual assistant you need to pay every month to help you take care of all these things.
The normal cost for a virtual assistant these days is anywhere from $400-$700 per month, quotes received from Upwork.

You will probably not need a virtual assistant if you are doing less than 100 domains. So if you’re a one-man show, and are comfortable spending a lot of maintenance time on your PBNs, then you can scratch that cost off. For those of us who have over 100 domains, let’s break it down:

Virtual Assistant (cheapest) $400/month – divided by 100 domains – is $4/month per domain.

In essence, you are paying, at least $8.16 per domain when you join HostGator for your PBN… and $4.16 per domain if you do all the work yourself.

As you can see, GoPBN turns out to be even less expensive than the manual/old school way!

What about GoPBN pricing versus competitors offering PBN Hosting?

This is a great question, and I am excited to share with you the differences between GoPBN and some of our competitors.

I will choose the one competitor everyone has in mind, which is EasyBlogNetworks (aka EBN).

EBN, as of this writing, has the following minimum pricing:

$29/month for 10 Domains. That comes out to $2.90 per domain. The only quirk here is that you are required to purchase at least 10 Hosting accounts, and with GoPBN you can start with only 5 if you’d like. There is no doubt that EBN, as of this writing, is cheaper than GoPBN in terms of pricing. We do not know if their price will increase or not, but we have seen them increase their pricing a few months ago.

Why is ENB currently cheaper than GoPBN in terms of pricing?

The answer is simple: We have built a platform that is substantially better for your PBNs. We will continue to build upon this platform at a consistent development pace. And when we say your price will not change, we mean it 🙂

In order for us to do this, we need to charge a fair price. Maintaining the kind of infrastructure we’re building takes meticulous management and borderline-maniacal work schedules for our development team. I cannot speak for EBN, although I have been a user of EBN in the past. But what I can tell you is, we’re approaching PBN Hosting from a whole different angle, and at an entirely different level.

To give you a better idea:

We use Docker Containers to deploy your domain hosting. This is beneficial to you for various reasons:

  • You will not need to worry about your neighbors causing trouble, like shared hosting, or EBN.
  • You do not need to cover the massive footprints left by cPanel.
  • You can customize your server the way you want for your specific domain. It’s a completely private server.
  • You can even host your money sites on GoPBN, just make sure you’re following this guide on how to do it properly.
  • Your server is fully optimized to run that specific CMS you pick.
  • You can deploy any CMS you like, and we have one click deploy for the most widely used CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and Ghost.Your DNS settings are automatically setup with top DNS providers like ClouDNS, Route 53, and others!

I should also mention that GoPBN is extremely modular, and built with the premise that we will constantly be adding new features to the control panel. Our plans for the future are vast, but just to name a few of the things would be:

Ability to choose PHP, Web Server, Database Server, and even Operating System on a per-domain basis, for extreme diversification of your PBN.
Make use of global registrars to automate Domain Name Registration management from within the control panel.
Unleash analytics about your PBN, your SEO, and your competitors, as well as tips on what to look for!
Add a whole suite of CMS to diversify your portfolio even further.
Add more DNS providers, including reverse proxy providers like CloudFlare.

We are currently already developing on these and many other points which we will reveal later on. The beauty of it is, if you sign up today, your pricing is locked in forever.

Closing thoughts, and a sincere promise.

Like the iPhone itself made its mark on the world of technology many years ago, so is GoPBN looking to make it’s mark in the world of SEO today. We understand that this is a competitive industry, and we would like to put this software at your fingertips to give you that slight edge that you might need, or that extra oomph that will get you to the first page in the SERPS.

But like the iPhone and many other technological hits, there will be great heights and some inevitable lows. Are we currently perfect? No. Are we going to make mistakes? Possibly. Are we going to pick ourselves back up and give it everything we’ve got? Absolutely.

Because our promise to you is not of perfection, but of excellence. From the design team who spends hours creating the perfect icon for the panel, to the developer who re-writes lines of codes to make a more efficient and secure app, to the management team that ensures your needs, and the team’s needs are being met. We are in it together, and we will give it our all.

It is for this very reason that I can confidently tell you:

You can never go wrong, when you GoPBN!