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Promote the Hottest Product on the Highly Coveted and Trending PBN Market

Let’s Face It: If you do not have a unique product or service, you’re going to have a hard time selling. This is why, for affiliate marketers, the opportunity to promote and push a brand new and exciting product is absolute gold!

Why Promote GoPBN?

  • GoPBN has been designed to provide the most advanced form of PBN Hosting on the planet. What does that even mean? Let’s go through the core features of GoPBN:
  • GoPBN is an app that allows you to fully build, manage, and scale your Private Blog Network from 1 to 1,000 blogs with just the click of a button. Your PBN will be fully diversified with IP from all over the world, the top hosting providers in the world, and a host of other features.
  • While there are other “PBN Hosting Platforms” on the internet, none of them compare with GoPBN’s superior footprint diversification, multiple CMS compatibility, and the expertise of real hosting experts backing you up.


Commission on Monthly Sales


Commission on Yearly Sales

Our Plans start at $5 per month and go all the way up to $24,500 for a year.

What does this mean?

The Smallest Commission you can possibly make is $3.75
and the largest commission can go as high as $6,125!

GoPBN’s Affiliate Program will also Pay You a Bonus for Excellent performance.

Monthly SalesSale TypePBN 1PBN 10PBN 50PBN 100PBN 200PBN 500PBN 1000
10Monthly / Yearly$37.5 / $125$300 / $1000$1406.25 / $4687.5$2625 / $8750$4875 / $16250$11250 / $37500$20625 / $68750
20Monthly / Yearly$75 / $250$600 / $2000$2812.5 / $9375$5250 / $17500$9750 / $32500$22500 / $75000$41250 / $137500
40Monthly / Yearly$150 / $500$1200 / $4000$5625 / $18750$10500 / $35000$19500 / $65000$45000 / $150000$82500 / $275000
60Monthly / Yearly$225 / $750$1800 / $6000$8437.5 / $28125$15750 / $52500$29250 / $97500$67500 / $225000$123750 / $412500
100Monthly / Yearly$375 / $1250$3000 / $10000$14062.5 / $46875$26250 / $87500$48750 / $162500$112500 / $375000$206250 / $687500

That is only based on the Lowest Possible plan sale. If you end up selling our highest plan,
you could earn tens of thousands of dollars!

Up to $6875 for a single referral!

We Pay 75% on Monthly and 25% on Yearly Plans

60 Days Cookies to Track Referrals

Rest easy knowing that we’ll track your referrals so that you can get paid.

Custom Creatives to Help you Promote

Co-Branded Landing Pages Plus Banners, Widgets and More!

Dedicated Affiliate Management Team

We’re ready to help you get the best out of our affiliate program. Your success is our success!

Refer Others to Join our Program and Earn Big

We will Pay you 10% of your Sub Affiliate’s sales!

Bonus System for Multiple Sales

We’ll send you an extra bonus commission for referring a certain number of sales every month.

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