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Account Activation: Beta User Sign Up (Paid)

Learn how to activate your account if you have signed up for our Early Beta Sign Up PBN Hosting Package.

Account FAQ

Find Questions to the common asked questions.

Pricing & Billing General

Find Questions to the common asked questions.

What is GoPBN?

Find Questions to the common asked questions.

Account Activation: Beta User Sign Up (Paid)

After you have successfully signed up for pre-beta packages (No longer available for new users).

Follow the Steps to activate your Beta Package.

Step One:

Use the link below & login to your GoPBN Account:

Step Two:

Once you have successfully logged in, click on the Packages tab

Step Three:

Click on the Available Packages

gopbn available package

Step Four:

Click on Pay Now button, and setup a billing agreement.

gopbn setup billing agreement

P.S. As a pre-beta user, you have already paid your first month invoice via PayPal, so you won't be charged.

Step Five:

Kindly check your PayPal email address and verify your email.

gopbn paypal email verify

Once all the above steps are completed, you will be able to deploy your PBN through the Deploy tab.

Account FAQ

How can I update my account details?

You can login through your Application Page and click on Profile.

On the profile page, you'll be able to enter all the personal details. Please ensure to use the correct details as we'll be running a manual check with our Payment Processor.

How do I place the order?

Once you have successfully registered with us using either of the following three options:

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Google+

Head over to the package page, and place an order for desired PBN Package.

Next; click on the Deploy page, and select the Single or Multiple Domain Deployment depending on the number of PBN you would like to deploy at once.

After you have selected all the options, simply click on the Deploy button and you will be redirected to your "My PBN" page where you can manage and handle all your PBN.

For Step by Step guide. Please visit the following page.

How do I upgrade my PBN package with GoPBN?

GoPBN gives you the flexibility to upgrade on a fly for every single package that you would like to purchase.

To upgrade your PBN package, click on the package.

Next: Click the Available Package option where you will find all your purchased PBN packages.

Select the package that you wish to upgrade by clicking the Upgrade package button. Follow the screen, and once the payment is completed, your package will be upgraded.

Can I add a sub-account with GoPBN?

As of now, GoPBN doesn't offer the option to add a sub-account, though it's in our Feature Request list.

Once we finish with this module, we will release an update.

Where can I access all my newly deployed PBN.

Click My PBNs option there you will find all your deployed PBNs.

Pricing & Billing General

How does the GoPBN package work?

GoPBN currently offers seven packages. Please check the pricing page.

How does GoPBN bill you?

GoPBN will charge you on 15th of Every Month.

What if I have purchased on some other date?

GoPBN will charge you on a pro-rata basis until 14th. Here is an example:

If you have made a purchase on 1st of January 2017, GoPBN will bill you from 1st January to 14th January 2017. On 15th January 2017, GoPBN will bill you for the next one month in advance.

Your next bill due would be on 15th February 2017.

What Payment Gateway does GoPBN offers?

GoPBN offers the flexibility for the users to pay either using PayPal billing agreement or 2Checkout.

If you are looking to pay using your credit card, then you can select 2Checkout.

All major Debit & Credit Cards are accepted.

What will happen if I don't pay on 15th of every month?

Our system is designed so that it will provide you a full 30 days of hosting, anything beyond that time, the server will be suspended temporarily.

When will you charge my Credit Card?

If you have an active PBN Package with GoPBN then your card will be charged on 15th of every month through 2Checkout.

What if I have made any extra payments?

If you have made any extra payments then they are added to your account as a credit that can be used when your next month's invoice gets due.

If you want a refund then you get 45 days on the extra payment if they are still unused in your account as a credit.

Can I be billed using my local currency?

Since GoPBN is a US based company, at this time, only USDs are accepted. For the time being; PayPal and 2Checkout will handle all the conversion.

What is GoPBN?


GoPBN is world's first unique Private Blog Network Hosting giving you the ability to deploy your desired PBN in different parts of the world with a click of your button.

Key Advantage of Using GoPBN

  • Footprint Free - GoPBN has taken a special precaution ensuring no server side PBN footprints are left by using 100s of cloud & DNS providers using their API
  • 100% Control - GoPBN unique platform gives you complete control over your Private Blog Networks.
  • Preferred Location Selection - GoPBN's unique platform gives you the ability to select & deploy your PBN on your preferred location
  • Monthly Billing - You are not bounded by any contracts. GoPBN offers the flexibility for you to continue paying your invoices on a monthly basis.
  • Single Domain Deployment - GoPBN's unique UI gives you the ability to deploy your single Private Blog Network in less than 20 seconds after you sign up.
  • Multiple Domain Deployment - GoPBN's highly tested and most used feature Multiple Domain Deployment gives you the ability to deployment to deploy up to 30 Domains (or more) in less than 5 minutes.
  • Backed Up by the Top SEOer and Hosting Company - GoPBN is 100% backed up by Power Up Hosting, Inc., the company behind revolutionizing the Windows Server for SEOers since the last five years.
  • Built on 100% SSD - Quality hardware & Speed has been one of the top most priority. Hence, every single node is constructed on 100% RAID.
  • Auto Back Up - GoPBN's platform provides you with a backup option that ensures your PBN is safe.

What advantage does GoPBN has over its competitor?

GoPBN is a custom built software built on Docker, relies on 100% API leaving no server side footprints.

To Read more about Why you should go with GoPBN. Please read here.

The prices are awesomely low! Does GoPBN make a profit?

GoPBN has kept its profit as little as possible ensure the customer to scale, while GoPBN can keep developing the platform and regularly add new servers & fresh IPs.

GoPBN has a Referral Program?

Yes, we do! For every referral, you make 100% commission for the user's 1st month's entire bill if the customer renews for the second month. If the user pays for the whole year, then you make two months of referral commission. Please get in touch with us at [email protected]