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SEO Sunday 2016 - December Week Three!

Aishwarya GoenkaAishwarya Goenka

With the end of Week Three of this month (which is the indication that only one more Sunday is remaining in December), we bring the updates, events, and blogs of the previous week.

Let's us quickly browse through the SEO and Marketing updates - the

About SEO:

We all have read a lot of blogs and collected the information from all of them stating about SEO tactics, but there is 14 advance SEO tactics info that would not want to miss out.


A new Google search rankings factors study released by Searchmetrics today shares that while content relevance is gaining in importance with Google, backlinks are a declining ranking signal.

To know more, click on the link below!


44 SEO Experts talk about the Search Engine Optimisation trends in 2017. Different experts mean different opinions and insights about this industry.

Well, you are never at a loss when you have a chance to gain more information.


This week's Whiteboard Friday by Moz talks about that how you can use Social Media and especially Twitter to drive in more traffic than your usual tactics.

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Whenever you publish any content, all you want it to reach to as many people as possible. Building a loyal audience isn't an easy job. You need to be better and unique than your competitors.

Reach and influence are the two most important aspects that you need to take care of always. Find out how can you do it so that your content marketing efforts can deliver the maximum ROI.


Know more about the SEO industry development in 2016. How it became much bigger than its past year and what future does it hold in 2017.


About Marketing and Blogs:

Creating a visual identity for any brand is the most challenging task. You might not be able to remember the name of the company, but you will always remember its logo.

A picture is worth a thousand words is a crucial statement for a brand to run long on billboards and in their audience's minds.

Check out the best and worst branding of 2016 in the link mentioned below!


Adweek has picked up the top 10 best advertisements of 2016. And, trust us, they are bang on.

I do wonder, how creative can people get to bring out these brilliant ads to us.

Check out one of them -

To know the rest, click on the link mentioned below!


Google’s search algorithm appears to be systematically promoting information that is either false or slanted with an extreme rightwing bias on subjects as varied as climate change and homosexuality.


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