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  • 9 Myths About Private Blog Network Busted!

    9 Myths About Private Blog Network Busted!

    Nowadays, people are heading towards building their own Private Blog Networks for various purposes. PBN might sound difficult to understand and build but it isn’t. Trust me! But First, What Is A Private Blog Network? It’s simple; you build a bunch of websites & blogs on domain names that are owned by you. You can […]

  • 10 (Actionable) ways to improve SEO rankings on Google

    To play with SEO is not an easy task but is not difficult either to customize it in the proper way so that the rankings of your website goes up in the Google SERPs. Rand Fishkin from Moz quoted it correctly, In 2004, good SEO made you remarkable on the web. In 2014, good SEO […]

  • 13 Reasons You Should Invest In Private Blog Network (PBN)

    With SEO growing and getting tougher each day, the ranking is getting harder.. You might be asking yourself whether it’s worth it to invest in a Private Blog Network ..and Include them in you SEO campaigns.. Well, it turns out that it’s WORTH it and you should invest and build your next private blog network. […]

  • PBN SEO: The Do’s and Don’ts of Private Blog Network Building.

    By now many of you have probably read our blog post on the basics of setting up a PBN. But one of the most common questions you guys have asked is… “How do I setup the PBN SEO to make sure it isn’t labeled as spam and increases my SERPs?” And that is a very […]

  • Google Penguin 4.0 Is Out, says now it’s Real Time

    Google Penguin 4.0 Is Out, says now it’s Real Time

    Google Penguin 4.0 is now Real-Time – Learn what this means and how it affects your SERPS! So the wait is finally over, Google has now rolled out its latest Penguin 4.0 update. But what is the Google Penguin update all about? Let’s know more about the much-awaited Penguin 4.0 update below: What is Google […]

  • User-Friendly Introduction to SEO

    If you’ve been keeping up with GoPBN’s blogs as of recent, you may have heard the term “SEO” coming up a few times. To experienced people on the topic of Public Blog Networks all together, this term is fairly common. Then that leaves the newcomer to the scene as a whole: What is SEO? To […]

  • Build An AWESOME PBN with Next Generation Expired Tumblr Blog For No Cost

    Private blog networks (henceforth referred to has PBN) whether private or web 2.0 are uniformly agreed upon as one of the best techniques for boosting your site’s rankings. SEO communities are crowded with questions like.. how many PBN links it will take to rank? ..and how long it will take? A true PBN is a […]

  • This PBN Footprint Checklist = All you need to avoid getting your PBN Deindexed

    You have an AWESOME Private Blog Network.. But: Are you taking care of your Private Blog Network and avoiding all the possible PBN footprints? In this PBN Footprint checklist, we will cover all the possible footprints your PBN can leave. Two types of Private Blog Network Checklist: PBN Checklist – Server Level 1) Avoid Using […]

  • Web 2.0 Private Blog Network Creation: Tutorial & List

    It’s common knowledge that Web 2.0 Backlinks are an essential part of any (successful) Private Blog Network, right? Web 2.0 Backlinks are not only FREE, but they are super useful when trying to boost your PBN’s authority and link juice. Despite all this goodness, it’s still very hard to find the right information on how […]