Private blog networks (henceforth referred to has PBN) whether private or web 2.0 are uniformly agreed upon as one of the best techniques for boosting your site’s rankings.

SEO communities are crowded with questions like..

how many PBN links it will take to rank?

..and how long it will take?

A true PBN is a collection of handpicked; niche related expired domains.

In this guide, I will teach you the best way how you can build your next generation blog network on expired Tumblr domains for no cost.

What benefits come with building a Tumblr network?

Maintaining a true PBN involves..

  • Quality content,
  • Social Proof, and
  • Links

while hiding any evidence of a footprint.

You can check out the best PBN Footprint Checklist that exists on the Internet.

TUMBLR! (AWWWW I Love it already :D)

You get the BEST of both world..

Creating your next generation High-Quality network is not only easy on Tumblr,

..but equally effective..

While maintaining your blog with the least amount of possible footprints.

Google Loves it <3

tumblr seo 2016


Is Tumblr free to use?

Yes! It’s completely free!

Are Tumblr links Dofollow?

They are Do-Follow links..


It’s worth it to have them in your backlink profile.

The stats alone gives you the AWWW feeling for your Tumblr seo 2016 campaigns..

Here are the Moz Stats:

tumblr domain authority page authorityDomain Authority: 99/100
Page Authority: 96/100

Here are the Majestic Stats:

tumblr trust flow citation flow

  • Trust Flow: 92/100
  • Citation Flow: 92/100

An expired Tumblr Domain might not have a Page Authority of 96..

but will surely have a Page Authority of around 25-30+

It depends on how much time you are willing to spend to get the best expire Tumblr blogs for yourself…

Having a Quality Tumblr Link will pass an enormous amount of Link Juice to your domain..


It’s the Google Trust Factor!

Google trusts Tumblr…

..and having them in your profile link would not improve make your money site trustworthy

..but also increase the stats of your domain.

Parasite SEO


The concept of Parasites is very simple.

Parasites are high-quality websites that are trusted and loved by Google.

Here are some of the Parasites:

  • Tumblr Blogs
  • Facebook Pages
  • Youtube Pages
  • Blogger
  • Amazon Sub-Pages
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Quora Answers

parasite se

When you build your links on any of these sites..

without leaving any possible footprint or over using your anchor text..

These Parasites then passes a lot of link juice to your money helping you to move up into the ranking.


We are talking about Expired Tumblr Blogs..

Advantages of Using Tumblr:

  • It’s Free to Register! You got it all right!
  • You get High-Quality stats right away!
  • No cost involved with hosting.
  • Quality backlink links juice profile to your money site.
  • Possible traffic as Tumblr is being used by a lot of REAL people.
  • Build Multiple Tumblr Blogs with various anchor texts, naked URL, and branded URL.

The Simplicity is what you call it..

The best part about building a Tumblr network is the simplicity…

If you have the funds, a traditional PBN can become a powerhouse for helping your sites to rank…

..but the degree of difficulty and investment needed is very high.

With your Tumblr network

..all you need to do is register your blogs.

You don’t need to create intricate hosting structures..

..and using multiple domain registrars to hide your footprint.

A Tumblr network can efficiently help you rank for low to medium competition keywords.

With proper keyword research, a Tumblr network is a powerful asset for your business.

How should your ideal Expired Tumblr Blog look like?


  • Related to your niche
  • Has existing Page Authority
  • Has Page Rank

When searching for Expired Tumblr’s, you’ll find it very hard to meet all three of these requirements.

It takes a lot of searching to find an expired blog that’s niche related with some link juice.

When searching for your blogs, prioritize the results

  • By Name related to your nichetumblr backlinks seo


I picked the niche as SEO and looked out for some domain.

We are using as an example.

Having relevance coming from your Tumblr network is a great addition to your link profile.

You can still manage with unrelated Tumblr’s, but they may not work as give you the best results..

..because Google “Might” not find your domain as related to your niche..

  • Tumblr’s page authority

using tumblr for backlinks

If you check the Page Authority:

It’s 29/100 which is very decent for what we require.

Page authority ranging from 15 – 30 is pretty common to find.

Anything below 15 is not worth your time.

The higher the Page Authority, the easier it would be for you to move your Keywords up high in Google Search.

We’ll address how to check page authority in the next section.

What to look for in Anchor text


As important as the title might sound..

..this is where picking a Tumblr relevant to your niche comes into play!

If Google sees an aged Tumblr, with relevant anchor text and page authority linking to your site,

You have just discovered yourself a Gold Mine!

..and there’s no doubt you’ll see positive SERP movement.

Pro Tip: Make sure to check whether the previous owner had used your Tumblr blog for PBN purpose by spamming the blog with spammy Chinese and adult links/keywords.

Even if you the Page Authority is as AWESOME as 50+ stay away from such profile.


Pro Tip: You can grab these for Tier 2 Tumblr link profile as they would certainly pass some nice juice.

Examining The Metrics

We will first understand how to check the metrics on your Tumblr blog before digging into finding one..

Checking Page Authority

Small SEO Tools Page Authority Checker and SEO Review Tool’s Bulk PA & DA Checker both uses Moz’s API to help you get the stats in bulk for no cost!

Since you’re looking up Tumblr’s, the domain authority will be the same with each expired Tumblr..

If you run a result and get a result like the one below, run it again.

The domain authority should always be 99; this is how you know the search was done properly. This is also what an ideal Tumblr should look like.

Checking Anchor Text

As we discussed earlier:

Anchor text is extremely important!

You don’t want to end up with a Chinese website linking to you if your site is in English.

You can use:

to see the different backlinks your expired Tumblr has..

Make sure the anchor text is as relevant as possible. Stay away from Tumblr with foreign language anchors.

Start narrowing down Tumblr’s based on metrics depends on how precise or picky you want to be.

Hunting down Tumblr’s with excellent metrics can be a full-time job until you find your suitable expired Tumblr Domains.

If you’re targeting keywords with low competition:

A network of Tumblr’s with Page Authority around 25+ should be good enough to help raise your site.

Obviously, the more time you’re willing to search for high-quality Tumblr’s, the more powerful your network will be.

Invest your time Wisely!

Finding The Expired Tumblr’s


There a lot of different methods for finding expired Tumblr’s.

We’ll cover two of the MOST EFFECTIVE ways for finding the RIGHT expired Tumblr’s for your Blog Network.

Method 1: Using Expired Tumblr Hunter

Before going any further..

..let’s give huge thanks to Jaime from 

SupaGrowth has released a bunch of free software for the IM community to take advantage of.

His Expired Tumblr Hunter is extremely simple to use.

The setup of this software is very simple..

Make sure Niche related and Perform register test are checked..

ENTER your KEYWORDS and hit start!

This software will bring up a bunch of expired Tumblrs for you to explore.

Once the software brings up a few URLs..

..TYPE them into your browser.

If get an error message like the one below, you know you’ve successfully found an expired Tumblr that you can start exploring the metrics.

expired tumblr hunter supagrowth

Method 2: Manual Search using SEOquake

This method is much more time consuming, but it’s free.

You will require Google Chrome to manually search for your desired expired Tumblr related to your niche.

Step 1:

Download Google Chrome


We will require Check My Links Google Chrome addon


SEOquake Addon to check your domain’s metrics

Step 2:

Use the search query below: + “insert your keyword”

tumblr profiles search

Once you bring up the results in Google..’ll need to check result manually.

Step 3:

Open the Tumblr page..

..and use “Check My Links” to look for dead external links

What you want is invalid links on Tumblr

Sometimes you’ll find a dead link on one of the Tumblr’s that’s related to your niche.

example of tumblr profile

This is a very time-consuming method, but it works,

..and it’s free.

It’s also good to know in case you’re unable to run the above software for whatever reason.

The above process is exactly what Scrapebox and SupaGrowth’s Tumblr finder do for you, but much, much slower.

You can check out how to find expired domains using scrapebox

For $67 (Special Scrapebox Discount 2016) One time fees, Scrapebox will be one of your best investment in the SEO industry.

Now, we’ll explain how to secure your network.

How To Hide Your Footprint On Your Tumblr Network

PBN is all about avoiding Footprints..

Before making any of your expired Tumblr blog network live, let’s dive in cross check to avoid any possible footprints.

There are fewer things to remember..

Account creation

Once you’re ready to register your new Tumblr.. should always make a new email.

Pro Tip: Do not bother to have multiple blogs on the same Tumblr Network, strictly keep one blog per account.

Here is something that’s extremely IMPORTANT:

If you are planning to create a big network on Tumblr then try using Windows VPS servers or Proxies..

You may ask why?

Let me tell you:

Tumblr bots are always actively looking for spammers in order to ban them..

..and when you create multiple accounts, that’s very unusual for a real person to do.

Play safe and avoid losing all your hard work.

Posting Your Articles


When making your Tumblr network,

don’t just load up all your blogs with a bunch of articles, links, videos, images.. and blast them right away after account creation.

You should always attempt to make your blog look as natural as possible by drip feeding your campaign..

Before we move further, you may ask:

What is Drip Feeding?

Drip Feeding is scheduling your campaign to be completed over a certain period of time..


You want to post fourteen articles and three videos on your first Tumblr blog.. this case, schedule two or three articles per week and maybe one video and one article the second week.


Everything looks natural which is the aim to create the next generation expired Tumblr blog.

Pro Tip:

  • Your articles should be related to your niche.
  • Interlinked with each other and feature images or videos.
  • Post Links, Videos and Images Separately.

How does Tumblr handles drip feeding?

Glad you asked!

Tumblr has got an AMAZING scheduling option available.

Take full advantage of that option.

My Favorite part?

All I have to do is schedule everything for the next couple of months and then revisit after couple of months..

Pro Tip #1: Make sure that you link your naked URL, anchor text, branded keyword just once per blog network.

Pro Tip #2: Have the link placed on your home page, so make sure that the post that contains your link is on your homepage of your Tumblr URL

Be careful that your queued posts don’t push your posts with links in them off the first page!


Make sure to use a unique theme for every single blog network.

Building links

Experiment with building different kinds of links and see what works best..

Build some more Unique Web 2.0, Quality Social Bookmark, Blog Comments to build some nice quality links in order to pass as much link juice as possible..

If you follow these basic tips, your Tumblr network will fly under the radar unnoticed.

These tips aren’t difficult, but don’t cut any corners, or your network will end up paying the price by getting deindexed!

Now It’s Time For Work!

That’s it! Now you have the tools you need to build a robust, private Tumblr network.

Remember that SEO is an ongoing process that you contribute to in multiple ways:

  • Proper keyword research
  • On page optimization.
  • Quality backlinks.

..will make your Tumblr network even more efficient.

Expired Tumblr Blog Network Infographics

expired tumblr blog infographics

Want to use the infographics on your blog or article? Use the following code:

<a href=""><img alt="expired tumblr blog" src="" /></a>

Final Conclusion

Protecting your investment starts with hiding your footprint.

Keep detailed documentation of all the emails and IP’s associated with your Tumblr’s in an Excel Sheet.

Take advantage of the queue function to avoid logging in unnecessarily.

Being disciplined with how you manage your network will pay off in the long run.

If you have your technique, then do share with us!

If you love the article then leave your comment below letting me know what do you think..

..and let us know your thoughts on using Tumblr blogs..

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