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SEO Sunday 2016: October Week Four!

Aishwarya GoenkaAishwarya Goenka

Last week (Week 3), we saw a couple of great SEO updates. And again in this week, our SEO and Marketing industry are booming with some pretty amazing stuff.

So, let's move on to the week four updates.

About SEO:

After weeks of testing their new extension, Google is finally set to release their click-to-text in the Adwords search ads.

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Many of us use Google Spreadsheet for everything. Yeah, I use it for everything.
Segregating stuff while writing an article is very crucial, and Spreadsheet is a major life saver.

However, you can tweak up your spreadsheet a little more by using Search Analytics in it.

What do you get?
- A better SEO Insight.

Click on the link below to learn how!

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Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of your life if you want people to know about you in the virtual world. SEO is not dead, but it is not the same as it was during the good old days. So, know how it has changed and progressed over the years in the article mentioned below.

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About Marketing:

Google is always trying to add ease in our lives. Well, for this time, Google has launched a location ad extension for manufacturers who can look out for their nearby retailers.

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Facebook Privacy Hoax statuses are back in talks again, and we need to stop believing them immediately.

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About Blogs

We all have failed once in our life but we stood up back again, and we have learned a lot from all those mistakes.

Travis Bradberry from has a written a beautiful blog about how badly you to need to face the reality of this world with a right attitude to become more successful.

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