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SEO Sunday 2016 - November Week Four!

Aishwarya GoenkaAishwarya Goenka

We are moving to the last week of November, thus, giving me a panic attack of the fact that only a few more weeks are remaining for 2016 to vanish.

With every SEO Sunday, I don't realise that how a week has passed by so quickly.

While you can check out the SEO Sunday 2016 - November Week Three blog here.

And with that, let's quickly browse through the updates that happened during the previous week.

About SEO:

So the latest news about Google is that it is testing out the new images sitelinks feature for its users. It will be a picture extension link which would display below the search results query.

P.S. It is still in the testing zone and not launched anywhere. Once there is confirmation progress, we would update you guys.


During the earlier SEO days, whenever there were any issues or errors on your website, you would come to know at such a point when it was too late to correct it.

But today, with the help of automated server logs and basic scripting reporting, you can know the issue within seconds to be able to resolve it quickly.


The current trend of letting the users enjoy a quick read about your latest blog, websites admins are making their articles AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Friendly.

With the help of the below-mentioned link, you will learn about - how to make your Wordpress website AMP friendly and boost your SEO.


There are many people out there in the market who use different types of Black Hat SEO techniques to rank high, gain more traffic and money. But instead of you following them, why don't you learn from them and use those tricks into your White Hat SEO techniques.

Learn about such tricks confessed from a retired Black Hat SEO Guru below!


There are millions of people out there who work out with new experiments related to SEO every day.

But you should read about these six experiments mentioned in the below link.


About Marketing and Blogs:

Many marketing strategies are floating around the internet which promise you to generate more sales using Twitter. But when you try to execute them, it's all a flop.

Instead, you can try these simple Marketing Strategies that would work for you.


Are you confused with your Advertising proposal execution between social media and the traditional media?

Click on the link below to understand these two mediums which would help you to choose wisely.


In this article, the author talks about that how HR team can benefit themselves by adopting certain marketing practices from the Marketing team.


There are two kinds of situations for a person who wants to start his own business - Either he started and failed or has an idea in his mind but is not able to take that idea forward.

Follow the mentioned strategies in the link below which would help you to make your business perform better than ever.


And this one is for the small business founders, who could help their business stand tall in the market despite having big companies as their competitors.


If you are making a marketing plan especially around the Holiday season on Facebook, then this blog regarding the Facebook Marketing Tips would surely help you out to make some good decisions.


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