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How can I update my account details?

You can login through your Application Page and click on Profile.

On the profile page, you'll be able to enter all the personal details. Please ensure to use the correct details as we'll be running a manual check with our Payment Processor.

How do I place the order?

Once you have successfully registered with us using either of the following three options:

Head over to the package page, and place an order for desired PBN Package.

Next; click on the Deploy page, and select the Single or Multiple Domain Deployment depending on the number of PBN you would like to deploy at once.

After you have selected all the options, simply click on the Deploy button and you will be redirected to your "My PBN" page where you can manage and handle all your PBN.

For Step by Step guide. Please visit the following page.

How do I upgrade my PBN package with GoPBN?

GoPBN gives you the flexibility to upgrade on a fly for every single package that you would like to purchase.

To upgrade your PBN package, click on the package.

Next: Click the Available Package option where you will find all your purchased PBN packages.

Select the package that you wish to upgrade by clicking the Upgrade package button. Follow the screen, and once the payment is completed, your package will be upgraded.

Can I add a sub-account with GoPBN?

As of now, GoPBN doesn't offer the option to add a sub-account, though it's in our Feature Request list.

Once we finish with this module, we will release an update.

Where can I access all my newly deployed PBN.

Click My PBNs option there you will find all your deployed PBNs.

Udit Goenka

Udit Goenka

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