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GoPBN (Private Blog Network)

As it is often the case, GoPBN started out of necessity. Udit Goenka, a long time SEO enthusiast, and Oscar Hernandez, a seasoned web hosting administrator have joined forces to bring forth the best control panel for hosting Private Blog Networks to date!

GoPBN started as a project for Udit and Oscar to manage their large network of domains, and quickly evolved into a SaaS offering for professional SEO to safely manage and grow their own PBN with the backing of web hosting specialists, and other SEO with cutting edge research and technology.

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Multi Domain Deployment

Deploy over 10 blogs in less than 10 seconds.

Multiple CMS

Get to choose from a wide range of CMS.

Strong Support

With our in-house support, you are in good hands.

Powerful infrastructure

We are using some of the top cloud providers in the world.

Different IPs

Rest assured, every Private Blog Network of yours will be hosted on a unique IP address.

Footprint Free

We have ensured there are no possible footprint on the server level.

Amazing GUI

We make it a lot more easier for you to manage all your Blog Network from one place.

Multi Locations

Get your blogs at over 12 different locations.

What Our Team has to say

  • Oscar Hernandez
  • Udit Goenka
  • Ningappa Kamate
  • Vivek Mengu
  • Our team is comprised of incredible developers, passionate leadership, and devoted technical staff. We spend each and every day thinking about how we can make our customer’s life easier, and that’s what we thrive to provide with GoPBN.”

    -Oscar Hernandez, COO
  • Working on GoPBN has been a thrill in and of itself. I love the countless hours of research and bouncing ideas back and forth with the development team. In the end, our goal was to provide an easy to use, but incredibly powerful way to manage a PBN.”

    -Udit Goenka, CEO
  • GoPBN has been a challenging and rewarding experience. The software end is very complex and meticulously coded to ensure the highest level of security, speed, and reliability. With thousands of lines of code, and thousands of (ongoing) hours spent on this project, we’ve built a truly Enterprise Grade Control Panel for the Private Blog Network professional.”

    -Ningappa Kamate, CDO
  • When building this platform we had one thing in mind: customer ease of use. We wanted our customers to not only enjoy using the panel, but also to be able to learn it and master it within a short period of time. As time goes on and with feedback from our users, we will ensure to meet all these goals and provide a beautifully presented masterpiece for all things PBN.”

    -Vivek Mengu, Lead Designer

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