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SEO Sunday 2016 - November Week One!

Aishwarya GoenkaAishwarya Goenka

It's been a happy one month since we started our SEO Sunday blogs and the response we are getting is awesome.

This is our previous SEO Sunday 2016 - October Week 5 blog!

The most fun part of the ending months is that there are so many launches, updates, and previews that happen during this time and how can I forget the amazing festivals happening around the world too.

Moving on to a new month - November, let's us look through the updates that happened in the previous week regarding the SEO, Marketing, Blogs, etc.

About SEO:

Google is all set to launch its Daydream View - a virtual reality headset and controller on November 10th, 2016.

It will be available on the Google Store and at retailer stores across these 5 countries - United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Canada.


Google has started the testing for its mobile-first index.

They quoted,

To make our results more useful, we’ve begun experiments to make our index mobile-first. Although our search index will continue to be a single index of websites and apps, our algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site, to understand structured data, and to show snippets from those pages in our results. Of course, while our index will be built from mobile documents, we're going to continue to build a great search experience for all users, whether they come from mobile or desktop devices.


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Search Engine Optimization has changed since past few years. Know more about this blog that how SEO has changed over in last ten years!


About Marketing:

Real-time Marketing has always been a challenging yet a prominent part of a company but then there is always a scope to improve the strategies and targets.


Data is an integral component of an organization - be it receiving data from another company or having their self-made data (which could be shared with other businesses).

Some marketers feel that the bigger the data, the more helpful it will be for them - but here is what they forget -

Quantity never outgrows Quality.

Data may or may not be big, but it should be right.


About Blogs:

Rand Fishkin from Moz wrote an amazing blog about How Can Small Businesses/Websites Compete with Big Players in SEO? this week.

It is all about the advantages the big and small websites have and how can they still compete.


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