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GoPBN Product Update: Here is what we did in November

Udit GoenkaUdit Goenka


Our most exciting month, the launch of our beta, new features added and my birthday! :)

GoPBN team is on a mission..

To make the best PBN Hosting platform which would help thousands of marketers and fellow SEOers build better and safer PBNs.

Ok, let's go for it. Here is what's new in GoPBN for the month of November 2016.

Locations Added

After having a discussion with several users, the number #1 request we get is to add more locations.

I heard them, had a word with my team right away, and we have added the following new locations in the Month of November:

That's right, a total of 7 new locations in just one month after the launch of beta.

Making it a total of 15 locations to choose from!

Already planning to more in the coming few weeks, if you have a request for a specific location then do hit me up on chat.

The Awesomest Cloud And ISP Providers

Very excited as we have integrated and added three new ISP providers this month

My team is always working on adding additional Hosting providers, ISPs and DNS providers where the APIs are currently being integrated.

If you have a request for a particular provider, then do let me know.

FileManager And Database Admin Makes it way!

The toughest challenge that we were facing was a way where we can build an extremely secure File Manager and Database Admin ensuring no footprints are left..

..and I am glad to introduce our One Click File Manager and Database Admin that can be accessed through your Client Panel.

To make things more secure, we have added a single click login feature for both the above feature through your panel.

WordPress One Click Auto Login

A lot of our users wanted more ease with the ability to login to WordPress with just a simple click and what we did?

We got into action and got our WordPress One Click Auto Login module working..


You don't have to through the complicated process of entering your login credentials all the time.

Just log in to your Panel, click on your domain name, and you will notice Login to Wordpress button.

What are we plan to work in the month of December?

I have got that covered for you..

When are we going live?

This is still a very debate question that I discuss with my team every day.

While the team is working very hard, and our platform is 100% bulletproof, the cost involved to add more providers, ISPs, etc. is very high, so is our development cost.

To grow rapidly and build a better network and increase the size of our development team, we are looking to go live by the end of this month!

Yes! You heard that right..

The dates will be announced very soon.

I hope you are enjoying GoPBN, and if you have any feature requests, location requests or would like to offer your feedback about the platform, then that would make my day.

..Or you can simply drop by and say hello on chat :)

Udit Goenka

Udit Goenka

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